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Places That Buy Old Baseball Cards

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Best Places To Sell Baseball Cards

Surprise find opening old baseball cards

Selling baseball cards is no longer limited to needing to know a top collector in your local neighborhood. Today, with the advent of the internet and the explosion of the trading card market, it is now easier than ever to sell baseball cards, whether you are doing so as a collector or recreationally.

Selling Your Sports Cards To All Vintage Cards

All Vintage Cards has been dealing in sports since the early 1980’s and we are one of the most reputable and trusted buyers in the hobby. While I encourage all sellers to shop around when selling a valuable card collection, I can promise that our offer will more often than not be near the top of the list.

Are Baseball Cards Still Worth Money

There most certainly is a very healthy market today for baseball and all sports cards. In fact, due to the widespread availability of fast internet access and various marketplaces, there has never been a more established and liquid market than the one that exists today.

Cards can be sold quite easily and for near full value, depending on the demand for the card in question. The advent of grading companies and their associated population reports has made it so easy for collectors to get an idea of what sort of supply exists for any particular card.

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What Trading Cards Are In Your Collection

When researching the professional sports cards in your collection, note the statistics for each one. The most important information is the manufacturer and the copyright date. Many cards will already contain this information, but there are ways to discover these facts for yourself if they dont.

If the copyright date is not on the card, look at the information included on the back of the trading card. The sports card was most likely manufactured during the year following the last year noted on the card. For instance, if the last year mentioned on the card is 1973, then its probably from 1974.

You can also use Google to search for information regarding any of your trading cards. Enter the players name and card number, along with some of the text on the card, in the search bar. Searching this same information under Google images might also help you discover more data about the particular card in question.

Where To Sell Sports Cards For Cash

25 Original Unopened Packs of Vintage Baseball Cards all packs at least ...

If you want to make money online or in person by selling sports cards, you definitely have plenty of options these days.

Going online is also one of the best ways to get the best offers for your card collection since you can reach collectors from all over the world. So, Im going to start off with some of the best online marketplaces you can use.

Then, Im going to wrap up the post with some local selling websites and tactics you can use to sell your sports card collection for cash.

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Unexpected Places You Might Find Antique Sports Cards And Memorabilia

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, baseball cards were little more than adjunct advertising and promotional pieces. As such, they were treated with little regard. Cards were cast aside with other household junk or used for some alternative purpose. Collections of early baseball cards and memorabilia, therefore, will pop-up in the strangest places. Here are seven of our favorites.

#7. Inside of walls

When Just Collect purchased the Hole-in-the-Wall collection of 1920-1923 “strip” cards last year, it was as much about the story as it was about the cards themselves. The 262 cards in the collection were great five Babe Ruth cards, a Casey Stengel, a Ty Cobb and a George Sisler but the story was even better.

The cards were discovered when a man climbed into a crawl space to try and get rid of a family of raccoons in his apartment in Jersey City, NJ. While in the crawl space, the man’s cell phone fell and slipped through a crack that turned out to be large enough for a cell phone, but smaller than his arm.

#6. In attics

The combination of rarity and condition caused a great commotion between the discovery and the auction during the National Sports Card Convention just several weeks later where the cards sold for more than $500,000. Like most discoveries of long lost baseball card treasures, this one provided just enough clues to allow for debate about how the cards arrived there but not quite enough information for any one story to prevail.

#5. Inside of cookie tins


Are Baseball Cards Worth Money


The money you can get for your collection depends on which cards you have.

Vintage cards which are those made before 1979 are more valuable than cards from the 1980s and 1990s. Cards made in the 1980s and after were mass produced meaning that they have little value.

There are some exceptions though. A modern card can be valuable if it is a current or future Hall of Famers rookie card thats in pristine condition, features a printing error, or its personally autographed by the player himself. An example of a modern card that has value is the 1993 SP Derek Jeter rookie card. These exceptions are rare though.

Whatever your collection includes modern or vintage cards, you can sell them somewhere.

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Everything You Need To Know To Sell Your Sports Card Collection

While Dean’s Cards specializes in vintage baseball cards, we also buy and sell vintage football cards, basketball cards, hockey cards, and non-sports cards and sets. This information applies to all vintage sports and non-sports cards, even if our examples largely relate to baseball cards.

