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New Baseball Rules 2022 No Bunting

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Players Can Be Optioned Back And Forth To The Minors Only Five Times In A Year

2022 NFHS Baseball Rules Changes and Points of Emphasis

He’s another change that will drastically help fringe big league players, particularly in the bullpen. No longer can teams shuttle relievers from the tail end of their relief corps back and forth at will for six months. Players will only be able to be optioned five times per season, after that, they’ll have to be designated for assignment and made available to all the other clubs.

Incentives To Discourage Service Time Manipulation

Another one of the players’ primary concerns in this negotiation was service time manipulation, and they weren’t leaving the table without something in place to discourage it. This new CBA seems to tackle that pretty aggressively. Clubs can now be rewarded with draft pick compensation if a rookie they placed on their opening day roster finishes in the top three in Rookie of the Year, MVP, or the Cy Young voting. Most importantly though, if a rookie finishes first or second in the Rookie of the Year voting, he’ll be credited with a full year of service time. For example, if Baltimore thinks Adley Rutschman is going to be legitimately in the Rookie of the Year conversation, it makes absolutely no sense to have him play the first few weeks in the minor leagues.

Little League Significant Rule And Regulation Updates For 2023

Below, outlined in red, are the significant rule and regulation updates to the 2023 Little League® Official Regulations, Playing Rules, and Operating Policies. These significant updates, as well as all other updates to the 2023 Rulebook can also be found in the FREELittle League Rulebook App, available for download on both the Apple and App stores. More information, including how to download the app, can be found at

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How Are Fans And Players Reacting

Predictably, the reaction is mixed across the baseball world. Some players hate the idea of limiting how a team approaches the game strategically. Some fans expect Joey Gallo to absolutely EAT now that teams have to play him normally.

Might as well tell the pitchers they cant throw Breaking balls. Why not just make the hitters make a damn adjustment. Runs and action is down so reward the hitters. Lol

Mlb Rule Changes For 2022 And Beyond

SBN Reacts: Fans dont approve of MLBs new extra

Baseball is back! That’s undoubtedly the prevailing sentiment from baseball fans everywhere right now, as spring training kicks off in earnest and the lead-up to the regular season picks up intensity. While the CBA negotiation was agonizingly frustrating to watch unfold, with it the game will be experiencing a horde of changes both on and off the field. Let’s take a look at some of them.

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No More Runner On Second Base In Extras

MLB is FINALLY getting rid of the rule that placed an automatic runner on second base during extra innings. The idea was to prevent marathon games, but the change was received terribly across baseball. In fact, it wasnt really baseball to begin with.

Those seemingly never-ending, extra-inning marathons arent common enough to justify keeping that rule.

Baseball is really back. Nine inning doubleheaders and regular extra inning rules return. Man on 2nd is a thing of the past.

Jesse Rogers

Nine-inning doubleheaders are back as well.

When Will Opening Day Be

Opening day has been pushed back a week to April 7 to allow for a shortened spring training period of a little more than three weeks.

The first week of games on the original schedule, which was supposed to begin on March 31, will be rescheduled as doubleheaders or played on teams’ mutual off days. Also, the doubleheaders will be a full nine innings, unlike the seven-inning doubleheaders MLB instituted during the COVID-shortened 2020 season.

The regular season will be extended by three days to allow all games to be made up.

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The Universal Designated Hitter

The DH will now be used in all games across both leagues. Honestly, this was long overdue, especially since the advent of year-round interleague play in 2013. This change to the rule is worth noting:

It is not mandatory that a Club designate a hitter for the pitcher. However, in the event the starting pitcher will bat for himself, the player will be considered two separate people for purposes of Rule 5.11. In such cases, the manager should list 10 players on his teams lineup card, and this player should be named twice once as the starting pitcher and once as the Designated Hitter. Thus, if the starting pitcher is replaced, he can continue as the Designated Hitter, and if the Designated Hitter is replaced, he can continue as the pitcher . If the player is simultaneously replaced both as a starting pitcher and Designated Hitter, he cannot be replaced by another two-way player filling both roles as separate people .

This is going to be known as the Shohei Ohtani Rule, since in practice hes the only MLB player it applies to. Its interesting that they put in this rule the clause about a DH being allowed to pitch, but then he could no longer bat. There could be other players this could apply to in the future. In fact, the Angels have one, Michael Lorenzen, a player who has both pitched and played the outfield. Hes had more success pitching and I suspect hell be focusing on that going forward.

Major League Baseball Is Making A Significant Rule Change

NFHS Defensive Conferences: Rules and Case Plays Review 2022

UPDATE: Major League Baseball and the players union have reportedly agreed to a new labor deal for 2022 and beyond. Read more on the agreement here.

