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Signed Babe Ruth Baseball Value

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Auctioned: May 9 2020

Pawn Stars: Babe Ruth’s Autograph (Season 4) | History

Provenance : Few sporting relics are as instantly evocative of their original master as the presented signature model Hillerich & Bradsby R2, an impossibly heavy slab of ash just an eighth-inch shy of a yard in length and a few ounces shy of three pounds in weight . To hold this bat, and feel the wrists strain against the pull of gravity, is to experience an instant connection to the man who transformed the game.

Leading bat expert John Taube assesses the game use as “outstanding,” noting several prominent ball marks on the left barrel, correct for Ruth’s label-down batting stance, and cleat marks throughout. Heavy scoring on the impact surface of the barrel is a perfect Ruth trait. Green streaks acquired as the weapon was sheathed and unsheathed from the bat rack remain visible, and while remnants of black ink on the knob are no longer legible, logic would suggest this was once a notation applied in the dugout to identify the bat’s special history.

Now firmly implanted as the sport’s most famous figure, Babe Ruth effectively innovated a new and enduring trend of transforming his game used gear into coveted keepsakes for his ever-growing fan base. As educated collectors are aware, some of Ruth’s most significant surviving game used bats entered the collectibles realm as presentation pieces to accomplished young ballplayers, notably the bat used to launch the first home run at Yankee Stadium.

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  • Values of Ruth signed baseballs can literally span $1,000-$10,000 and up. When it comes to evaluating a Ruth autographed baseball, there are several factors involved. If you are looking to sell your Babe Ruth signed item, please continue reading below.

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Babe Ruth Autographed Baseballs Still Treasured By Collectors

We like our autographs big and bold in fact, we demand it, right? Unless unless its an 80-year-old baseball inked by Babe Ruth. Yes, wed rather have a well-preserved Ruth sig that doesnt show the effects of fading, but that sort of treasure can run well into six-figure prices.

And then there are examples of Ruth-signed baseballs in far lesser condition that, of course, sell for far less money. Case in point: a 1930s-era single-signed Ruth ball got away for $7,400 on eBay in March. The ball had been double-authenticated by PSA/DNA and SGC Authentic. Somewhere along the line, it had been exposed to light, causing Ruths signature to fade, and it bears spotting and scuffing marks.

Furthermore, the baseball itself isnt an official American League model it was Spalding-made Star brand. As a result, the selling price was only $7,400.

Still, the Mighty Bambino himself signed the baseball, and you can still read his signature despite the flaws. So for $7,400 why not?

Interestingly, another Ruth ball in similar condition recently sold for $7,700. This one, authenticated by JSA, also includes the signatures of Lou Gehrig and Ben Chapman. Ruths signatureon the sweet spot, naturallyis in the best condition. Gehrigs autograph was slightly more faded, and Chapmans is barely legible.

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How Much Are Babe Ruth Cards Worth

But the question is how much are Babe Ruth cards worth in todays climate?

His lasting legacy has spanned the test of time, and as the world moves towards other means of collectibles like NFTs, are Babe Ruth cards still as valuable as some of the most expensive and sought-after trading cards in the world?

Babe Ruth’s Yankees Contract

Babe Ruth Single Signed Autographed Baseball Estate Baseball ...

Price: $2.3 million Babe Ruth left the Boston Red Sox to join the New York Yankees in 1919 and began breaking baseball records in his first of 15 seasons for the team. Almost a century later, the contract Ruth signed with the Yankees, making league history, sold at a 2017 auction for $2.3 million the highest amount for any sports document.

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Babe Ruth Sporting News Boston Red Sox

This legendary card pictures the Great Bambino firing the ball as a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox.

You will need deep, DEEP pockets to obtain this bad boy.

PSA 8 graded cards will go for well over one million dollars while lesser graded cards such as a PSA 3 will still set you back 25k!

The 1916 Babe Ruth Sporting News card is considered the rookie card of the greatest player who ever lived and it is one of his most difficult cards overall to obtain.