Whether you built your sports cards collection yourself, inherited it from a relative, or even stumbled upon a box of old baseball cards in an attic, selling vintage sports cards should not be taken lightly because they are a fascinating piece of American History and often hold sentimental value. If considering selling your cards, you must first determine if they have value. Then you must decide on a way to get the best return for not only the cards but also your time and effort.

How Much Should I Ask For My Card Collection


In order to place a rough estimate on your baseball card collection, the easiest place to start is eBay. Examining past sales of sold cards on eBay can provide us with a great assessment of the most recent values on the marketplace. PSA also provides a listing of recent auction sales which can be very helpful in determining the current value of a card.

Here’s an example on how to find recent sales data on eBay.

The search results will show us all of the available cards for sale.

While this information looks good, the most valuable information is within the latest eBay completed listings.

Once you get to the next page, click on ‘Sold Listings’ . Note I also added a filter for sold items above $500 since there was a lot of junk coming up in the results, and I know from experience that most Jordan rookies sell for over $500.

This will bring up a list of the latest sales that can really help us figure out a price on our card.

Here we can see that the last sale was a PSA 4 Jordan that sold for $1025. So we can filter through the listings to find a good idea of what our card is worth.

In addition, we can also get a good snapshot of recent eBay sales at PSA’s website.

If you google your card and just type in “PSA” at the end it should provide the first link to the PSA page for the card you are looking for.

I did this for ‘Michael Jordan Fleer Rookie PSA’ and the first link is the PSA Card Facts page.

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How To Sell Your Trading Cards

Written by Top Cash Buyer on August 6, 2021. Posted in Collectibles, Art, and Antiques

Do you have old trading cards stored in the attic of your home? Would you like to sell your sports cards but have no idea where to begin? If so, now is a great time to learn how to sell those cards and earn some extra cash. Depending on the type of sports cards you have, the era theyre from, who they feature, and their overall condition, you might be surprised to learn how much they are worth.

Selling your trading cards is not as difficult as you might think, especially with the help of online auction sites and websites like eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook. Keep reading to learn how to sell your trading cards.

What Is The Value Of Your Trading Cards

Before selling your trading cards, its helpful to learn all you can about them. Important information, such as the date of the cards in your collection and if they feature any famous baseball or basketball players, will affect their overall value. It will also influence how much you can sell the cards for. Ask yourself the following questions before listing your sports cards for sale.

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Determine The Value Of Your Baseball Cards

There are a few ways you can try to determine the value of your cards.

You can either try to estimate your cards using the characteristics we mentioned above, or you can use a third-party card estimator to determine the value of your cards.

If you want to try to determine the value of your cards on your own, you should consider all of the factors we mentioned above.

You should take a look at the types of cards you have, the condition of your cards, and how rare you think they are.

You can then head to marketplaces like eBay or online card dealers to see if you can compare to other similar cards currently being sold.

The other way is to send your more valuable cards to a service like the Professional Sports Authenticator to have your cards graded and authenticated.

The PSA will carefully examine your cards and give it an overall grade to help determine the value of your cards.

The higher the grade, the more valuable your cards will be.

Local Hobby And Sports Card Shops

japanese vintage baseball cards

One of the easiest ways to profit from your collection can be by visiting your local card shop. You may prefer this option if you have a relationship with the store owner and trust their operation.

Staying local means you can also make money fast as you dont lose time with the shipping process or waiting for the vendor to process your collection.

It may take some online stores two weeks or longer to appraise your collection due to high volumes. By selling to your local store, you might get a same-day offer and can easily take the unwanted cards home.

While local sports card shops are convenient, your buyback offer can be lower than other places. Unfortunately, these stores are not as prevalent since more collectors shop online.


  • Several cities dont have a store
  • Potentially low buying prices

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How Do I Identify My Baseball Cards

Before selling your collection, you have to get a good understanding of what card you actually have. I would encourage collectors to spend some time putting together a list of their collection before trying to sell it. If you have a baseball card and have no idea what you have sitting in front of you, this section should help you identify your cards.

First, check the back of the card. Unless it’s a strip card then it likely has some sort of manufacturer and date information on the back. This normally gets easier the newer the card, but it’s definitely a starting place for figuring out what year and make your card is.

Here’s the back of a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle, one of the most valuable of all baseball cards.

Back of a 1952 Topps Mantle

In looking at the back or front we know we have a Mickey Mantle card . If we look on the back, we can see at the bottom that we have a ‘Topps Baseball’ card but there is no identifying year.

