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Stores That Sell Baseball Cards

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Step : Identify The Baseball Cards In Your Collection

The FASTEST Way To Sell SPORTS CARDS – @Burbank Sportscards

Before you can even begin to pin a value to your collection, identifying what you are working with is a crucial first step. Trying to sell cards without knowing any details will either get you nowhere or warrant a low offer, as buyers take a risk when bidding on the unknown. The more you know about your cards the better.

What If I Am Just Not Ready To Let Go

If you are not to the point where you can emotionally part with your boyhood memories then my advice is not to sell. Especially if you do not have any ideas for how to use the money, as you would probably be better off letting your cards continue to accrue value over time rather than putting your returns in a savings account with almost no interest. Many collectors keep the cards until they die and let their heirs worry about what to do with the collection. We certainly understand a mans attachment to a boyhood sports card collection.

That being said, refusing to sell your collection simply because youre banking on their value increasing is not necessarily a safe bet. After all, that is what everyone said about internet stock a few years ago and we all know how that played out.

For more information, check out this page dedicated entirely to this topic:When NOT to Sell Your Baseball Card Collection

Where And How Should I Sell My Old Baseball Cards

After deciding you want to sell your collection, the process is not over. You must decide where and how, as this is ultimately the most important part. Trying to sell them on your own requires hours and hours of work, and does not guarantee you sell them at all. The most painless way to sell your collection is through Deans Cards. We make the process quick and offer much more than other vendors. However, not all cards fall within our specific interest. In that case, there are alternatives to selling to Deans Cards but require more effort with the risk of being ripped off. Dealers and vendors often give lowball offers on collections when they are unsure of the current market value. This is never the case when selling to Deans Cards, as our purchasing software generates a fair price based on what each item sells for. This eliminates the need for negotiation and haggling which was commonplace in pre-internet card transactions.

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What About The Kids

Its not just about kids who rarely found anything to buy, but the average collector who just wants to throw a pack or two of baseball or basketball cards into their cart, pretend like theyre going to wait until they get home to open the packs and then rip them open in the car. They might not individually spend a ton of money, but there are a ton of those types out there, and their voices are important.

We recognize there are collectors who collect just for the sheer fun of collecting, and they have no agenda to accumulate really expensive cards, Kazmierczak said. Everybody wants their collection to be worth something, but not everybody has the goal of trying to pull a $50,000 card out of a pack. People are supposed to be buying our product to be entertained. It shouldnt be a hassle.

It absolutely should not be a hassle. Its annoying that it often has been this past year.

So lets say the price increase does work, and most days you walk into a Target on a shopping trip, youre greeted with actual product on the shelves. Its one thing to throw a fat pack into the cart for $5 or $10, or a blaster for $20. But $30 is a lot of money for trading cards, especially for something that falls into the impulse buy category.

Back in 2013, Panini revived the Triple Play brand, a line of Donruss cards that were around for a couple of years starting in 1992. That lasted just one year.

Is Your Collection To Big To Fit In Your Car

Sell Baseball Cards Massachusetts. History of baseball in the United ...

Not a problem. We are willing to travel to your home, office, storage container, warehouse. We will rent a truck and come to you!

We have the man power and know how to remove your collection from your home without you lifting a finger.

Below are a few recent major collections. We buy collections larger and smaller of course. We are looking for collections with a minimum value of $500. If you feel your collection is worth that, please call us. We will be glad to make an offer.

Vintage Baseball Cards – 1950s and 1960s

Shoebox Collections, Attic/Basement Finds

We purchased the card straight from a collector.


Hello All, 2020 Has been a wild year for everyone. Through the hard times we have been able to secure hundreds of acquisitions ranging in value from hundreds of dollars to well into the six figures! The market has been RED HOT this year!

Here are the items in high demand. We are actively looking to purchase everything you see listed on this list.


Large Collection in NJ. Two huge storage units full of autographs. This is a just a piece of this monster collection. 17 pallets of material. Everything you can imagine! Modern Wax, Vintage Wax, Vintage Cards, 1980s Sets, Autographed Bats, Autographed Balls, Figurines, Autographed Frames and more.

Purchase Price – Six Figures.


Middle of Connecticut – Feburary 2018

5 Pallets of Sports Cards

$26,000 purchase price.

Before you call – Read this!

We are NOT looking the following collections

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Buying Baseball Cards Online At Cvs Walgreens And Rite Aid

Luckily, all three of these stores have online shopping. Baseball cards arent always in stock online, either, but when they are available online both CVS and Walgreens offer free ship-to-store pickup.

