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King Of The Hill Baseball Trainer

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King Of The Hill Pro Baseball Swing Trainer

King of the Hill Pitching Trainer

We are excited to introduce the King of The Hill Pro. This revolutionary tool is an upgrade from the original King of The Hill. This model really brings it home with cutting edge technology designed to give you the real feel of pitching on a mound during a real game. Like the original King of the Hill, the pro model has a few upgrades to deliver a more surreal feel. The rubber has been upgraded to be a real genuine rubber used on Major League Baseball fields.

The contact surface used to drive power from the ground up has been improved to a state or the art surface built so you can toss on your cleats and work on pitching in a real game type situation. Designed to perfection by Rich Dunno the King of The Hill is the model used by 24 MLB Teams today. Want to use what the pros use to work on pitching mechanics and increase pitching velocity? The King of The Hill Pro is what you are looking for. The King of the Hill Pro can be used with turf shoes AND cleats.

$100 Guarantee

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Why You Should Train With King Of The Hill

Whether youre a beginner just starting out, or a seasoned pro looking to take your game to the next level, King Of The Hill is the Baseball Trainer for you. We offer private, one-on-one instruction as well as group training sessions, so you can choose what works best for you. Our experienced and certified trainers will work with you to develop a customized training plan that meets your specific goals and needs.

Baseball is a complex sport that requires a wide range of skills. King Of The Hill has the knowledge and expertise to help you hone those skills and take your game to the next level. We offer comprehensive instruction in all aspects of the game, from hitting and pitching to fielding and base-running. And we dont just focus on the physical aspects of the game we also emphasize the importance of mental preparation and strategic thinking.

If youre serious about taking your Baseball Career to the next level, theres no better trainer than King Of The Hill. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule a free consultation.

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Thru Feel And A Audible Reward The Player Will Be Able To Duplicate This Pattern Reducing Arm Stress And Increasing Velocity

Through consistent reps, the King of the Hill will aid in accomplishing the following:

  • Improvement of mechanics
  • Gradually increase ground force to transfer
  • Improved upper bodys ability to accelerate and rotate
  • Faster arm speed and higher velocity at the release.
  • Reduced stress on the pitching arm
  • With the immediate audible feedback, it becomes easy for the athlete to acknowledge the feel of using the lower half and producing ground force to drive towards home plate. Once the player has mastered the technique of utilizing their legs and producing leg drive, they can gradually increase the resistance which will challenge them to gradually increase the amount of leg drive used resulting in higher velocity.

King Of The Hill Leg Drive Trainer For Turf Shoes Only

Queen of the Hill Pitching Trainer

The King of the Hill trains pitchers to develop a directional force that creates a linear and efficient path towards home plate by creating an initial energy force starting at the ground through engagement of the lower half. This force, aka Ground Force, transfers up the legs, through the body, and out of the arm in a chain reaction, taking stress off of the pitching arm and increasing velocity.

Instead of using verbal commands or visual aids, the trainer gives a feeling of directional force towards home plate with a return of an immediate audible feedback signal when done correctly. Once the player develops directional force that transfers throughout the body, they will challenge their ability by turning the lever at the back of the patented spring housing to increase the amount of force is takes to hear the audible feedback signal, which will result in higher velocity and consistent health of the pitching arm.

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X Pitching Velocity Camp

3X Pitching Velocity Camp is the training for those who want to develop the 100mph fastball and pitch at the highest level.

3X VCamp Starts in:

Why Attend the 3X Pitching Velocity Camp?

The 3X Pitching Velocity Program was built to develop the healthily high velocity pitching delivery. If you are pitching through pain, or you are recovering from an injury, or you are not throwing hard enough to get noticed at the next level then this program was built for you.

The reason you must attend a camp is to be fully evaluated and instructed through the 3X Pitching Velocity Program. This way you will find more success in making gains with the program. We also highly recommend you stay for the following week of training if possible. If not we encourage you to come back in the future and use your free week of 3X Training.

More reason you should attend camp:

Pitching is an advanced skill. To play at highest level takes an elite knowledge of the skill.

