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Black And Gold Baseball Cleats

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Types Of Baseball Cleats

Adidas Afterburner 6 Baseball Cleats with Gold Bottom

It is essential to choose the best material for baseball cleats. Its worth noting that some lower levels do not allow metal cleats, so be sure to check with your league by-laws or childs coach before making a purchase.

There are three Baseball cleats- metal cleats, molded plastic cleats, and turf shoes.

Metal Cleats:

Metal Cleats features the best traction and makes it easy to move. You should be aware of the other side of having a solid grip-a a sudden change in direction can lead to a twisted ankle.

If you go for metal cleats, be sure always to pack an extra pair of cleats since metal cleats wear down very quickly if used on cement.

Molded Plastic or Rubber Cleats:

Molded cleats are made from synthetic leather materials. Molded cleats offer optimal traction, comfort, and breathability with their rubber sole.

Mesh tongue provides excellent comfort and protects from an ankle injury. They have a weaker grip compared to metal cleats.

For its durability, this is preferred, especially on soft or muddy fields.

Turf Shoes:

Turf shoes are mainly used for training. You can choose these for practicing when you are not in the match. They also provide maximum comfort.

Under Armour Kids Harper2 Jr Rm Baseball

Under Armour Kids Harper2 Jr. Rm Baseball cleats feature a stylish, molded, and synthetic upper that adds extra support and flexibility to the shoe.

The manufacturers have combined leather design with the Nubuck upper in the construction. So, the kids would feel comfortable after wearing the best-looking baseball cleats.


  • Molded synthetic upper cleats deliver excellent traction
  • High durability and unmatchable traction make it a long-lasting product
  • The lace-up design covers the ankle


A bit Narrow size for wide feet

Learn More About Turf & Trainer Baseball Cleats


Train Hard with Turf Shoes for Baseball

Performance starts from the ground up. Choose baseball turf shoes designed for optimal comfort and support at DICK’S Sporting Goods.

What are turf shoes? Turf shoes are baseball training shoes that provide comfort and stability on the diamond. They are for casual on-field wear and provide ankle support, plus extra traction. Baseball turf shoes come in low- and mid-top styles.

A durable full-grain leather outsole ensures your shoe lasts all season long, while details like a mesh tongue and perforated panels ensure that your shoe’s breathable. For extra protection and abrasion-resistance, choose a shoe with a reinforced toe area.

Turf shoes for baseball should provide lightweight performance and comfort for training. Look for a shoe built for cushioning and stability, with a full-length phylon or EVA midsole for shock absorption and comfort. A flexible outsole allows for natural movement, while a traction-ready pattern lets you train at your hardest.

From the dugout to the training field, sport your style with turf cleats in sleek and sporty blacks and greys or vibrant hues and crisp team colors.

Make the most out of spring training with baseball shoes from some of the top brands in the sport. Choose from Under Armour baseball cleats, New Balance® baseball cleats, Mizuno® baseball cleats, and adidas® baseball cleats, plus styles from Jordan, Nike® and more.

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Best Youth Baseball Cleats For 2022

Baseball is Americas most famous favorite pastime game. Nowadays, youth baseball has become popular all over America.

So, finding the best youth cleats is essential since Cleats are manufactured to protect the feet from injuries and provide immense support while you run on the field.

There was a time when baseball cleats were rarely found for youths, especially kids.

But now, many manufacturers make baseball cleats for the youths playing high-school and college-level leagues.

A wide range of baseball cleats brands provides the best fittings for their delicate feet. Here we discussed the best youth baseball cleats brands in our article below.

Mvp World Series Champion

Under Armour

Mays began the 1954 season on Opening Day with a home run of over 414 feet against Carl Erskine. After he batted .250 in his first 20 games, Durocher moved him from third to fifth in the batting order and again encouraged him to stop attempting to pull the ball and try to get hits to right field. Mays changed his batting stance and stood straighter at the plate, keeping his feet closer together. He credited these adjustments with improving his batting average, as he batted .450 with 25 RBI in his next 20 games. On June 25, he hit an inside-the-park home run in a 62 victory over the Chicago Cubs. Mays was selected for the NL All-Star team he would be part of 24 straight NL All-Star teams over 20 seasons. Mays became the first player in history to hit 30 home runs before the All-Star Game. He had 36 home runs through July 28. Around that time, Durocher asked him to stop trying to hit them, explaining the team wanted him to reach base more often. Mays hit only five home runs after July 28 but upped his batting average from .326 to .345 to win the team’s first batting title since Bill Terry‘s in 1930. Hitting 41 home runs, Mays won the NL Most Valuable Player Award and the Hickok Belt.

