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Minor League Baseball Coaching Jobs

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The Average Salary Of A Minor League Baseball Coach

Yankees Announce First Woman To Manage Minor League Baseball Team

Major league baseball is famous for highly paid ballplayers playing on a national stage and making millions per year. Minor league baseball is a network of professional baseball leagues that play at a level below Major league baseball. While the minor leagues often provide a steppingstone to the major leagues, salaries are much lower to start, for players as well as coaches

Who Canjoin The Prospective Independent Baseball Players Database

  • Those players who have been recentlyreleased from affiliated organizations and are not under contract toany professional team
  • Those players who have graduated withinthe last 3 years and have no previous professional baseball experience
  • Those players who are about to graduateand want to pursue opportunities to play professionally
  • Those players on semi-pro teams who wantindependent baseball league tryout information
  • Those players at least 18 years of age,who have dropped out of collegebaseball due to academics or never attended college but have legitimatehigh school baseball credentials and references

Minor League Affiliate Strength & Conditioning Coach

In addition to handling the essential functions of being a strength & conditioning coach, we desire proactive thinkers who will take initiative and explore

  • State University of New York, Cortland – Cortland, NY 4.4

    Instruct student athletes in physical health , individual/team concepts, and safety.

    Estimated: $39,000 – $51,000 a yearToday

  • Butler University – Indianapolis, IN 4.0

    Other duties as assigned by head strength & conditioning coach. Three years of strength & conditioning coaching experience required.

    Estimated: $29,000 – $41,000 a year12d

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    Whatif Your Player Has An Agent And/or Has Already Signed With A Prospectservice Tryout Camp Service Or Player Procurement Service

    • It is low-cost
    • It removes the headaches from the GeneralManagers and other team/league officials who receive incompleteinformation from players
    • It removes the concern that a player’se-mail ends up in the “spam” folder of a team executive
    • It is sent to the executives DURING theseason so that the decision makers havefresh data coming to them throughout the season. This isusefulbecause when a current roster spot is opened, team management needsthorough information immediately available to them in order to makequick decisions.

    S To Becoming A Pro Baseball Coach

    Pirates Announce Lower Level Minor League Coaching Staffs  Pirates ...

    Working your way to coaching in baseball’s major leagues can be harder than you think. Pro baseball organizations usually pull from an experienced talent pool that requires extensive experience and knowledge. Without a strong background in baseball, the road to the top position in the game can be long and difficult.

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    Minor League Baseball Coachin Keskipalkka

    Major-liigan baseball on kuuluisa hyvin palkatuista pelaajista, jotka pelaavat kansallisessa vaiheessa ja tekevät miljoonia vuodessa. Pienen liigan baseball on verkosto, jossa on ammatillisia baseball-liigoja. Vaikka pienet liigat tarjoavat usein askeleen suurille liigoille, palkat ovat paljon alempia, pelaajille ja valmentajille.

    I Have Used This Site For Years

    Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly. I have used this site for years and it helped me to get my first job 3 years ago at ESPN. I am currently working in Los Angeles for FOX Sports Net and I do not need this service right now. I am sure I will use it again in the future. Thanks again.Adam Goldberg

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    Years Of Experience Needed: Coaches

    Most employment fields have fairly consistent experience requirements often these are even included in the initial job description. In baseball, there’s no established rule or general practice about how much experience you need before becoming a major league coach. The one most common experience of MLB position coaches isn’t as minor league coaches but as players. This holds true for field managers as well, although many MLB field managers have, in addition to their experience as players, worked as minor league coaches before ascending to the majors. Also, a surprising number of field managers Buck Martinez and Bobby Valentine among them have worked as television commentators at some point in their careers.

    Statistically, however, for both field managers and coaches, the work experience most predictive of a major league coaching career is playing professional baseball.

    Strength And Conditioning Coach: Baseball & Softball

    Former UNM softball player becomes first female manager in minor-league baseball

    The Club – Baseball & Softball is looking to hire a qualified strength and conditioning coach that has a baseball or softball background.

  • California State University – San Luis Obispo, CA 4.3

    Experience developing and maintaining strength and conditioning programs for student-athletes at the intercollegiate level.

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    Tiger Coaching Internship Program

    The Rawlings Tigers Baseball Club have volunteer coaching positions available to current college baseball players that are home for the summer. We are looking for student athletes at the collegiate level that have an interest in pursuing coaching and teaching baseball as a career. We have the best staff to learn from in the Midwest. You will be assigned to a designated team as an assistant coach and help with all coaching duties every step of the way. This is a non-paid position and would not involve travel. It can be used as internship hours for most schools and would be a great resume builder for your future in baseball.