Velocity in the short term comes with high risk of injury. Most velocity programs train in short term.

The convention wisdom of baseball ignores the proven science to preventing injury and efficiently and effectively enhancing velocity.

We have worked closely with several MLB teams and Pitchers to teach them the 3X Pitching approach.

Quality Time with Coach Brent Pourciau

Who Should Attend?

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The Future Of King Of The Hill

baseball training company that was founded in 2001 by current CEO and owner, Jason King. After a successful career as a professional baseball player Jason saw the need for a better way to train young athletes His experience and knowledge of the game, combined with his cutting-edge training methods, has resulted in a winning formula that has made King Of The Hill the go-to baseball training facility for players of all levels.

The company started out small, with just a handful of clients, but word quickly spread about the results that Jason was getting with his players. Today, King Of The Hill is one of the most successful baseball training companies in the country, with over 200 clients and a staff of 20 experienced coaches. The company has produced numerous Major League Baseball players, as well as hundreds of collegiate and High School standouts.

Looking to the future, Jason plans to continue to grow King Of The Hill by expanding into new markets and adding new services that will benefit his clients. He is also working on developing a new state-of-the-art training facility that will be unlike anything else in the country. With his vision and dedication, there is no doubt that King Of The Hill will remain the Premier Baseball training destination for years to come.

King Of The Hill The Best Baseball Trainer Around

The Best Pitching Device for Training Drive Power

Whether youre a beginner just starting out, or a seasoned pro looking to take your game to the next level, King Of The Hill is the Baseball Trainer for you. With over 20 years of experience, our team of experts know exactly what it takes to help you improve your batting average increase your throwing speed, and perfect your fielding skills.

No matter what your goals are, we can customize a training program that will help you achieve them. We offer both private and group lessons, so whether you prefer one-on-one attention or working with a team, weve got you covered.

Still not convinced? Check out what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

I had my best season ever after working with King Of The Hill. My batting average went up by 30 points and I even made the All-Star team! -John Doe

I thought I knew everything about baseball before I started working with King Of The Hill, but I was wrong. They taught me so many new techniques that helped me take my game to the next level. -Jane Smith

My son was having some trouble with his pitching, so we decided to sign him up for lessons with King Of The Hill. After just a few sessions, he was hitting his target more consistently and even getting some strikeouts! Were really happy we found them. -Anonymous

If youre ready to start achieving your baseball dreams, contact King Of The Hill today!

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Because You Get A Revolutionary Velocity Development Program To Go With It


Any orders going to Hawaii and Canada there is an additional shipping cost of $30.

It doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to the ultimate pitching velocity tool!

The 3X Pitching Velocity Program and the “King of the Hill” Pitching Trainer have come together to take your fastball velocity to the Big League Level. Yes, you can expect to add up to 5mph or more on your fastball with this revolutionary pitching velocity program and pitching trainer.

Proper leg drive both increases velocity and decreases stress on the pitching arm. The “King of the Hill” Trainer was designed to train pitchers to develop an awareness of their leg drive off of the mound and to gradually increase the leg drive toward home plate. When using the proper pitching techniques, the separation between upper and lower body increases, which in turn creates more elastic energy that is transferred through the core. This improves the upper body’s ability to accelerate and rotate while creating faster arm speed and higher velocity at the release. The initial boost of energy from the legs will relieve the arm of having to produce as much velocity, and will reduce the stress on the pitching arm while increasing arm speed.

Hey you don’t have to take our word for it. Here is what the sciences says:

Don’t worry there is a ton more studies like that included in this revolutionary training packaqe for the high velocity pitcher.

The Training Methods Of King Of The Hill

The King Of The Hill Baseball training program was created by former pro ball player, Hank Hill. The methods used in the program are a combination of Hanks own experiences and those hes gathered from some of the best baseball minds in the game.

The training methods used by King Of The Hill have helped countless players reach their potential and achieve their goals. Whether youre looking to make it to the big leagues or just improve your game the King Of The Hill training program can help you get there.