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Knowing The Right Cleat For You

Most parents are keen on buying baseball cleats for their young kids. It should be kept in your mind that childrens feet keep growing so fast. Here we are going to discuss the facts that need to consider before buying baseball cleats for young players-

Material and construction:

Flexibility and durability are the essential qualities of the best youth baseball cleats. Genuine and synthetic leather are the two most important choices with advantages and disadvantages.

The genuine leather cleats are more breathable and provide superior comfort. These cleats are more expensive than others.

On the other hand, baseball cleats of synthetic leather offer extra support around the foot and ankle area. These cleats come at a more reasonable price. But the durability is in question about these baseball cleats.

Ankle support:

There are three different alternatives of ankle support available for baseball cleats. Those are high tops, low tops, and mid tops.

The high tops provide maximum support. But there is some limitation in movement.

The low tops extended speed. Players can rush as fast as possible for its lightweight construction and minimalist design.

The mid-tops are the perfect option for players who want to balance mobility. It also provides adequate ankle support for fast movements.


We recommend trying out those cleats that give extra toe room if you have a tight budget. In this way, your kids can wear them at least for two seasons instead of just one.

Learn More About Men’s Baseball Cleats


Discover Top-Rated Men’s Baseball Cleats

Dominate the field with the right men’s baseball cleat.

Browse a variety of men’s cleat configurations and shoe styles for the cleats that match your game.

Shop top collections of men’s baseball cleats: Nike Huarache, adidas adizero Uncaged or Nike Zoom Trout 3.

  • High-top baseball shoes extended up the ankle for added support against ankle rollover, especially during the game’s lateral movements.
  • Low-cut baseball cleats feel lightweight and allow for extra maneuverability on the field.
  • Mid-cut cleats are a blend of the two, with some added support against rollovers in a lighter shoe construction.

Always consult baseball and softball league requirements before purchasing your new baseball cleats. Shop the full collection of baseball gear from DICK’S Sporting Goods.

It’s essential to properly care for your cleats. Always remove dirt and debris from your cleats following a game or practice. It’s best to let mud dry, then chisel it with a stick, brush or your fingers. Stuff your cleats with newspaper in between games, so your upper maintains its shape.

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Baseball Cleats Buying Guide

Baseball Express is your go-to shop for all of your baseball footwear needs. We carry the latest footwear from top brands like New Balance, Under Armour, Mizuno, and more as well as carry the latest pro-model cleats. Follow our buying guide below to pick out the cleats that best fit your style, size, and needs on the diamond.Already know what you need? Start checking out our footwear selection and get shopping right away

Later Years With The Giants

Adidas adiZero Afterburner V Unboxing(Baseball Cleats)
Willie Mays’s number 24 was retired by the San Francisco Giants in 1972.

Though center field remained his primary position in 1971, Mays played 48 games at first base. He got off to a fast start in 1971, the year he turned 40. Against the Mets on May 31, he hit a game-tying eighth-inning home run, saved multiple runs with his defense at first base, and performed a strategic base-running maneuver with one out in the 11th inning, running slowly from second to third base to draw a throw from Tim Foli and allow Al Gallagher to reach first safely. Evading Foli’s tag on the return throw to third, Mays scored the winning run on a sacrifice fly. He had 15 home runs and a .290 average at the All-Star break but faded down the stretch, only hitting three home runs and batting .241 for the rest of the year. One reason he hit so few home runs was that Mays walked 112 times, 30 more times than he had at any point in his career. This was partly because Willie McCovey, who often batted behind Mays in the lineup, missed several games with injuries, causing pitchers to pitch carefully to Mays so they could concentrate on getting less-skilled hitters out. Subsequently, Mays led the league in on-base percentage for only the second time, though his 123 strikeouts were a career-high. He batted .271 and stole 23 bases.

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Whats The Difference Between Baseball Cleats And Football Cleats

Baseball cleats are designed to help players get the traction they need to dig into the field while batting, throwing, and running. Ultimately, cleats help provide better performance for players and are made with either metal or synthetic materials. Football cleats are designed to offer protection, provide durability, and enhance movement.

