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Nike Men’s Baseball Cleats

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Force Zoom Trout 8 Pro Metal

Nike Men’s Force Zoom Trout 5 Baseball Cleats

For a more affordable option, Nike will offer the $85 Pro version with less expensive materials. Considering the unsightly prices of New Balance and adidas metal cleats lately, this cleat feels like a bargain. It has a similar, if not less streamlined look, including a midfoot stroud that is designed to keep dirt out.

I worry about the synthetic skin upper and how thatll look after a hard slidewill it ever look remotely white after game 1?

Same plate. Same Air unit in the heel. $45 less.

Force Trout 8 Pro Mcs

For those that need/prefer plastic bottoms, the Force Zoom Trout 8 Pro MCS is your solution, albeit with less tech than the first two cleats featured here.

This one is pretty much a different cleat, made with synthetic leather, without Air in the heel or forefoot, and a traditional upper. The product description describes a cockpit tongue designed to keep dirt out of the cleat.

The forefoot and heel are independent plates, which is something we see in the Huaraches. The MCS will retail for $70, almost half of what youll pay for the Elite version.

Shop the Trout 8 at Dicks for $40-$130, depending on trim level. What do you think?

What Are The Best Nike Baseball Cleats

Renowned for producing quality sports products, Nike has built its empire based on a desire to innovate and inspire athletes all around the world.

Nike continues to innovate with its line of baseball cleats. The Lunar Vapor Ultrafly Elite 2 baseball cleats combine two forms of traction patterns for the ultimate in field gripping power. With traction wings and molded swirls on the plate, these cleats ensure effortless, precise pivoting.

Named after the super-star outfielder and future hall-of-famer, Mike Trout, the Force Zoom Trout 5 Pro MCS baseball cleats offer a comfortable fit without compromising performance. Zoom Trout 5 cleats feature a woven upper panel to improve ventilation and mobility. Foam midsoles support feet where needed, ensuring discomfort is never a distraction when on the field.

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