This is where some of the text on the back can help–if we read the card, it refers to Mantle’s 1951 season, thus we can get some sort of idea that this is likely a card issued somewhere in that 1951-1953 range. And indeed it is a 1952 Topps baseball card.

A quick Google search can always help–if we had we actually get a bunch of photos of our 1952 Topps Mantle. . We could also click on one of those images and figure out more about the card.

How Do You Get Baseball Cards Appraised

Getting your baseball cards appraised is possible by working directly with a collector, appraiser, or pawn shop owner. It is also possible to have your baseball cards appraised by working together with an online baseball card service or organization.

If you choose to have your baseball cards appraised locally and by an individual in-person, it is highly advisable to seek out multiple appraisals to verify the authenticity of your appraisal and estimate.

It is also possible to use resources online such as Deans Cards and DA Card World to mail in your cards and your own collection in order to receive an accurate estimate and appraisal for your collection.

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How To Sell Baseball Cards For Top Dollar: The Expert Guide

If theres one thing Ive learned from selling baseball cards over the years its this:

the marketplace you choose means everything.

What do I mean by that?

Theres a right and wrong market for every type of baseball card collection.

Each type of collection attracts a certain type of buyer.

Reaching the right buyers for your collection is key.

So if you have baseball cards for sale, this guide will walk you through which options are right for you.


Ross Uitts – Owner

Are you selling sports cards that were produced from 1868 – 1975?

If so, then please fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch right away. Or, feel free to call/text me at 305-684-6680!

Where To Sell Sports Cards For Cash 10+ Best Options

Top 5 Vintage Baseball Cards to Buy Now!

posted on November 1, 2022This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more information.

Sports cards have been around as long as sports leagues themselves and are a great way to memorialize some of the best athletes throughout history.

Theres also a massive market for sports cards online and locally thanks to the many hardcore collectors out there.

So, if you want to try a new side hustle and have some old sports cards laying around, you might be sitting on a money-making opportunity.

This guide is covering where to sell sports cards and how you might be able to flip your collection for a handsome profit.

Lets get to it!

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Where Can I Sell Baseball Cards Near Me

Okay, so perhaps you dont want to sell your cards online. Maybe you would prefer to sell your baseball cards locally?

When you sell in person, you can often get cash on the spot, and you dont have to worry about shipping your cards anywhere!

If you want to know, who buys baseball cards near me?then give these places a try.

Vintage Baseball Cards: 10 Places To Buy Them Online

Posted by Adam Hughes | Baseball Card Values, Baseball Cards | 0 |

Vintage baseball cards often take a backseat to newer, shinier issues, particularly during the season, when on-field events drive the market.

But when it comes to jaw-dropping sales records, its tough for the latest gaudy 1:1 insert super special chase cards to keep up with the likes of the T206 Honus Wagner, 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle, 1968 ToppsNolan Ryan, 1933 Goudey Nap Lajoie, and the hobbys other stone-cold classic cards.

Of course, vintage baseball cards arent all about big bucks the real charm of the old stuff is the way they make us feel the memories they evoke the sense of stepping back into simpler times.

Luckily, you can still find many old cards at decent prices if youre willing to slide off the star pile just a bit, and if you set your sights on ungraded or low-to-mid-graded slabs that look good without breaking the bank.

Maybe the best part? You can do most of your shopping online.

Here, then, are ten solid online venues where you can buy vintage baseball cards to get your nostalgia fix.

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What Are My Sports Cards Worth

“How much is this card worth” is a question that has been around almost as long as cards themselves. The reality is that many people have some cards around the house and a large percentage are worth very little.

As someone attempting to sell an item, you want to go into a potential sale with full confidence that you understand what you have.

Your first step is determining if what you own carries any notable value. eBay is a great resource for obtaining a general idea of the value range. Outside of the truly rare cards, anything you likely possess is bought and/or sold on eBay quite often, so you can see exactly what similar cards have sold for in the recent weeks. Player names, card numbers and the year printed on the back of the card are all useful bits of information to help you identify the exact set in question.

Larrys Vintage Baseball Cards

Vintage Cards Treasures Baseball Chase Box Find The 1952 Topps Mantle ...

This is a decidedly old-school website maintained by a collector with more than 40 years in the game.

But, what the site may lack in zing, it more than makes up for in dense content and a full list of cards for sale. These days, Larry pretty much sticks to PSA-graded cards, with plenty of blazing examples in his inventory, but also more affordable specimens in lower grades .

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