    Assistant Sports Turf & Field Manager

    Some people are born with a green thumb. If you have sports field maintenance experience and a degree, working for a major league team at a spring training facility might be like paradise to you.

    The assistant sports turf & field manager is mostly a supervisory position that will manage the groundskeeper staff. Youll also be responsible for the daily maintenance of the facility and keeping all baseball fields in prime condition.

    You must wear many different hats in this MLB job, but the pay is great, and you never know when you might get called up to manage the big-league stadiums field.

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    Top Major League Baseball Jobs To Consider

    It takes a large team of people to host a major league baseball game with 30,000 guests. From food and merchandise concessions to security and parking personnel, major league teams have a long roster of seasonal and full-time employees on their payroll.

    Are you ready to pursue Major League Baseball job? Here are 10 of the best available jobs for all career levels.

    Come Join Our World Series Team

    UNCW baseball coach recalls surreal days as Michael Jordan

    Little League® International is hiring temporary team positions for the Little League Baseball® World Series from August 17 through August 28, 2022. Flexible scheduling to accommodate day, evening and weekend shifts. There are many valuable players that make up our team!

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    Minor League Jobs Marry Love Of Baseball

    It is a statement that those who work at minor league ballparks hear almost every day on the job: Youre so lucky. I wish I could work in baseball.

    Most people who do make a living in the sport will grant that they are in fact lucky, because they do enjoy their work. But while a love for baseball may be shared by those who pay to root for the home team and the people who draw paychecks at the ballpark, making a career out of the National Pastime takes that passion to another level.

    Long hours, often for little pay, that take you away from loved ones every summer is a requirement for most any job in baseballwhether youre a manager in the dugout, a general manager in the front office or a clubhouse manager. Yet despite the conditions, those who work in the game invariably refer to their careers as dream jobs.

    To find out what it takes to work in baseballand what you make doing itwe talked to people who make the games happen 140 nights a year. Though pay is hardly uniform around the sport, interviews with team officials at different classifications helped provide a standard range for a variety of positions.

    Meet Dave Rosenfield

    Much has changed since Dave Rosenfield got his first job in baseball for Class C Bakersfield in 1956. Rosenfield sported the rare title of player/general managerthough most of his duties focused on the latter.

    And for all that, what did Rosenfield earn? I made $450 a month. And I had to pay my own car expenses.

    Getting In At The Ground Floor

    What Isthe Cost Of Joining The Prospective Independent Baseball Players’database

    • A one-time charge of $6.95 which will getyourplayer inclusion in the database and have his contact information sentto the team/league executives throughout 2009. This can beordered through PayPal
    • If times are tough and you don’t want topay apenny that’s fine! Instead, you can join for free simply by signing upfor a free or paid trial offer from any number ofnational advertisers. I get paid by the advertiser, and yourplayer has the right to cancel at any time. More informationanda quick “how-to” video are included on the links listed toward thebottom of this page

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    Jobs In Sports Reviews

    I received a position as an Account Executive for the Seattle Mariners. I recommend your site to peers that are looking for a position in sports. I will continue to use JobsInSports in the future- this is the best sports website by far!

    Stephanie Carlson

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    Chris Apenbrink

    I chose to re-subscribe to JobsInSports for the vast variety of jobs posted on your site. Additionally, the customer service I have experienced working with JobsInSports has been excellent.

    Ashley Robinson

    The Challenges Facing Independent Baseballfront Office And League Executives When It Comes To Finding Qualifiedplayers

    A new era of opportunity in Major League Baseball
    • Limitedmanpower in the front office so they don’t have time to spend hours andhours tracking down a prospective player. If the informationis not immediate andreadily available they will move onto the next prospect. Thisis one of the ways howgood ball players “fall through the cracks,” and never get theopportunity to play professionally
    • Tough to find qualifiedplayers immediately in midseason should a current player get hurt,suspended, or have his contract purchased by an affiliated team
    • Generalmanagers and assistant GM’s get over 200-300 phone calls a season, outof the blue, from parents and players themselves who want to play. Itis tough to get all of the information in one, easy-to-read locationespecially if the team has a small front office staff. Yes, Iknowthis because as the assistant GM for an independent team I personallyreceived over 200 calls. My GM received over 400 that sameseason!

