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Cross Necklace For Baseball Players

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Baseball Ontario Acknowledges New Midget Elite League

Pro baseball player sports pearls on the field

Baseball Ontario is announcing the creation of a new Midget Elite League. Please click this article for more details!TRYOUTS HAVE BEEN SCHEDULED *UPDATED JULY 29TH* Please see the Newmarket Hawks MEL calendar, located in the REP and SELECT dropdown menu, for tryout dates and times.$40 tryout fee per player

Baseball Ontario is pleased to announce that four of its affiliated associations have signed an agreement to form a new Midget Elite League for Baseball Ontario carded players commencing with the 2015 playing season.

The agreement allows Minor or Major Midget aged players within the four affiliated associations to try-out for any of the new MEL teams. Players from other affiliated associations cannot play in the MEL without proper releases.

Tryouts for teams entering the Midget Elite League will commence this summer.

Why Do Baseball Players Wear Chains An Ultimate Guide

If you watch a Major League Baseball game today, you will undoubtedly see a player wearing a necklace or chain. But what for? Why is it so common?

Baseball players are known to be superstitious. But is this the only reason so many wear chains? Is there an advantage?

If not, then why do baseball players wear chains?

Baseball players wear chains for looks, express themselves, and for superstitious and religious reasons.

Think of a chain as more of a good luck charm for some baseball players. But, at the same time, others wear a chain as an outward demonstration of success.

It may seem like more and more baseball players are wearing chains than ever before. And while that may be true, baseball players have been wearing shiny necklaces for decades.

Some of the first players to show off their chains came from the late 1980s and early 1990s with Ricky Henderson, Kenny Lofton, Gary Sheffield, and Ken Griffey Jr.

Some of these players even have their chains showing on their rookie cards!

The most famous chain-wearing player today is Mookie Betts.

Betts has always worn a classic thick Figaro-style gold chain necklace. Betts is a more minor-sized player, making the chain look even more significant.


  • Why do baseball players wear chains conclusion
  • Rmoyi Cross Necklace Baseball Bat

    Starting off the list is the most popular bat cross necklace, the RMOYI cross necklace baseball bat pendant chain. This baseball cross chain necklace features a cross design made up of three bats that allow you to show off your love for baseball and your love for your faith in one great design. This is going to be one of the original baseball bat cross necklace designs. You can pick up this baseball necklace in black, gold, or silver to go with your particular style. This necklace is perfect for boys or girls and comes in two sizes: large or small with your choice of 18-24″ stainless steel chain lengths.

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    Why Pro Baseball Players Wear Chains

    Manny Ramirez, possibly one of the most famous baseball players to wear gold chains, could be seen at any point in the game having 3-5 gold chains hanging out of his jersey.

    Present-day players, such as Mookie Betts, can also be seen wearing gold chains whenever hes rounding the bases after hitting a home run.

    These players wear gold chains for a few reasons. Lets find out!

    Are Baseball Players Wearing Chains Recently

    Pin on Baseball Jewelry

    Many players like Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees wore a necklace tucked under his shirt during games, so most people did not notice on TV. Now more baseball players like outfielder Mookie Betts of the Boston Red Sox wear their chains outside their shirt. Since there is no official rule against wearing the chains outside your shirt, professional players can do whatever they want and more people are noticing.

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    Wearing A Chain For Religious Reasons

    Baseball players can often be seen wearing a gold chain with a cross on it for religious reasons.

    Players will often do the same thing before every game, the same routine before they hit the batters box, and kiss the same chain before they take the field.

    Religion plays a major part in sports. Players who are extremely rooted in their faith will wear a gold chain with a cross attached. This, of course, is to symbolize the cross that Jesus died on.

    Depending on the players faith, one or multiple crosses will be worn to symbolize their faith. This chain is typically smaller and weighs less than the traditional chain we mentioned above.

    One thing, however, players must be cautious if they wear a cross on their neck. Baseball is a sport where infielders will dive on their stomachs to field a ball. Having a large chain with a cross on it could poke into the players neck when trying to dive for a baseball.

    Is It Okay To Wear A Cross If Youre Not Religious

    If you find yourself asking this question, you might as well answer the question, do you believe the cross is tied to any supreme being. If your answer is yes, you are religious, but you arent religious if your answer is No.

    If you feel you are not religious and want to wear a baseball bat cross necklace or any other fashion cross necklace, its okay. However, this doesnt include the rosary. Wearing the rosary symbolizes being a Catholic Christian. It is like saying you want to wear an army uniform and still be regarded as a civilian. It wont work that uniform is a symbol of membership.