CVS and Walgreens both also have the option to view whether an item is in stock in-store. Simply search by your zip code and you can view if any stores local to you have baseball cards for sale currently.

Rite Aid is lacking when it comes to free ship-to-store pickup and viewing in-store stock online, but hopefully, they will soon update their website to match their competitors, making shopping for cards easier and more convenient.

Where To Buy Baseball Cards

Baseball cards can be purchased in stores such as specific trading card stores and large retailers. Online stores and sites provide a variety of ways to obtain baseball cards auction sites, retailers, manufacturers, classifieds, and social media, all provide a way of purchasing baseball cards.

Baseball card shops do still exist in a few places across the country but due to the rise of the internet and technology physical storefronts are becoming more obsolete. Other physical locations where you can still find baseball cards include retail stores, thrift stores, flea markets and garage sales.

There are many online stores and websites where you can find baseball cards to buy and trade with other collectors. Auction sites such as eBay, classified ad sites like Craigslist, mobile apps, manufacturer websites and social media sites are all good platforms for buying, selling, and trading baseball cards.

This article explores all the possible locations, both physical and online, for you to find, purchase and trade baseball cards. The following areas will be detailed in the article:

Physical Locations

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Best Places To Sell Baseball Cards For Cash

by Lauren Bennett – Verified & Updated May 10, 2021


Want to know where to sell baseball cards? If so, then this is the post for you.

Perhaps youve been collecting baseball cards for a while and want to sell your collection?

Or maybe you inherited some cards from a family member and want to know where you can sell them?

Or perhaps you were just clearing out the garage and came across some cards that you forgot you had?

Whatever, the case, if you have some baseball cards that you no longer want, then you should definitely consider selling them.

Thankfully, just like we showed you in our where to sell basketball cards post, you have lots of options when it comes to selling cards and sports memorabilia.

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In todays post, Ill cover places where you can sell your baseball cards online and near you.

Local Hobby And Sports Card Shops

How He Started a $62,000/Month Business Selling Sports Cards

One of the easiest ways to profit from your collection can be by visiting your local card shop. You may prefer this option if you have a relationship with the store owner and trust their operation.

Staying local means you can also make money fast as you dont lose time with the shipping process or waiting for the vendor to process your collection.

It may take some online stores two weeks or longer to appraise your collection due to high volumes. By selling to your local store, you might get a same-day offer and can easily take the unwanted cards home.

While local sports card shops are convenient, your buyback offer can be lower than other places. Unfortunately, these stores are not as prevalent since more collectors shop online.


  • Several cities dont have a store
  • Potentially low buying prices

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We Buy Baseball Cards & Sports Trading Cards

Kruk Cards is your one stop shop to sell or buy trading cards and collectibles.

We buy everything from one autographed card to entire warehouses full of inventory. Kruk Cards has been in the business for 30+ years and will continue to bring value to our customers with fair prices and superior customer service. Our goal is to make you, the customer, happy.

When you bring your items to us, you will meet face-to-face with someone who will help you make the right choice on what to sell. An honest and fair assessment will be made on what you offer. After all is said and done, we are confident you will be satisfied with our quote.

Kruk Cards also specializes in purchasing large lots and accumulations. When we say we buy everything thats what we mean, everything! If the purchase is large enough, well even come to you! Warehouses, large accumulations, nothing is too big for us here at Kruk Cards!

Selling Baseball, Basketball, Football or Hockey Cards?

Weve been buying and selling for over 30 years. We buy everything and take all the bad with the good.

Do you have jerseys, photos, or anything else collectible?

Our goal is to buy everything and anything collectible. If there is value in what you have well be happy to look at it.

Have a large collection or want to liquidate your inventory?

We may be located in Michigan but not collection is too large for us. Weve helped people clear out homes and warehouses.

Selling To The Local Sports Card Shop

People used to ask why they shouldnt sell their cards to the local sports card store. Today, most of these shops are gone, due to efficiency. cost-effectiveness and ease of buying baseball cards online. This article written by Dean around 2003 is still interesting: Should I Sell My Baseball Cards to the Neighborhood Card Store?

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Looking To Sell Baseball Cards Heres How To Do It

How can I sell my baseball cards? Its a question that we are asked by folks calling us from all over the country. What they really mean or ask as a follow-up question is, Where can I sell my baseball cards? We’re pretty good at helping answer these folks and will provide with you with a few important steps and answers to those same questions on this page.

