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Rawlings Player Preferred Baseball/softball Glove Series

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Baseball And Softball Capable

Rawlings Player Preferred Baseball & Softball Glove Series

The multi-sport feature is most uncommon in softball gloves. The large pocket in the typical slow-pitch glove simply swallows the much smaller baseball. Not so here. The Player Preferred Series utilizes a pocket that is on the large side for a baseball glove, but at the same time is small for a softball glove. It is not overly small for softball, though, and players who have played significant amounts of time at the infield positions in baseball should find these gloves strike a familiar chord.

Utility Has Its Downsides

There is no getting around the fact that the Player Preferred Series pocket is odd everywhere it goes. Its large pocket for baseball is a small pocket for softball. Baseballs can be secured with a bit more effort than normal, but it really works best as an outfielders glove on the bigger diamond. The opposite is true on the softball field, though, where its size makes it more suited for the infield.

Rawlings Player Preferred 125 Inch Glove

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Designed for recreational players of various age and skill levels, the Player Preferred glove series features quality, full-grain oiled leather shells for easy and quick break-in along with all-leather laces for durability and strength. With popular patterns and styling, the Player Preferred series seamlessly covers baseball, softball, and recreational leagues.

Quality full-grain leather for enhanced durability Zero Shock palm padding for impact protection Improved fit with pull strap and Velcro® strap closures Quick, easy break-in for a game ready feel


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The Materials Used In Rawlings Player Preferred Gloves

Rawlings has been making gloves for over 130 years and is one of the most popular brands among professional and amateur athletes alike. The company offers a wide variety of gloves for both Baseball And Softball players in its Player Preferred series.

This series is designed with the players comfort and performance in mind. The gloves are made from top-quality materials that are carefully selected to provide the ideal combination of durability, flexibility, and grip.

The outer shell of the glove is made from full-grain leather, which is widely considered to be the best material for baseball gloves This leather is soft, yet durable, and it will break in quickly to form a custom fit for your hand. The palm lining is also made from leather, which provides a comfortable feel and good pocket stability.

The webbing on Player Preferred gloves is reinforced with rawhide lacing for added durability. The lacing also helps to keep the shape of the glove taut, which makes it easier to catch balls.

The Player Preferred series features a number of different styles of gloves, all of which are available in both right-handed and left-handed models. Regardless of your position or playing style, Rawlings has a glove that will suit your needs.

Rawlings Player Preferred Series 125 Outfield Glove

Rawlings Player Preferred Series 12"  Baseball/Softball Glove, Right ...

MAD MAX says:

    On sale now at closeoutbats its the 2017 Rawlings Player Preferred Series 12.5 Outfield Glove. This outfield glove features a basket web style with a conventional back and pull strap plus Velcro closures. It has a quality full-grain leather shell and the zero shock palm padding gives players impact protection. This outfield glove has a game ready feel and is recommended for adults of all ages and skill levels. All leather laces give the glove added strength and structure players crave. To finish things off the glove has a classic vintage look with dark brown leather and a bright red Rawlings patch. Order your new glove today and save money right away at closeoutbats.

Designed for recreational players of various age and skill levels, the Player Preferred glove series features quality, full-grain oiled leather shells for easy and quick break-in along with all-leather laces for durability and strength. With popular patterns and styling, the Player Preferred series seamlessly covers baseball, softball, and recreational leagues.Features:

  • Basket-Web forms a closed, deep pocket that is popular for infielders and pitchers
  • Pitcher or Outfield glove
  • Recommended for adult or elite player
  • Modified conventional back with adjustable pull straps
  • Slowpitch softball patterns
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    Rawlings Player Preferred Glove Series: An Overview

    In this Rawlings Player Preferred Glove Series overview, well take a look at the different types of gloves available in the series. Well also touch on some of the features that make these gloves some of the most popular on the market.

    The Rawlings Player Preferred Glove Series is one of the most popular glove lines on the market. This is due in part to the fact that Rawlings offers a glove for just about every position on the field. In addition, Rawlings is one of the most trusted names in baseball, so you can be sure that youre getting a quality product.

    There are four main types of gloves in the Player Preferred Series: infielders gloves, outfielders gloves, first base mitts and catchers masks. Lets take a closer look at each type of glove.

    Infielders Gloves: These gloves are designed for use by infielders, and they typically have shallow pockets to make it easier to field ground balls In addition, infielders gloves usually have extra padding on the palm to help reduce vibration when fielding hard-hit balls

    Outfielders Gloves: Outfielders gloves typically have deep pockets to help field fly balls and they also have extra padding on the thumb and pinky finger to help prevent wear and tear. In addition, outfielders gloves usually have a webbing between the thumb and forefinger to help keep balls from popping out of the glove.

