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Best Hitting Drills For Youth Baseball

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Baseball Drills For Kids: 5 Year Olds +


Baseball Training: For 5 Year Olds

5 year old baseball players fall into the t-ball age group. T-ball is a simplified version of the game and is a great way to introduce your players to the full game of baseball.

Tips When Coaching 5 Year Olds Baseball for the First Time

A few tips to keep in mind when coaching baseball to 5 year olds

  • Keep It Simple: Dont complicate things. While 5 year olds can be really easy to engage with fun and energetic baseball practices you will lose them quicker than Usain Bolt can run 100M if you start to complicate more than it needs to be.
  • Structure Your Practices: If you dont have a clear plan and structure for your practice your little cute 5 year olds will turn into not so cute 5 year olds and end up planning and structuring your practice for you Have a clear plan and execute on it. Its okay to deviate the best coaches in the world have to learn to think on thier feet. Having a direction and objective from the get go will help just trust me on this one!
  • Invent Games: Of course use our drills the other drills listed on this page first. But as you progress with your group over the coming weeks and months, get creative. Just stay on topic and have a clear objective for each practice.
  • Adapt Your Equipment: Things like tennis balls, duct tape around balls and t-ball setups are all great adaptations and support to your practices. Tennis balls and duct tape around balls will help your young players to be less scared of the ball.

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With A Heavy Ball Perform The Soft Toss Drill:

  • Using a heavier ball, the pitcher will deliver the soft toss after the batter has been warmed and ready to swing.
  • With the heavier ball, youll only need 5-10 swings.
  • The pitcher then throws regular baseballs after using the heavier ball.
  • With normal baseballs, the batter takes another 10-15 swings.

The weighted ball drill is a great way to improve bat speed and power. It also helps hitters stay inside the ball and makes them more consistent hitters.

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How Do I Get My Player Ready For The Season

We get this question all the time. Parents want to know how they can best prepare their player for the little league season. Its important to not overthink it. Baseball needs repetition. We suggest that you play as much catch and hit as often as you can. Spend a few weeks prior to the season working with your player on hitting, fielding, and running. The more they play the game and interact with the ball, the better prepared they will be for the season. Good luck!

Hitting Drills For Little League

The Best Hitting Drills for Young Baseball Players

Nothing gets a young player more excited about the game of baseball than having success at the plate. Whether its lining a ball to the outfield or hitting your first home run, squaring up the baseball with your best swing is a feeling players dont ever want to forget.

Parents looking to help their young players hit better should look into youth hitting drills. These drills enhance players’ hand-eye coordination and develop consistency in their swings. Luckily, we have a few of the best baseball hitting drills to help you coach your young slugger into the best hitter they can be.

Scoring Frenzy

Make hitting fun. Create a competition for players to compete against each other or their own previous scores. Give each hitter ten pitches to hit. Determine a scoring system to reward each hit

For Example:

  • Swing and Miss
  • Hit to the Fence
  • Home Run (5 Points

You can change the reward system and even the point totals to fit the needs of your hitter. It can be even more fun if you create situations involving the entire team where points are accumulated based on advancing and scoring runners. Its an easy hitting drill that engages players in trying to be the best version of themselves. Highly recommended for hitters of all ages.


Looking for a youth baseball drill for the whole team to enjoy? Try knockout!

Create an order for your players to hit in. For each round, give the players a goal to achieve.

Goal Ideas:

Tee Work

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Video: A Discussion Of Good Vs Bad Drills

Both of these mechanical problems can cause a pitcher to have a lower arm slot than they otherwise would. They also lose a lot of velocity and command.

For youth players, good pitching drills done regularly help improve these two major aspects of mechanics. In the video below youll find why some drills are good for fixing these issues, while some are not.

Basically, with a good weight shift, good uphill shoulders as they stride, and good use of the front side, pitchers will have a more repeatable, slightly higher arm slot and better command and velocity.

So, many pitchers need drills that will address a low front side and a poor weight shift that causes them to leak their weight forward. Well address both of those below.

The Four Corners Drill

  • The purpose

This drill will help your players train in team competitiveness and cooperation. Additionally, they will know more about rounding, base running, and throwing progressions.

