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Air Force 1 Baseball Cleats

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What Type Of Baseball Cleat Should I Choose

He really got Black Air Force 1 cleats. #shorts

When deciding on the type of spikes needed, you’ll want to consider that many recreational and youth baseball leagues prohibit metal cleats. However, molded and TPU baseball cleats provide ample traction and baseball shoes with removable spikes make adapting to field conditions simple.

  • Metal Baseball Cleats are designed to really dig in! These baseball spikes deliver tough, clean traction. Metal baseball cleats are often used by advanced players at the high school, collegiate and pro levels.
  • Made with durable studs, TPU/Molded Baseball Cleats can withstand a variety of surfaces. They’re most often used in youth leagues because they provide a safer alternative to metal spikes that can potentially injure other players.
  • Baseball Turf Shoes such as the New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam 3000 v5 Baseball Turf have a sole similar to the average sneaker. Baseball trainers and turf shoes provide greater comfort during practices than spikes with a design that’s less likely to damage artificial grass and training facilities.

Expert tip: If you’re aiming to enhance your speed and agility on the diamond, consider a pair of low-top cleats, which boast a short profile and a lightweight feel to help you round the bases or field the ball with ease. If security and stability are what you’re looking for, mid- or high-top cleats may be a better fit. While the added weight might be a concern for some athletes, the extra height will give you ankle support throughout every inning.

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Adidas Icon V Bounce

Among the different baseball cleats we bought and reviewed for 2021, we found the Adidas Icon V Bounce to be our top pick.

Not only is it a great-looking shoe, but it also performs well in and outside baseball fields. Its also comfortable and well-made. Although this particular cleat has a break-in period, the overall fit and comfort are nothing short of amazing.

Footwear For Anywhere On The Field

As an infielder, you’ve got to be ball-ready at all times. You have to able to execute quick directional changes on a dime to make the triple play. Your cleats should be light, provide exceptional ankle support and have strong grip power, like the New Balance 4040v5 Hole in the Wall Gang men’s baseball cleats.

New Balance’s 4040v5s feature metal cleats, a sturdy synthetic upper and a REVlite midsole for a feather-like weightlessness.

Out in centerfield, you require superior grip and max speed to throw down for the out at second base. Harness your inner Mike Trout of the LA Angels in a pair of Nike Force Trout 6 Pro Men’s Baseball Cleats. These diamond-ready shoes feature angular metal cleats for achieving top-speed around the bases and a molded upper for superior stability.

For a great overall baseball shoe that offers both traction and speed, you can’t go wrong with Under Armour’s Harper Mid men’s baseball cleat.

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Jordan Inspired Diamond Ready

Nike took the original unforgettable design of the Air Jordan 1, Michael Jordan’s very first signature shoe, and not only updated the look for a new era of sports but made it perfect for the chalk lines and dirt mounds of America’s favorite pastime. Jordan Retro Baseball Cleats all come with a Nike Air unit, boast synthetic leather construction with a classic Air Jordan silhouette, and have a cleated sole to shoot you around the bases.

What Should You Look For When Buying Baseball Cleats

nike air force 1 mid kids nike cleats baseball

Buying baseball cleats haphazardly can become a costly mistake. Wearing the wrong cleats in baseball can even promote foot and leg injuries. Take note of these important factors to help you with your purchasing decision.

Baseball cleats come in four different categories, which are:

  • Metal cleats: Metal baseball cleats are popular among professional and college players due to their great grip on the infield.
  • Molded cleats: Molded, plastic baseball shoes can last for a long time and are usually cheaper than metal ones.
  • Turf shoes: These baseball turf shoes provide a comfortable and durable surface for playing and training. They are great for both on and off-field activities.
  • Training shoes: These shoes are great for running, making them ideal choices for baseball practice sessions. However, they are only suitable for training on grass as they provide little traction.

There are two main types of baseball cleats: Low-Tops and Mid/High-Tops. A low-top cleat is ideal for baserunners and other positions that require a lot of movement in the field. On the other hand, a mid/high-top model should suffice for pitchers and players that dont move around a lot on the baseball field.