Before getting started, you should make sure that you know what cards you have. There are lots of great tips below on this page to help you identify what you have. Most vintage cards have some value, even if they’re not in the best of condition. Modern cards, especially those printed from the late 1980s through the early 1990s, suffer from mass production and hoarding and do not have much value.

There is, however, a big market for older baseball cards and other sports cards . The vintage and prewar market is at least partially driven by the “Holy Grail” of cards, the 1909 T206 Honus Wagner. What your cards are worth will depend on several factors including the demand and the condition of the cards.

How Do I Start Selling Baseball Cards

Sell Baseball Cards Massachusetts. History of baseball in the United ...

Learning how you can sell cards online and the best way to sell sports cards is not often an overnight task. Immersing yourself in the collector community of baseball cards is the first step to truly understanding the value and demand of your own card collection.

  • Organize your collection by date, type, name, and even the condition of the individual cards you own.
  • Research the baseball card community to determine the value of your card.
  • Choose a platform that is geared towards your type of baseball card.
  • Request an appraisal from your preferred selling platform.
  • Create and monitor your listing to begin selling your baseball cards.
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    What Websites Sell Baseball Cards

    Once you have made the decision to begin selling your baseball cards and you want to do so online, it is important to familiarize yourself with the resources and communities that are best for selling any type of baseball card or collectible.


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    Step : Consider Player Popularity And Rarity

    The player depicted on a card can make or break value. Especially as Topps increased their set sizes throughout the 60s and 70s, players did not have to be good or popular to get on a card. Most cards in each set depict entirely ordinary players, even some of who went on to barely play in the major leagues. This is what makes finding a great player so much fun, whether in a wax pack in 1957 or in a shoebox today. If Topps only printed cards of the best players then kids would not have experienced the excitement of ripping open packs of cards, hoping to find a gem.

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    How Can I Tell If My Baseball Cards Are Worth Anything

    One of the best ways to learn everything there is to know about baseball cards and sports trading card collections is to immerse yourself in the collector community. Learn everything there is to know about the community of collecting and selling cards by joining local meetup groups or even online groups, forums, and active communities.

    You can share information regarding the cards you have with other baseball card collectors, pawn shop owners, and even individuals who run various baseball card-collecting websites and organizations.

    Spend time researching the cards you have in your possession individually to learn more about their value, demand, and whether or not it is best to list and sell them individually or as part of a package deal.

    Ask avid baseball fans and collectors for their opinions and advice, and seek out resources from others who are known in the collectors business online and with local connections. The more familiar you become with the realm of baseball card collecting and sports memorabilia, the better luck you will have when it comes time to sell and promote the cards you intend to sell.

    We Buy It Allwe Want To Purchase Your Sports Card And Autograph Collection Today

    How To Make Money Selling Cheap Sports Cards on Ebay!

    We buy everything from a small scrap book with a few autographs, to a warehouse packed with 10 million sports cards. Rock Solid Sports Cards has been in the business for 20 years offering fair and competitive prices to collectors in the Tri-State area on baseball, football, basketball and hockey cards. We dont just offer you a price when we review your sports card collection. We supply you with the current trends, pricing and information in the collectibles market to help you the consumer make an informed business decision.We are professional Sports Memorabilia dealers. We dont pick collections. No matter how big, or how much it costs, We buy it all, sports cards and autographs.

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    What Baseball Cards Are Worth Selling

    Baseball cards are definitely worth selling, but not every baseball card can fetch the right price. If you have any cards designed after 1980, or any cards of recent players, there is a high chance that you wont get more than a dollar or two for those cards.

    However, if you have any card designed before 1970, it will be considered a vintage card, which can surely fetch a great price. Besides, there are several such limited-edition cards and collectibles available that can even fetch a million dollars.

    Any card that includes Babe Ruth, TY Cobb, or Mickey Mantle can fetch a much higher price than other players. But, not just baseball cards there are now ways available to sell Pokémon cards for money.

    Should I Sell My Baseball Card Collection

    Now that youve valued your collection, you can accurately assess if youre willing to part with your cards based on the estimated return. As Dean always says, the bottom line is that this is your collection and you do not have to sell it, especially if you are still emotionally attached. If you have not looked at your cards in years then it may make sense to sell them and use the money for something useful. Many collectors never sell their collections until there is a special event which encourages them to do so, such as a wedding, sending a kid to college, or paying off bills. However, it is often the family members who inherited the cards which end up selling them.

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