  • Proceed

First, you need to divide your players into two lines. Give the baseball to the top player in each row.

Ask them to move three consecutive bases. That means that people who start on the home plate will end up on third base. Meanwhile, those who started on the second base will end up on the first base.

View more:

They must stop at the right base. They then toss the ball to the next player in the same row. The next player catches the ball and repeats the process.

In case the player fails to catch the ball, they will have to start over.

Surely your young players will get bored if you just teach them the same fundamentals over and over

Bottle Cap Batting Practice

To make things interesting, use plastic bottle caps for some batting practice. Once pitched, these bottle caps will go in many directions and force the batter to stay focused on what theyre hitting.

To perform this drill:

  • The coach will line up about 20-30 feet in front of the batter, with many plastic bottle caps in their hand
  • The batter will be using their normal bat
  • The coach will throw bottle caps, one at a time, over the plate
  • The batter will attempt to make contact with the pitched bottle cap

The goal of this drill:

When the plastic bottle caps are pitched, they will be moving all over the place especially if there is wind. This will make hitting the bottle caps very difficult.

The goal of the batter is simply to keep their eye on the bottle cap and make contact with it when they swing. This drill will help batters focus while in the batters box and, because of the erratic movement of the bottle caps, you might even get a laugh or two out of this drill.

Base Running From Home Plate Drill

Top 6 Hitting Drills for Players of ALL Ages! [Baseball Hitting Drills That Really Work!]

This drill reinforces the idea that the first step taken after hitting the ball is the most important one. Its easier to start in a sprint than to build up speed while running.

The Focus

  • Improves running time to first base after hitting a lone drive, fly ball or ground ball.
  • Trying to get extra bases on balls hit in alleys and far from fielders by modifying players approach to first base
  • Maximizing base potential by watching the ball in play while running.
  • Focuses on the first step taken out of the batters box after getting a hit.
  • Drill Setup

    Place the entire team on the field as if a ballgame is being played. Line up a set of batters to come to the plate.

    The Drill in Action

    The pitcher throws the ball to the batter, and the coach calls balls and strikes behind home plate. Watch the batters run after hitting. Observe the hitter running to first base.

    If the batter hits a single, he should run to first base in a straight line. Upon reaching it, the runner shuffles his feet at the end of the run to help him slow down.

    On a hit that could potentially become a double, runners dont run to first in a straight line. Instead, they run in a semi circular motion to first base and pick up momentum after stepping on the bag and run to second base.

    Youth Pitching Drill #: Front

    The pitching drills in this video teach how the front side should work. Especially with young players, the goal should be to keep it simple, and this drill fits that bill.

    The glove arm is a really important part of the pitching motion and helps a pitcher leverage his core and hips to get on top of the ball.

    The glove arm helps the body rotate faster, while also helping to move the chest toward the target. Using the glove arm effectively is really important and something we want all youth pitchers to get good atit will serve them well the rest of their careers.

    Best Hitting Drills Baseball

    Choosing the appropriate hitting drills baseball can be tough. However, if you consider these factors, your job will be easier. These factors will be discussed:

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    What Is The Best Little League To Teach Fielding And Throwing

    • Fielding on their knees

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    Good Pitching Drills Can Help Fix A Lot Of Pitching Mechanics Issues

    Baseball Hitting Drills that Work for the Perfect Swing

    First, jump to any section in this article using the table of contents below:

    As background information, lets talk about a common problem that youth pitchers have: they tend to struggle with the following two mechanical items:

    • They dont use their front side well
    • They dont go uphill very well

    Lets take a greater look at these two problems in the YouTube video below before going into the drills that will fix them. Its a short video so be sure to watch below.

    The problems youll see in the video above are ones that are relatively easy to fix in practice IF you know the right medicinei.e. drillsto give them.

    Its important to remember that repetition and good coach is critical to success here.

    If you need a more thorough solution, be sure to grab a copy of my pitching book, which is a full solution for the young pitcher or coach.

    Its not enough to just have great drills mental toughness, a sound pitching strategy, great command and off-speed stuff is critically important as well.