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Improvement You Can See

One of the most asked questions we receive is “How do the trainers increase velocity and bat speed?” Once proper mechanics are accomplished and the lower half is engaged, players will challenge their abilities by increasing the compression force required to accomplish the goal of sounding the trainer.

Fort Wayne Coach Toolmaker Dunno Helps Pitchers Gain Velocity

King of the Hill

An Indiana baseball man and toolmaker has combined his know-how in both areas to create a training device that has been embraced by professional and college teams.

Rich Dunno, a former college and current youth coach and owner and CEO of Ground Force Sports in Fort Wayne, has been making the King of The Hill to promote the importance of leg drive in the pitching motion.

Dunno says proper leg drive increases velocity and decreases stress on the pitching arm.

As a pitching coach, I always knew you needed to use the legs, says Dunno, who once led hurlers at Glen Oaks Community College in Centreville, Mich., and still gives lessons. Back then it was called leg drive, now its more or less known as ground force.

In working with young pitchers, he noticed that as they pushed the indoor mound back with their back leg their speed went up.

Dunno took his engineering background to develop a device that would let the pitchers know when they were properly getting the load on their back leg to transfer energy through the kinetic chain which ended with them delivering the baseball.

When pushed back 3/16 of an inch, the top plate of King of The Hill makes a clacking sound.

There is an auditory reward, says Dunno. When they hear , they know theyre doing it right.

Its like Pavlovs Dogs. Everytime they heard that bell ding, ding, ding he knew it was time to eat.

Its a kinetic chain reaction.

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We Are Proud Of The Dirt We Kick Up

Developing velocity in both pitching and hitting is an ongoing debate for years. For us here at Ground Force Sports, there is no debate…the Ground Force Sports Trainers are the most powerful tools available coaches and players can use to increase velocity and bat speed safely, quickly, and efficiently. Yes, that sounds pretty confident…but why do we stand behind this statement? Our theory is backed by science…and quite a bit of proof. Our products are used by 28 MLB clubs, countless high level coaches and players, and have proven results in every level of player from beginner to professional. The science is simple: the Ground Force Sports Trainers train the body to develop power from the legs , transfer the power into the hips, through the core, into and out of the arms. By utilizing ground force and leg drive, players create higher velocity and bat speed. We pride ourselves on deliver the best products on the market. We are pleased to hear the reviews around the globe calling the Ground Force Sports Trainers the best hitting and pitching tools ever made. Don’t take our word for it get one yourself and use what the pros use.

Life In The Fastpitch Lane

Posted by Ken Krause

Leg drive for fastpitch pitchers often falls into that category of I know it when I see it. But explaining how to get it if it doesnt come naturally to a pitcher is a whole other challenge.

Thats where a new product called the Queen of the Hill from Ground Force Sports can be shall I say it? a game changer. Instead of explaining to pitchers that they need to push off harder from the pitching rubber, the QotH lets them experience whether they are doing it or not not just with their sense of feel, but with sound.

The product itself is pretty simple on the surface. It consists of a base plate, plus a spring-loaded top plate that has pitching rubber attached to it. The front of the pitching rubber has a 45 degree angle to it, which right away encourages pitchers to get into a better drive position before they ever throw a pitch.

To use it you can lay the QotH on the flat ground, or place it in front of the pitching rubber on an indoor mat or field. Then, using the included Allen wrench that is held on the back of the rubber, you set the tension level on the QotH.

Once the QotH is set up the fun begins. Make sure the pitcher places the sole of her foot against the angled surface on the front of the pitching rubber. She then goes through her normal windup and throws a pitch.

And thats the beauty of the QotH. The pitcher doesnt just feel the movement of the top plate she can hear whether she was successful.

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Here Are A Few Reasons People Love Shopping With Us

  • Fast And Free Shipping on all orders over pitching machines!
  • We are of each brand we carry so you can shop with confidence.
  • No Hassle Returns for 14 days!
  • Great Customer Service- Whether you prefer instant chat, email, or speaking to an expert over the phone, we are always here to assist you.
  • We are so confident that we have the lowest prices that we offer a Price Match Guarantee. We will match any competitor’s prices!
  • Be sure to keep an eye out for any promotions! We are constantly having sales!
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