If and when the 2022 Major League Baseball season will start is still up in the air. But when it does, there will be a major shakeup in the way the game is played for half the teams in the league.

Speaking with reporters Thursday morning, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred announced the league will be adopting a universal designated hitter rule. The days of pitchers batting in professional baseball are likely over.

This is a change that has been in the works for a number of years. Baseball began thinking about synching the rules in the two leagues once interleague play became more common with the Houston Astros move to the American League in 2013. During the shortened 2020 season, the National League did use a DH, but went back to pitchers hitting in 2021. At the time, the reported goal was to make the change permanent, but the sides couldnt get that done in time for the 2021 season. The DH was originally introduced in the American League in 1973.

As Major League Baseball and the MLBPA work through a lockout, the hope for the players is adding a universal DH will create more jobs as National League clubs look for another starting-caliber bat. The change should also help facilitate a more high-scoring game, increase the pace of play and limit pitchers getting injured.

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National League Rule Changes

Changes Made To Official National League Rules 1877 Canvas bases 15 inches square were introduced. Home plate was placed in the angle formed by the intersection of the first and third base lines. Player reserve clause was written into the contracts for the first time. The base runner was out if hit by a batted ball. The hitter was exempted from a time at bat if he walked. 1878 The number of “called balls” became 9 and all balls were either strikes, balls or fouls. 1879 Player reserve clause was for the first time put into a contract. The pitcher had to face a batsman before pitching to him. 1880 Base on balls was reduced to 7 “called balls.” Batter no longer got a fourtth strike. Front of pitcher’s box moved to 50 feet from the center of home plate. The catcher had to catch the pitch on the fly in order to register an out on a third strike. 1882 Pitchers now allowed to throw sidearm. The “foul bound catch” was abolished and the pitcher could deliver a ball from above his waist. 1883 Championships were to be decided on a percentage basis. Six “called balls” became a base on balls. 1884 All restrictions on the delivery of a pitcher were removed. 1885 A granulated substance may be applied up to 18″ from the bottom of the bat. Chest protectors worn by catchers and umpires came into use. Home base could be made of marble or whitened rubber. One portion of the bat could be flat . The pitcher’s box was changed to 4 feet by 7 feet. 1886 Stolen bases became an official statistic.

Times Up Michigan Minor

Teams in the High A Central minor league will use a pitch clock this season as an experiement for Major League Baseball. Pitchers have 14 seconds – 18 if a runner is on base – to throw a pitch. Hitters have nine seconds to get in the batter’s box.

MIDLAND, MI The experiment continues, with Michigan minor-league players and fans receiving front-row seats to the potential future of baseball.

This season, all minor league teams will experiment with rule changes that could, depending on the reaction and data, find their way into the major leagues.

It seems as though baseball is trying to bring back things that maybe have gone away, things like bunting and stolen bases and action on the basepaths, Great Lakes Loons manager Austin Chubb said. It will be interesting to see how it turns out. The push seems to be changing the emphasis to more running, to a different style.

Michigan teams in the High-A Central League West Michigan Whitecaps , Great Lakes Loons and Lansing Lugnuts will join all minor-league teams in adopting some of the new rules. Fridays season-openers include a matchup between the Whitecaps and Loons at Dow Diamond in Midland.

The rules include a pitch clock, larger bases and a limit to the number pickoffs. Teams in Low A, High A and Double A will also play without defensive shifts.

In the Triple-A East league including the Tigers minor-league team in Toledo games at Charlotte will use a robo-ump.


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Boston Red Sox V Cincinnati Reds

CINCINNATI, OH – SEPTEMBER 23: Tucker Barnhart #16 of the Cincinnati Reds reaches out for the ball as Eduardo Rodriguez #52 of the Boston Red Sox lays down a bunt during the second inning at Great American Ball Park on September 23, 2017 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Barnhart threw Rodriquez out at first base for the third out of the inning.

Mlb Approves Two Rules For 2023

New SBL logo revealed

The MLB has made it official that major changes are coming in their 2023 season.

Starting next year the MLB will implement a pitch clock for the first time ever at the major league level. As well as a ban on defensive shifts and adopting larger bases.

Breaking: MLB’s competition committee has voted to implement a pitch clock, larger bases and ban defensive shifts starting in 2023, sources tell @JeffPassan.

15-second clock with bases empty, 20 with runners on and two fielders on each side of 2B bag, both feet on the dirt.


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Say Goodbye To Sacrifice Bunts

The DH is expected to become universal in 2022

On Thursday, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said the designated hitter is expected to be coming to the National League in 2022.

Whether or not youre a fan of the move, its certainly the end of an era. Personally, I will welcome it with open arms as it will certainly benefit the Dodgers. Theyll be able to shuffle guys in the lineup and get guys off their feet.