If youre looking for a specific shoe for a specific position, here are some things to consider:

Many cleats use leather construction. If you choose a leather model, make sure that the shoe is breathable. Otherwise, youre going to deal with sweaty and stinky feet after each game.

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Clint Frazier Is Shaking Up The Mlb By Turning His Sneakers Into Cleats

Clint Frazier is not the prototypical Yankee. He has a nose ring. He has curly orange hair and a fiery personality to match, far removed from the cookie cutter mold of beardless, buttoned-up Yankees we have become accustomed to.

In 2016 when he was traded to the Yankees from the Cleveland Indians, the first thing he asked General Manager Brian Cashman on the phone was if he was going to have to cut his hair, and, unfortunately, the answer was yes. Nearly three years later, Frazier is starting for the World Series-hopeful Yankees, making waves on the field for his impressive play, and turning heads off the field for his custom cleats.

Fraziers passion for sneakers began at an early age, immediately connecting with the Air Jordan I silhouettethe sneaker responsible for the vast majority of the 24-year olds collection. Wearing the AJ I everyday off the field, it was the obvious choice to turn into a cleat, citing its comfort as his main reason for making the switch.

In early April, Clint sent a pair of the “Shadow” Air Jordan I to Anthony Ambrosinithe CEO of Custom Cleatsand had metal spikes placed into their sole, transforming them into game-ready cleats. Since then, Frazier has caught the eye of sneakerheads and the Bronx Bombers faithful alike, “cleating” some of the most hyped sneakers in the industry.

I know putting cleats on the bottom of a shoe is different, Frazier says. But I can wear whatever shoe I want and that’s the sick part.

How Do Baseball Cleats Compare With Cleats Used In Other Sports

Take note that different cleats provide distinct benefits when used in their respective sports. For example, a pair of football cleats may not provide the same advantages to a baseball player. The same goes when wearing a pair of baseball cleats in football.

Heres a quick comparison of the different features of cleats from various sports.

Excellent traction on dirt, grass, and soil Excellent all-around traction Only ideal on soccer fields
Has low, mid, and high cut variants Has low, mid, and high cut variants Generally mid-cut cleats
Unusable in football and soccer Usable in other games if the rules allow Unusable in soccer

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Top 6 Best Baseball Cleats For 2022

If youre looking for the top 6 best baseball cleats for 2021, you came to the right place!

We looked around the market to find the best options for you to use during your baseball games.

In this guide, youll learn:

  • The best baseball cleats, along with their pros and cons
  • The top baseball cleat brands
  • How do baseball cleats compare to other cleats

And more!

Keep in mind that wearing a reliable baseball cleat is a must to ensure that youre always at the top of your game.

Below is a quick list of our top-rated products. Continue scrolling to read our buyers guide on how to choose the best baseball cleats for your needs.


#1 Adidas Icon V Bounce

  • Snug and comfortable if the size is right
  • Secure lace closure prevents accidental removal
  • First-rate breathability and excellent traction
  • Better grip than many more expensive options
  • Ideal for all-day wearing

Odell Beckham Jrs Nike Vapor Beckham Black Af

I Put Black Diamonds On Dark Air Force 1’s

During a game against the Ravens, Odell Beckham Jr wore a pair of Nike Vapor Beckhams inspired by the Black Air Force 1s. Assuming most of you have seen the memes about Black Air Force energy, these were a such a funny cleat to see on the field. They dont quite look exactly like the classic Air Force 1 silhouette but @theshoesurgeon did a great job bringing these cleats to life and making them work for the gridiron.

The base shoe for these customs is the Nike Vapor Beckham. The Vapor Beckham is a cleat custom made for OBJ and is not currently available to the public. They have a new vapor plate that we have yet to see on any other models from Nike.

You cant buy these cleats but you can grab some classic Black Air Force 1s if youre feeling dangerous.

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