    Weighted Balls Off The Tee Or Front Toss

    This drill will help players make better contact as well as strengthen their wrists.

    If your younger players struggle to square the ball up or struggle to get through balls because their bat bounces back, plyo balls can really help them feel how to be strong through the ball.

    Hopefully some of these drills that work for me will work for you! And try to grow from these! Make up other similar drills that would be fun for kids but still have a purpose for you as their coach. The main goals of any coach are to get better and have fun so do both at the same time!

    Posted in:

    Baseball Drills For Kids: 6 Year Olds +

    Baseball Training: For 6 Year Olds

    When coaching baseball drills to 6 year olds, your approach pretty much stays the same as if you were to coach 5 year olds.

    You still want to focus on maximum engagement amongst your players and deliver your baseball drills in a fun way.

    Again, , youll want to focus on the following topics:

    • Throwing
    • And reinforcing basic game rules

    A quick note on coaching basic rules and adapted games

    At 6 years old, your players fall into the middle age group for tee ball. Tee Ball is an adapted version of the game that allows your players to develop the right skills and techniques at the right time in order to give them a linear progression in their baseball development.

    Ball, Tee & Net Drills

    Objective: To help improve baseball hitting at home

    Wed recommend picking up a baseball batting tee and hitting net and start having your 5 year old getting used to the setup as soon as possible. This provide endless hours of practice for a minimal investment.

    Objective: Help develop bat-to-ball familarity and power.

    Pretty easy drill to set up using a larger ball such as a football or basketball. You will need a batting tee of course but other than that youre good to go.

    Objective: Help players understand swing plane

    Using two tees set up one behind the other allows you as the coach and the player to get instant swing feedback. Is there a loop in their swing? Two Tee Swing Plane will find out

    The Drill Is Done In The Following Fashion:

    • First, a batting tee is set up just above the hitters head height.
    • The hitter then stands square with his feet hip-width apart and toes facing forward.
    • He takes an athletic stance by bending his right knee slightly.
    • The player assumes a slight leg lift by straightening his left leg directly in front of him, and keeping his back straight.
    • The hitter then takes a practice swing and makes contact with the ball on the batting tee.

    After theyre able to make consistent contact off of a stationary object like a batting tee, you can begin having your players move the tee around and try to hit the ball in different directions. This will add an extra level of difficulty and help them work on their swinging mechanics.

    Youth Baseball Drill #4

    5 BEST Baseball Hitting Drills For BEGINNERS!! ?

    The stride, pause, stride, swing drill is great for working on the fundamentals of batting for youth players. In this case, the younger your players are, the more critical it is to make sure they understand the fundamentals of batting before they start to build up bad habits.To start the drill, have your players get into a narrow but comfortable baseball stance. Next, have them stride out with their lead leg and pause into a regular baseball stance as if they’re about to hit the ball. Wait a second, and then from there, have them swing and hit the ball off the tee!

    Checkout this video from YouGoProBaseball for a great tutorial on this drill!

    The Top 7 Youth Baseball Drills For Coaches

    When it comes to youth baseball, whether travel baseball, select baseball, or just recreational baseball, the drills and workouts you practice can make or break your teams performance on the field. Not only does an athlete need to work on their personal skills and conditioning, a team needs to be able to bond and play well together to find lasting success during the season and that all starts with your coaching!

    In this post, well share our top 7 favorite youth baseball drills that are certain to help take and motivate your team to the next level of performance!

    Youth Baseball Hitting Drills You Can Do At Home

    Baseball season is just around the corner, and it cant comesoon enough. If youre looking for some tips to fine-tune your youngstersswing, check out these drills you can do at home.

    Its often said that hitting a baseball is the hardest thingin sports. Hitting the ball requires not only swinging a bat with propertechnique, but also seeing the ball and reacting in a fraction of a second. Hitterswill always seek an edge to make the challenge less daunting.

    Training for such a task is challenging, but it’s notimpossible. Even though a baseball game requires several people, it only takesone person to improve your swing in the backyard: you.

    While there might not be any better way to improve as ahitter than facing live pitching, finding a live pitcher with command or even apitching machine isnt always feasible. When these are not an option, here arefive youth hitting drills worth trying.

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