Nike Kids Huarache 2kfilth Keystone Baseball Cleat

NEW Mens Under Armour Harper One Mid St LE Baseball Cleats Black/Gold ...

Gathering synthetic upper with mesh construction, the cleat is a very breathable pair of cleats.

This shoe has a mesh collar and tongue, raising its ventilation level.

So long as you are wearing this cleat, it will save your feet from getting overheated.

Nike is accessible in six designs, including a stylish fusion of white, gray, and red.

Users will get the same colored cleats with every design, providing this item with an intuitive fashion touch.

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Nike Kids Huarache 2kfilth Keystone Cleat

Nike Kids Huarache 2KFilth Keystone combines synthetic upper with rubber cleats.

These cleats come with mesh construction, increasing their level of aeration. Six different designs with a stylish combination of gray, white, and red are available in these cleats. So, it is said that these cleats are not only durable but also stylish pairs.


  • Mesh construction provides superior comfort
  • Flex grooves for optimal traction
  • Stylish cleats with different color combinations


A little bit stiff for the children with wide feet

Benefits Of Baseball Cleats

Cleats are not just equipment, but they also have safety measures.

Right baseball cleats help to protect children from common injuries such as general leg pain and ankle rolls. Besides, the cleats are tightly laced, and a toe guard provides extra support and protection.

Are two main factors affecting a players performance in baseball? A baseball game requires a lot of movements and a lot of sudden starts and stops. So, Cleats should be Comfortable and flexible. Therefore, kids can experience fun through baseball matches.

Seeing this indeed makes every parent proud.

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What Is The Difference Between Soccer And Baseball Cleats

Baseball cleats are designed to help with traction and performance when on the baseball field, and most importantly, help players dig into the ground when theyâre batting, running, and throwing. Soccer cleats, on the other hand, are designed to help with traction, speed, and continuous running. Often, theyâre much lighter than baseball or football cleats.

Footwear Shoes Boots Sandals & Cleats

Custom Nike Alpha Huarache Elite 2 Mid Baseball Cleats-Spikes.

Put your best foot forward with competitively priced athletic shoes and cleats that help you maximize your performance and optimize your potential.

Big 5 Sporting Goods has men’s, women’s and youth’s footwear for all athletic abilities and every level of competition. Whether you are a weekend trail runner, a recreational tennis star or a budding baseball all-star, you need a pair of shoes or cleats that will give you the comfort and support for every mile and minute of competition. Work on your physical fitness and take your athleticism to the next level with responsive footwear for the court, pitch, greens or gridiron. And when its time to cool down, relax in a pair of comfortable sandals or slides.

Be prepared this season by keeping important details in mind when selecting footwear. Look for shoe styles that include comfortable, cushioned midsoles with responsive, flexible outsoles and uppers constructed of breathable materials to provide you with the best possible fit to naturally enhance your athletic performance.

At Big 5 Sporting Goods, choose from a wide selection of budget friendly priced shoes, sizes and styles for your young athlete just starting out in baseball, soccer, basketball or football. The sport- specific shoes and cleats will help kids learn the game and develop confidence to take their skills to the next level.

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Negro And Minor Leagues

Mays’s professional baseball career began in 1948 when he played briefly during the summer with the Chattanooga Choo-Choos, a Negro minor league team. Later that year, Mays joined the Birmingham Black Barons of the Negro American League, managed by Piper Davis, a teammate of Mays’ father on the industrial team. When Fairfield Industrial principal E. J. Oliver threatened to suspend Mays for playing professional ball, Davis and Mays’s father worked out an agreement. Mays would only play home games for the Black Barons. In return, he could still play high school football. Mays helped Birmingham advance to the 1948 Negro World Series, which they lost 41 to the Homestead Grays. He hit .262 for the season and stood out because of his excellent fielding and base running.

The Giants met the New York Yankees and Mays’s boyhood favorite DiMaggio in the 1951 World Series, which the Giants lost in six games. In Game 1, Mays, Hank Thompson, and Monte Irvin comprised the first all-African-American outfield in major league history. Mays hit poorly while the Giants lost the series 42. In Game 5 he hit a consequential fly ball, which DiMaggio and Yankee rookie Mickey Mantle pursued. As DiMaggio called Mantle off, the younger Yankee got his cleat stuck in an open drainpipe, suffering a knee injury that would affect him the rest of his career.

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