    Rosary for the Catholics is a prayer tool and a symbol of membership. The bottom line is you can rock every other cross necklace without being religious. Still, I advise you dont wear the rosary because people will think you are a catholic, which can open you to charges of hypocrisy.

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    What Kind Of Chains Do Baseball Players Wear

    The chains that the MLB players wear are often custom-made by jewelers and have a high price tag. If you have the money to spend, we recommend going to your local jewelry store and see what they can make for you.

    If youre looking for a quick solution thats not too expensive but will do the job as far as showing offa gold chain, we found a few low-priced options on Amazon that can help you sport the look.

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    Can A Catholic Wear A Cross

    Jewelry Expert Critiques Baseball Players’ Chains | Game Points | GQ Sports

    The Catholics have high regard for the cross and what it represents. AND as a result, they carry them everywhere they went. Saying Catholics can wear a cross necklace is an understatement. They use it in their everyday life because it is one of the beliefs that makes them catholic in the first place.

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    Is Wearing A Cross Good Luck

    The cross is only a symbol, and it does not bring luck. Although many persons believe in it so much that they also believe it can save them from life troubles and bring them luck. But am sorry to disappoint you, it doesnt have any inherent powers, and as such, it cant accomplish any supernatural task.

    It is humiliating to carry across as a weapon it means you are trivializing the horror of the pains Christ went through on the cross. If you are very religious and you believe supernatural things can happen, well, you might be correct, but it can only happen through you and not through the cross you bear in your hand.

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    Why Do Baseball Players Wear Chains

    Baseball players can be seen wearing one gold chain or multiple gold chains that hang out of their jerseys. Why do baseball players wear chains outside of their jerseys?

    Baseball players wear chains because it makes them look better. They also wear chains for religious and superstitious reasons. Players will often have a gold cross on the end of the chain or multiple chains.

    In this article, well examine why players wear chains and why theyre always hanging out of their jerseys.

    What Are Those Cross Necklaces Called

    Baseball Cross Pendant and Chain

    There isnt a single answer to this question because it depends on the makeup of the cross necklace. For example, if the horizontal and vertical steel that formed the cross is a baseball bat, it is referred to as a baseball bat cross necklace.

    On the other hand, if the cross does not have a definite shape or inscription, it is called a cross necklace. However, if the necklace contains beads and carries a crucifix, it will be referred to as a rosary.

    Rosary can be mistaken to be a cross necklace by those unfamiliar with it. But in reality, it isnt made for fashion or sport it is used for praying by a certain group of Christians.

    Next time you see a cross necklace check out the material and design before you conclude on a name to call it.

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    Are Baseball Players Allowed To Wear Jewelry

    According to the Major League Baseball and Minor League Baseball guidelines, players are not explicitly discouraged from wearing jewelry. As such, baseball players wearing necklaces are allowed.

    However, the chains should not interfere with their performance nor should they be too reflective of light that theyll become a distraction to the other players.

    Baseball players are allowed to decide whether they wish to wear the chain outside their jersey or underneath their jersey. However, if you are a baseball player and you wish to join this jewelry trend, you must first be aware of the certain risks involved in such a fashion statement piece.

    Firstly, chains will always have the chance of getting caught in your fingers, especially if they are unusually long. An oversized pendant may also cause excessive swinging, which can distract you.

    Additionally, you must be ready for the possibility that your chain might get broken. There are points in baseball history where notable players have broken their chains during a game. This often costs a fortune to repair.

    Five Tool Branded Necklaces By Allinfaithcom

    All in Faith,, is now the parent company of the Original FiveTool Necklace. They are the original cross necklace makers and produce a more expensive, and higher quality product than is and eBay. Generally, Five Tool cross necklaces are the necklaces you see around MLB players necks.

    All in Faith comes from very humble beginnings, going from only offering a single cross to eleven different styles of necklaces in gold, silver, and for the high roller, one a 14k diamond studded version. Below we will give the specs, along with prices of their top five necklaces sold.

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    Best Baseball Cross Necklaces

    Everytime you look closely at a MLB game, youll probably see at least 1 if not 5-10 necklaces worn by the players. The traditional baseball cross necklaces have always been popular in baseball. While in most sports, jewelry isnt allowed, the baseball cross necklace goes overlooked. There are no rules against it in baseball. So why do baseball players wear cross necklaces? And what are the best baseball cross necklaces for you? Lets explore each of the options in this article today.