Auctioned: February 22 2015

Provenance :“I wish him all the luck in the world,” Yankees teammate Frank “Home Run” Baker told the press midway through the 1921 season. “He has everybody else, including myself, hopelessly outclassed.”

Speaking about Babe Ruth, it’s likely that the ageing star of Connie Mack’s “$100,000 Infield” felt a bit sheepish about his own moniker as he shared a dugout with Ruth, having never put more than a dozen into the seats during any season of his own career. It had taken the Babe just twenty-five games to match Baker’s best during that spectacular 1921 season, one commonly considered the finest of Ruth’s storied career. By season’s end, the Babe would belt at least one 500-plus foot blast in each of the eight American League ballparks.

And so it was not just the frequency but also the impossible trajectory of Ruth’s home runs that etched his name ever more indelibly into living American folklore in 1921, and slammed the door forever on the Dead Ball Era. The decadent Roaring Twenties had found its perfect athletic representative, larger than life in every way.

Leading bat expert John Taube assesses the game use as “excellent,” noting several prominent ball marks on the left barrel, correct for Ruth’s label-down batting stance, and cleat marks throughout. Defined lathe marks appear on knob and barrel end. Center brand and barrel stamping are deeply burned and flawless. The bat retains its original finish, which has aged beautifully and today exudes a rich mahogany tone.

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George Washington’s Annotated Constitution

Price: $9.8 million In his lifetime, the first U.S. president kept a bound volume of the Acts of Congress, including the Constitution and Bill of Rights, with his signature of ownership and handwritten annotations in the margins. Dating back to 1789, the historic document set auction records in 2012, when it sold for the exorbitant price of $9.8 million.

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Auctioned: October 20 2016

What’s It Worth: Babe Ruth Signed Baseball

Provenance : Babe Ruth once remarked, “I copied Jackson’s style because I thought he was the greatest hitter I had ever seen, the greatest natural hitter I ever saw. He’s the guy who made me a hitter.”

As Ruth’s words illustrate, “Shoeless” Joe Jackson was regarded by his peers as one of the greatest pure hitters in the game. During a relatively brief 13-year career, Jackson amassed over 1,700 hits, a .517 slugging percentage, and hit for a lifetime average of .356, which ranks as the third highest in Major League history.

Infamously, Joe Jackson was banished from Major League Baseball by Commissioner Kennesaw Mountain Landis along with seven other White Sox players after being implicated in fixing the 1919 World Series. Although the repercussions remain the same, the general consensus along baseball historians is that Jackson in fact did try his best during the 1919 World Series .

Whether or not Joe Jackson merits enshrinement into the National Baseball Hall of Fame is certainly open to debate. The fact that he was one of, if not the greatest pure hitters in the history of the game, is not.

The bat features Jacksons dark barrel and natural handle, characteristic of his “Black Betsy” finish. For the record, Jackson’s legendary “Black Betsy” bat sold back in 2011 for $537,750 at Heritage Auctions, and is another that would join the Million Dollar Club Club if it were to appear at auction today. Authenticated and graded by PSA/DNA GU 7. Length: 35.5 in . Weight: 39.2 oz .

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Joe Dimaggio And Marilyn Monroe Baseball

Price: $191,200 New York Yankee Joe DiMaggio and actress Marilyn Monroe were one of the 20th century’s most talked-about celebrity couples. A baseball autographed by both sold for $191,200 at a 2006 auction. Oddly enough, another ball signed by Monroe using her given name, Norma Jean, sold for only $50,000.

What’s The Value Of A Signed Babe Ruth Baseball

  • Baseball is king when it comes to valuable autographed sports memorabilia and for many collectors, the holy grail of autographed sports memorabilia is a baseball signed by Babe Ruth, says Rich Altman, owner and operator of Hollywood Collectibles in Dania Beach, Florida. For example, one Bambino-signed ball sold for $388,375 in 2012.