    Superior Grade Of Leather

    Rawlings material of choice in the Player Preferred Series is a pre-oiled, full-grain cow leather. It is soft when purchased, and it requires little breaking in before it is game ready, though it is not as game-ready as Rawlings would have you believe. The leather gets more luxurious with a bit of age on it, and is dense enough to survive several seasons of multi-sport play.

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    The Different Types Of Rawlings Player Preferred Gloves

    Rawlings Player Preferred gloves feature Pro-H Webbing, which is a construction that has gained popularity among both professional and amateur players. These gloves also have Dual Core technology, which means that they are designed to be broken in more quickly and to maintain their shape better over time. Rawlings Player Preferred gloves come in four different types: fastpitch, infield/pitcher, outfielder, and first base.

    Fastpitch gloves are specifically designed for the demands of Fastpitch softball They have a deeper pocket than other types of gloves, which helps to reduce the risk of pop-ups. Infield/pitcher gloves are versatile and can be used by both infielders and pitchers. Outfielder gloves have a longer frame and a shallower pocket to help with ball containment. First base gloves tend to be the largest of all the Rawlings Player Preferred gloves they also have extra padding to help protect the hand from errant throws.

    A Few Words Our Customers Have Said About Gloverelacecom

    Rawlings Player Preferred Gloves Overview | SCHEELS

    35 year old glove is reborn. its the only glove my 8 yr old will/can use!! thanks for allowing me to hold on to the past a while longer!! Great Work

    Since 2011 has enjoyed putting new life into your old friend.

    Dont Replace, RELACE

    I learned to lace baseball gloves back in 1983 after my 15yo best friend broke a lace. A long time before the internet!

    After 3,000 gloves will help preserve your best friend too.

    New quality leather Replace or Add Padding Web Repair Clean and Condition every glove

    Let put new life into the glove you already own and love. We specialize in relacing and restoring gloves of all makes and models and conditions. Relace your favorite glove and have fun for years to come.

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    Rawlings Player Preferred Series P130hfl Review

    Players in slow-pitch softball tend to float around the field, playing whatever position they are needed to inning by inning. Some of these players also put in time on the baseball diamond, whether it be in a wooden-bat league, or any of the other myriad ways we keep our love of the game alive. If this description fits your game, you will understand the difficulty in finding a glove that can do everything, and do it well.

    Enter the Rawlings Player Preferred Series gloves. Rawlings makes a Player Preferred glove for just about any player on the field, and many of them, like the P130HFL, can more or less effortlessly move around from position to position and field to field. So, does the Player Preferred Series live up to its one-for-all intentions? Lets dig a little deeper and find out.


    • Zero Shock palm pad keeps sting at bay
    • Adjustable Velcro strap cinches glove tight
    • Soft leather is almost game ready at purchase

    Details On The Best Rawlings Baseball Gloves

    • 12 1/2 INCH ADULT GLOVE | Perfect for recreational baseball and slowpitch softball
    • BASKET WEB | Versatile web that can be used at any position on the field
    • FULL GRAIN LEATHER | Quality material ensures enhanced durability
    • ZERO SHOCK PALM PADDING | Provides increased impact protection while catching
    • ADJUSTABLE WRIST STRAP | Allows for a customizable fit for maximum comfort
    • DESIGNED FOR INFIELD/OUTFIELD PLAYERS, this Heart of the Hide R2G 12. 25 inch Pro I Web glove will give you the confidence to handle any ground ball or pop fly that comes your way
    • WORLD-RENOWNED HEART OF THE HIDE BASEBALL GLOVE LEATHER is cut from the 5% of steer hides
    • STRONG AND DURABLE due to the Pro Grade leather laces and padded thumb sleeve
    • COMFORTABLE FEEL thanks to the deer tanned cowhide palm lining and soft full-grain finger back linings
    • 12.75 in. OUTFIELD, PRO H WEB – great for use in both baseball and softball
    • FULL-GRAIN OILED SHELL LEATHER for added durability
    • ZERO SHOCK PALM PADS for extra protection
    • PADDED FINGER BACK LININGS for unmatched comfort
    • GAME READY: Sandlot gloves arrive 80 percent broken-in from the factory
    • Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and 100% money-back guarantee
    • We offer a 100% Authenticity Guarantee on every Autographed Item we sell
    • Great gift idea

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    Learn More About Rawlings Baseball & Softball Gloves


    Make the Highlight Reel With Rawlings® Baseball & Softball Gloves

    Take the field with Rawlings gloves from DICK’S Sporting Goods and know you’re sporting quality gear that will last from the earliest days of spring training to the last out of fall.