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    Details About Minor League Coaching Jobs

    It can be difficult to know where to start since there are so many types of healthcare careers to choose from. But, if youre interested in minor league coaching jobs, we are here to help. With just a simple first step, you will discover 206 of minor league coaching jobs for broad career paths and see which ones fit best with your goals. View more


    Professional Sports Careers: Minor League Baseball Jobs

    Minor League sports are big on fun! A baseball fan once went to three home games in one week: Seattle Mariners, Tacoma Tigers and Atlanta Braves. Which game did he enjoy the most? The Tigers game! Recently, he went to Tacoma to see this Mariners cub team since renamed the Tacoma Rainiers along with, in their only West Coast appearance of the year, the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.

    Whether its world-famous entertainment, free stuff for the first thousand kids in the gate or just a great ballgame up close, it is fun to watch these local teams.

    I love the intimacy of the parks, the fact that there isnt a bad seat in the house. That might sound like a cliché but as Ive learned, most clichés are born of truth, says Sports Reporter Lisa Winston. I love the accessibility of the players . . . Odds are, if a player takes that extra time to single out a kid and make him feel special, he has made a fan for life.

    I love it! Jim Rohr sums up his minor league baseball job of Assistant General Manager with the Toledo Mud Hens, I love all aspects of the job, but particularly the people.

    Ron McKee was once a batboy for the Minor League Baseball Class A team, the Asheville Tourists. For 23 years now, hes been the Tourists General Manager. He loves his job, and hes good at it. Hes tripled the annual attendance. McKee feels this way about it: I want only the best for the fans. Its like they are in my home.

      Professional Baseball Employment Opportunities

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    How Much Do Major League Baseball Coaches Make


    Becoming a Major League Baseball coach isn’t every kid’s dream job that would be NFL quarterback or NBA center but it’s certainly up there so far as aspirational jobs are concerned. So what does it take to become an MLB coach, and how do you go about preparing yourself for the job?

    Years Of Experience Needed: General Managers

    Larger than life: Remembering Ron Johnson, whose minor

    The work experience path that leads to a General Manager position in MLB differs to some degree from the paths of field managers and coaches. Typically, that path takes many years.

    Some, like the New York Yankees’ Brian Cashman, began as executive interns in one of the MLB organizations, as did the Atlanta Braves’ GM Alex Anthopoulos, who started as an unpaid intern in the Montreal Expos’ mailroom.

    Unlike the strong emphasis on playing experience for field managers and coaches, several MLB GMs never played baseball at all and entered an MLB organization as office workers or unpaid interns. Several others again unlike the most common experiences of field managers and position coaches – began as scouts or coaches in the minor leagues, rather than as players. Former Red Sox GM Ben Cherington, for example, began his baseball career in 1998 as an unpaid intern with the Cleveland Indians, then held eight different jobs of ascending importance with the Red Sox, including Area Scout, Baseball Operations Assistant, Assistant Director and then full Director of Player Development, before becoming GM in 2012.

    Despite the many years it typically takes to become a GM, these positions don’t last long the average tenure is about three and a half years. After working for more than a dozen years to become the Red Sox GM, Cherington lasted less than four years before being fired in 2015 and then, in 2016, joining the Toronto Blue Jays as VP of baseball operations.

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    Washington Baseball Coaching Search Job Profile And Candidates

    Washington coach Lindsay Meggs on June 6 announced his retirement after 13 seasons at the helm in Seattle.

    Under his guidance, the Huskies went 352-325-1 overall and 159-188 in Pac-12 competition. Most notably, he led Washington to its first-ever College World Series appearance in 2018, and did it the hard way by going through a regional hosted by Coastal Carolina as a No. 3 seed and then beating Cal State Fullerton on the road in a super regional.

    Washington never won a Pac-12 title under Meggs, but did finish second twice, in 2014 and 2016. Other than the trip to Omaha, the 2014 season stands out as a high-water mark for his tenure. The Huskies won 41 games that year, went 21-9 in Pac-12 play and toyed with hosting a regional.

    Results waned in the last few years, as Washington finished eighth in the Pac-12 in 2019 and last in the conference in 2021, although the 2022 season did provide reason for optimism moving forward, with the Huskies winning eight of their final nine Pac-12 games, including series wins over Stanford and UCLA, to finish in a tie for sixth in the standings.

    Meggs retirement also brings an end to a 29-year career as a head coach that goes back to 13 seasons spent at Division II Chico State, where he twice led the Wildcats to national championships and seven times took the team to the Division II College World Series. From there, he spent three seasons at Indiana State, going 77-79, before arriving in Seattle.

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