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A Babe Ruth signed baseball in general is worth about $6,000.-$10,000. and i could see the basketball selling for more.

One of the most prized signatures in the hobby a Babe Ruth single signed Baseball in general is worth about $6,000.-$10,000. Value may vary based on condition, and the type of authenticity that…

When all is said and done, your typical Babe Ruth single-signed baseball typically brings between $5,000 and $10,000. Pricing factors include but aren’t limited to the clarity of the signature, the placement on the ball, and the condition of the baseball itself.

Babe Ruth Signed 1946-47 American League Baseball w/Case PSA AH011340. $13,999.00. $9.99 shipping. or Best Offer.

There are plenty of Babe Ruth baseball cards still in circulation these days but only a small percentage were ever autographed. Sometimes having a card that was signed by the player himself will bring down the value of the card itself but with Ruth it’s hard to say. And it would of course depend on the condition of both the card and the signature.

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Babe Ruth And Lou Gehrig Signed Baseball Belonged To Yankees Teammate Purchased By Just Collect

A baseball signed by bothBabe Ruth and Lou Gehrig arrived at our Just Collect office today. The story and provenance behind this historic piece is truly one-of-a-kind the New York Yankees legends signed the ball for their teammate, Walter Smallwood, and Just Collect proudly purchased the ball directly from the family! We introduce you to The Walter Smallwood Ruth and Gehrig ball.


Walter Smallwood was a pitcher for the New York Yankees. Like most baseball players, Smallwood was a “fringe” player a player that isn’t a household name like Babe Ruth or Lou Gehrig, but is always on the fringe of making a big league team. Think about all of the baseball players from your favorite team today and how many of those players rotate from the minor leagues to the big league club or bounce from team to team every season. Do you know the name your team’s sixth-inning bullpen pitcher today? We couldn’t name that pitcher either. In Major League Baseball, there are 30 teams and each team has a 40-player roster. Each team then breaks down that 40-player roster to an “active” roster of just 26 players. Only 10 players can start each game for a team. Today you know the names of the stars like Mike Trout, Shohei Ohtani, and Aaron Judge, but the majority of non-starters in the MLB are fringe players, just like Walter Smallwood.

If you’re interested in selling your 1921 Zeenut Walter Smallwood card, we’d be interested in purchasing that card from you!

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In a season wrapup, he said that he “measured the distance three times, and found the length of the ‘carry’ was 551 feet.” And then, finally, 29 years later, The New York Times confirmed most of Webb’s account with a much clearer picture of the day. There it is: 552 feet and 8 inches.

An MLB star nicknamed ‘The Japanese Babe Ruth’ has the sports world buzzing after a 101 MPH pitch and a 451-foot home run in the same game. Shohei Ohtani threw a 101 MPH fastball and hit a 451-foot home run against the White Sox on Sunday. Ohtani came to MLB in 2018 with the nickname “The Japanese Babe Ruth.”

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Why Autographed Babe Ruth Balls Arent So Valuable

The Sultan of Swat! The King of Crash! The Colossus of Clout! The Great Bambino! Babe Ruth! Check out this incredible autographed Babe Ruth baseball our authenticators recently encountered.


To put it delicately, Ruth was known for having many vices during his career. For as much of a troublemaker as he could be off the field, he was never one to turn down an autograph request. There are many signed Ruth baseballs in circulation. According to Brigandis Coins and Collectibles:

He was more than accommodating, sometimes signing his name hundreds of times a day. Ruth loved being social with fans, but especially children. He generously signed and gifted baseballs, bats, photos, scrap paper, and anything that could be signed.

Ruth wasnt just the home-run king of his time, he also was the king of signing autographs. No player left a mark on the game of baseball as big as the Babe, whether that mark is referring to his bat or his pen.