    Rawlings has been a trusted name in baseball and softball equipment for over 120 years and puts generations of know-how into every glove they make. Once a quality glove is broken in, it becomes an extension of the fielder’s body. Rawlings baseball and softball gloves are made from high-quality leather which stays soft and gives the fielder superior control. USA-tanned leather laces are strong enough to hold the glove together as you snag a hot line drive, while full-grain leather finger linings keep your hand comfortable well into extra-innings.

    Shop our top Rawlings gloves collections including:

    • Rawlings Gold Glove Elite Series
    • Youth Rawlings Baseball Gloves
    • Rawlings Outfield Gloves

    Rawlings softball gloves and baseball gloves from DICK’S Sporting Goods will help you bring your game to the next level. Often the difference between an extra-base hit and an inning-ending out is mere inches. Close that gap with a high-performance glove.

    Looking for additional top-quality equipment? Check out more Rawlings baseball gear at DICK’S Sporting Goods.

    Expert Advice

    Here are some helpful hints to choose the glove you need:

    Check out more industry leading brands in the gloves and mitts selection at DICK’S Sporting Goods.

    The Construction Of Rawlings Player Preferred Gloves

    Rawlings Player Preferred First Base Mitt Baseball/Softball Glove 12.5 ...

    The construction of Rawlings Player Preferred gloves starts with selecting the best leather. Every Rawlings Baseball and softball glove is made from full-grain leather that is handcrafted for strength, comfort, and feel. The laces used in Rawlings Player Preferred gloves are produced in the United States with rawhide that is hand-waxed and tanned to ensure durability and long-lasting shape.

    After the leather is cut into shape, it is then stitched together by workers who have years of experience in crafting baseball and softball gloves. The webbing between the thumb and fingers is a key design feature in Rawlings Player Preferred gloves, as it provides support and reinforcement where players need it most.

    Finally, the Rawlings Player Preferred baseball/softball glove series undergoes a rigorous inspection process to ensure that each glove meets our high standards for quality and performance.ze

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    The Fit Of Rawlings Player Preferred Gloves

    Each Rawlings Player Preferred glove model is designed with a specific sport, position and player type in mind. As such, they will all have different dimensions based on their intended purpose. This sizing guide is meant to help you select the best fitting glove based on your individual measurements.

    Before beginning, please note that all gloves need to be broken in before they can be used in play. Rawlings recommends that you do this by repeatedly opening and closing the glove as well as working the leather by bending it back and forth. Doing this will soften the leather and help ensure that your glove maintains its shape.

    To determine your glove size measure the distance from the base of your palm to the top of your middle finger Once you have this measurement, refer to the chart below to find the appropriate size glove. If you are between sizes or if you have a wide hand, it is generally recommended that you select the larger size glove.

    X-Small: Up to 6 inchesSmall: 6-7 inches

    Rawlings Player Preferred Baseball/softball Glove Series P130hfl

    For 03-05 Neon SRT-4 M/T Racing Aluminum Cooling Radiator Fan Shroud Mount Kit. Remote control DEA GT2, Pokemon Japanese Yanma Holo Rare Neo 2 NM Old Back Discovery. Rawlings Player Preferred Baseball/Softball Glove Series P130HFL-6/0. 2007 07 Kawasaki ZZR600 OEM RIGHT LEFT FRONT BRAKE CALIPER SET PAIR CALIPERS A1, 30 Pink Chandelier Glass Crystals Lamp Prisms Parts Hanging Drops Pendants 38mm. US 20Pcs 28cm Retro Cotton Floral Handkerchief Hankies Hanky Ladies Women Pocket. Rawlings Player Preferred Baseball/Softball Glove Series P130HFL-6/0. 3/4 Brass Hose Tap Connector Threaded Garden Water MALE Adaptor Pipe F5K7, 60pcs Korean Diary Label Stickers Plants Scrapbooking DIY Stickers Tags Decor. Per Metre 35mm Grape. Rawlings Player Preferred Baseball/Softball Glove Series P130HFL-6/0. Yamaha 700 Grizzly Rear Right CV Axle XT 2009 4X4 YFM7FG ATV Complete Side pl, Santa’s Little Helper Adult Women’s Costume Halter Christmas Fancy Dress.

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