    Content Inside

    Combining baseball & faith perfectly, this is the perfect baseball necklace < $20
    Small yet durable, stride onto the field with this on < $20
    Elegant necklace to display your faither < $20
    Great and durable necklace perfect for baseball games or casual attire < $25
    Make your pendant a bit more personalized and stylish with a pendant that has your number and golden bling with the Baseball Bat Cross Necklace Pendant with Number. $50 $60 Check Price

    Rmoyi Cross Necklace Baseball Bats

    Braided Sports Necklace

    RMOYI is a really cool baseball necklace that can be worn by both children and adults. The black-colored cross with a wheat chain can be a great accessory for both sports and casual attire.

    It has a very simple design concept comprising three baseball bats that are arranged to make a cross. Both cross and chain are made from stainless steel which makes them highly resistant to corrosion, rust, and tarnish.

    Check Price Now

    The size of the pendant is 1.9inches in length and 1.2 inches in width which is suitable for most teenagers.

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    Hzman Baseball And Baseball Bat Cross Youth Sports Pendant Necklace

    The next necklace on our list is another HYZMAN creation, the baseball and baseball bat cross pendant necklace. This baseball cross necklace is a different design than the others as the bats are crossed in more of an “X” pattern than the standard religious cross. Underneath the intersection of the bats is a baseball which ties the whole pendant together perfectly. This necklace is currently only available in a black finish with a stainless steel necklace, but it is made from a very durable stainless steel for protection against rust and tarnish.

    Everything You Want To Know About Baseball Necklaces

    The fashion craze is not only limited to dressing gorgeously for occasions and events, it also relates to games and sporting events. The baseball game has gone global with the introduction of special necklaces as part of the fashion package. Today, baseball necklaces usually worn by players make the game to look more appealing.

    Ever since its emergence in the sports arena, baseball has continued to be one of the best games in the world. The game is causing waves in American State as well as other European countries. Many players of the game wear baseball necklaces as part of the dressing attire. This makes the game to be more valuable these days.

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    Why Are Baseball Players Wearing Beads

    Phiten necklaces have become the must-have accessory for many professional athletes, especially in Major League Baseball . Some of the MLB players seen wearing them include Jon Lester, Justin Verlander and Justin Pedroia. Athletes claim that the necklaces improve their performance on the field.

    What does a Phiten necklace do?

    About half the team members now wear vinyl necklaces embedded with titanium made by the Japanese company Phiten, a spokesman for the company tells WebMD. Phiten claims that its necklaces, bracelets, and titanium-infused clothing produce an electrical charge that relieves pain, increases energy, and speeds recovery.

    Is It Okay To Wear A Cross Necklace

    Youth Baseball Cross Pendant â All In Faith

    A cross necklace is just like every other piece of jewelry, and it is okay to wear it. Regardless of why you are wearing a cross necklace, be sure to go for the trendy baseball bat cross necklace on amazon. It comes in a variety of colors and designs, and I am confident you would love it. Also, its a known fact that a certain group of Christians has a praying tool called a rosary.

    Rosary has the shape of a cross as its pendant, but a closer look would reveal its crucifix side. This type of necklace is often worn for a religious purpose, and it isnt fashionable hanging it around your neck when you dont believe in what it represents.

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    Can You Wear Jewelry In High School Baseball

    You are not allowed to wear any jewelry in high school baseball other than a medical bracelet.

    Wearing jewelry in high school baseball is not allowed due to safety, liability, and difficulty regulating.

    High School Baseball correctly disallows the wearing of jewelry as it impedes learning the fundamentals of the game. Some kids would put too much attention on how they look over how they play.

    Wearing jewelry also puts too much liability on schools. What if a player were to be injured by another players jewelry? Is the school at fault? There are just too many safety liabilities when allowing minors to wear jewelry in baseball.

    Importance Of Baseball Necklace

    Baseball necklaces are usually known to be round in nature. Players wear them around their necks in simple manners meant to beautify their physical appearances in every game. The necklaces are usually very thin in appearance. This makes them hang freely around the necks of the players. When it comes to the texture, baseball necklaces are usually very strong. They appear well structured and unique especially when you view them from a distance.

    I have listed some of the Best Baseball necklace, baseball cross necklace, baseball pendants that are popular.


    Ever since the introduction of the baseball necklaces into the baseball game, they usually come in a variety of designs. Some of them do have special colors that match the team involved. In most cases, the necklaces are designed with mixed colors meant to produce special effects when you look at them. Again, the design of the necklaces could also match the color of the jerseys being used in playing the game.

    Meanwhile, the habit of wearing baseball necklaces has existed in major baseball clubs in the US in particular. Many American baseball players are known to be wearing all manner of such baseball necklaces even in the recent seasons. Baseball necklaces for men and women are quite famous. Fans wear them to show their love towards baseball game.

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