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F Scott Fitzgerald Book

Price: $191,000 Autographs by Lost Generation literary icon F. Scott Fitzgerald are fairly uncommon in general, but the signature that earned $191,000 at auction in 2015 had pedigree beyond its rarity. It was in a first edition of Fitzgerald’s famous novel “The Great Gatsby” made out to screenwriter Harold Goldman, whom Fitzgerald dubbed “the original ‘Gatsby.'”

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V89 William Patterson #25

Estimated Value: A PSA 6 copy sold for $14,430 in 2012

William Paterson Limited was one of Canadas oldest confectionary companies established in Brantford, Ontario in the 1860s. In 1922, they would produce a 50-card set that featured multiple stars like Ruth, Ty Cobb and Walter Johnson. The card has since become one of Ruths rarest and you very rarely see these come up for sale or auction. His was card #25 in the set and shows a nice portrait shot of the Babe with a rather serious look on his face.

Top Best Answers To The Question What Is The Value Of A Baseball Signed By Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth Signed 1933 Card Smashes Auction Record, From ‘Uncle Jimmy’ Collection | TMZ Sports
  • A single signed baseball by Babe Ruth, depending on the quality of the ball and the signature, could be valued as high as $15k but a multi signed Babe Ruth baseball is generally only valued around $5,000. As you can see, a multi signed baseball even with the signature…

Those who are looking for an answer to the question «What is the value of a baseball signed by babe ruth?» often ask the following questions:

E220 National Caramel #89

Estimated PSA 5 Value: $14,000

Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the National Caramel company released a card featuring a photographic image of Ruth as a New York Yankee. His is the key to the entire 120 card set that also features legends Ty Cobb, Rogers Hornsby and Walter Johnson. There arent too many of them in circulation and youll usually find them in rough shape. But thats to be expected for cards from that period that were meant to be collected and handled by children of the day.

How Much Does A Babe Ruth Baseball Signature Sell For

A well-preserved Babe Ruth autograph on an American League baseball may fetch tens of thousands of dollars. A signed photograph by Ruth also is extremely rare and worth hundreds of dollars.

Ruth’s name became as famous as the game he played. In fact, his popularity helped bring about the creation of the Major Leagues. Before Ruth, many people thought baseball was not popular enough to be a real sport. But now it is one of the most popular sports in the United States, if not the world.

He made history by hitting home runs in his first three at bats in the major leagues, a record that still stands today. In fact, nobody else has even come close since then. It is estimated that he wrote just about every part of the baseball including the bat and ball, so there should be no doubt as to what kind of signature he gave.

It is believed that Ruth’s wife sold their house with everything in it, including all of their belongings, to pay for his surgery after he broke his leg during the 1925 season. The money they received allowed them to live comfortably the rest of their lives back in New York City where Ruth taught school to support himself while he recovered from his injuries.

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Auctioned: December 14 2019

Provenance :“I swing big, with everything I’ve got. I hit big or I miss big. I like to live as big as I can.” – Babe Ruth

George Herman “Babe” Ruth became the first player to reach the 500-homer plateau on August 11, 1929, establishing the career benchmark by which all power hitters are measured to this day. The bat Ruth used for that historic clout was gifted by him in the mid-1940s to his friend and former mayor of Suffern, New York, Jim Rice. Rice’s family had quietly stored it for nearly 75 years until its unveiling here by SCP Auctions on the 90th anniversary of the The Babe’s legendary milestone.

Babe Ruth played baseball like he lived life with loud, gaudy, entertaining gusto. There was nothing subtle about the happy-go-lucky Sultan of Swat, who paraded through his career, forged an enduring relationship with adoring fans and then withstood the test of time as the greatest power hitter in baseball history. The prototype of the modern superstar, Ruth’s unparalleled feats on the field were only equaled in magnitude by his gargantuan appetite for life away from the diamond. After being sold by the Red Sox to the Yankees in 1919, Ruth became the first player to hit 30, 40, 50 and 60 home runs in a single season as well as the first to top the 300, 400, 500, 600 and 700 marks. As Ruth biographer Robert Creamer asserted, “He practically invented the home run.”

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