With that being said, there is one thing in particular Ill miss more than anything. Clayton Kershaws sacrifice bunts. Not only was Kershaw the best pitcher of the last decade, but he was arguably the best bunter.

Seriously, nobody did it better.

Over his big-league career, Kershaw has 110 sacrifice hits. Thats the most in baseball since Kershaw made his debut in 2008. The next closest pitcher is Johnny Cueto with 90.

Kershaw has led baseball in sacrifices twice during his career. In 2010 he had a career-high 18 and then in 2019 he had 15. He had a down year in 2021, only recording two sacrifices, the lowest of his career.

To honor the GOAT, I compiled a two minute video consisting of his successful bunts. Maybe Kershaw will be called upon in extra innings to get one down moving forward. But if this is the last of it, we witnessed one of the best to ever do it.

With the DH coming to the National League in 2022, here’s 2 minutes of Clayton Kershaw being the best bunter in the world

Blake Harris

Elimination Of Covid Rules

This aspect of the CBA is certainly refreshing. Gone from the game are the seven-inning doubleheaders we experienced in each of the past two seasons as a way to minimize the amount of time at the ballpark. Also, the “Manfred” runner on second base in extra innings will become a thing of the past following the 2022 season. Speaking of COVID. At the end of September it was announced that Canada was easing its restrictions and will again allow unvaccinated people across its border without testing or quarantining. This is notable in regards to MLB since the Blue Jays are a threat in the American League, and if they make it to the World Series it could have made things very challenging for some potential National League opponents.

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Does The Shift Really Work Though

When you have a defense playing in an extreme shift, it also means youre leaving a lot of open field for a player to take advantage of. These are professional hitters who are capable of beating shifts, and it happens probably more often than many people think.

According to the Washington Post, banning the defensive shift would probably result in a minimal increase of runs scored. For nearly as often as that would-be base hit up the middle gets robbed by the shift, you have a shift-busting hit into open field.

Via WaPo:

Baseball Info Solutions reports shifting caused 213 would-be hits to be turned into outs in last years shortened 60-game season, which translates to 575 hits-to-outs over a normal, 162-game season. Turning those outs back into hits would result in an increase of less than 1.5 percent in a typical season. That doesnt feel like a sea change.

MLB teams and MLB owners know this. Its probably why the players union agreed to banning the shift in the first place. The actual impact will be marginal at best, but aesthetically, the game could improve. Youll no longer need access to an advanced scouting report to know why the Dodgers are playing with two right fielders against Freddie Freeman.

It potentially makes the game more approachable to the casual fan even if other sports have unique alignments for given situations.

Bulls’ Zach Lavine Shares Heartwarming Exchange With Fan In Paris

NFHS Pitching Regulations: Rules and Case Plays Review 2022

Robo umpires were not included in the union’s proposal.

Players union agreed to allow MLB to ban shifts, implement a pitch clock and make bases larger in 2023, subject to those agreements fitting into a total deal. Union also rejected Robo umps for â22/â23. MLB goal: to be able to streamline the process and add excitement ti the game.

Jon Heyman

In the past, MLB needed to give a years notice to implement rule changes.

Its no secret MLB has sought to improve pace of play in recent years. The average time of nine-inning games in 2021 was 3:10, a 20-minute increase from 2010 and five-minute increase from 2019, the previous full 162-game season.

MLB experimented with the pitch clock in the low-A West League last summer . If pitchers didn’t start their delivery in time, the home plate umpire could call an automatic ball.

The average game time decreased from 3:02 to 2:41 after the clock was introduced in June.

ESPNs Jesse Rogers reported MLB is targeting a 14-second clock with the bases empty and 19 seconds with runners on.

Coming next season?

Jesse Rogers

The percentage of plate appearances with a shift on has spiked the last five years, from 13.7 percent in 2016 to 30.9 percent in 2021 .

Balls in play have decreased to historic levels, including more strikeouts than hits in recent years for the first time. The banning of extreme shifts could require two infielders to be positioned on each side of second base.

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Automatic Runner Back Short Doubleheaders Not

The automatic runner — placed on second base in extra innings — is expected to return, albeit only for the 2022 season. Interestingly, given that the logic behind the runner is to shorten games and reduce the workload placed on pitchers, the seven-inning doubleheaders are not part of the proposal. Instead, both ends of a doubleheader will be nine innings throughout the 2022 season.

New Mlb Rules: Banning The Shift The Pitch Clock And More

The Major League Baseball Competition Committee voted this afternoon on new rules that will implemented in the 2023 season. What are we going to see thats new? Well, there will be no more extreme shifting. There will be a pitch clock to limit how long between pitches a pitcher can hold the ball. And baserunning could look quite different thanks to both a limit on the number of pickoff attempts and larger bases.

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