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Tom Candiotti Baseball Card Value

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Why Does A Seller Use A Reserve Price

The 25 Most Valuable Baseball Cards from the 1980s

In a Reserve Price auction, the seller starts the auction at a value below the lowest price at which s/he is willing to sell to capture the bidder interest. This way, the bidders are not forced to bid at fair market value from the start of the auction. Also, many sellers prefer Reserve Price auctions when they are not sure of the market value of an item, and want to find an audience by enticing multiple bidders’ interest.

Forget The $29 Million Mickey Mantle Card There Are Three Worth $10 Million

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Ken Kendrick’s gem mint Mantle.

Sports Collectors Daily

Whether or not youre a baseball card collector, youre probably aware of the recent sale of a mint 1952 Mickey Mantle Topps baseball card for $2.88 million in Heritages auction. The PSA 9, on a scale of one to ten, set a new record for a post-war card and was ten times more than the last publicly sold mint 52 Topps Mantle, which changed hands for $282,588 in 2006.

Heritages celebrity seller is ex-lineman and Super Bowl champion Evan Mathis.

But the bigger, untold story is that are three gem mint PSA 10 52 Topps Mantles which are twice as rare–three versus six–and that they may well be worth $10 million each, according to six heavy hitters whom I consult regularly. .

1) Leading off is hobby pioneer and Colorado attorney Marshall Fogel. He got in on the ground floor of Al Mr. Mint Rosens find in 1986 in the Boston area. It consisted of a case of pristine 1952 Topps cards that had sat in a truck drivers attic for decades.

“This was one of the greatest finds in hobby history,” Fogel told PSA. “I owned two PSA 9s of Mantle from that find, and I sold those later to help pay for my PSA 10 Mantle.

The original asking price for a sharp Mantle was $3,500.

In 1996, Fogel paid $121,000 for his gem mint specimen. A frequent guest on TV, he enjoys the limelight too much to leave it.

Ydan Hajducky And Tom Vanhaaren

But a new set of standards arrived in 1991 with the introduction of card grading. Using distilled water was OK. Removing stale gum by rubbing a nylon stocking on it was allowed.

Trimming, however, is strictly forbidden. An “altered” card may not receive a numerical grade.

Following a multiyear government investigation, including grand jury subpoenas issued to some of the most well-known card dealers in the nation, Mastro pleaded guilty in 2013 to a variety of federal charges, including mail fraud and “shill bidding,” an illegal practice that uses associates to bid on auction items to increase prices.

During the investigation, Mastro finally admitted to what had only been whispered about for years: Yes, he had trimmed the Wagner with a paper cutter long before it was sold to Gretzky.

“The long-running and systematic nature of the scheme undermines confidence in the auction house and sports memorabilia industries, and calls into question the true value of merchandise,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Steven J. Dollear said at the time.

Card cleaning continues to dog the hobby, with The Washington Post in 2019 quoting sources who claimed the FBI was investigating a new batch of problematic cards, after amateur sleuths on a forum hosted by Blowout Cards began comparing before and after pictures of suspect cards.

He told the newspaper that he had heard the rumors before he bought the card, “But I wanted to have the card, and I still want the card.”

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Greg Swindell Baseball Card Value

Greg swindell baseball card value -1989 fleer #413 greg swindell. Grades This estimate is based on the card being psa or bgs graded. Shop comc’s extensive selection of greg swindell baseball cards. Historic sales data are completed sales with a buyer and a seller agreeing on a price. We do not factor unsold items into our prices. We do not factor unsold items into our prices. Find rookies, autographs, and more on Buy from many sellers and get your cards all in one shipment! Up to 5% cash back baseball price guide

Greg swindell prices are updated daily for each source listed above. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 1988 greg swindell donruss baseball card #227 at the best online prices at ebay! Rookie cards, autographs and more. We do not factor unsold items into our prices. The prices shown are the lowest prices available for greg swindell the last time we updated.

1992 Upper Deck 336 Greg Swindell Trading Card Database

Apba game card $1.00: *a $5.00 minimum charge applies to single card online price guide credit card purchases. Historic sales data are completed sales with a buyer and a seller agreeing on a price.

Topps Baseball Checklist Overview

Tom Candiotti autographed Baseball Card (Los Angeles Dodgers) 1992 ...

This marks the third consecutive year of a 792-card base set. Its a marker that would continue to define the flagship set for almost another decade.

It might not be 1983 levels as far as Rookie Cards go, but the set is still solid in this regard. Don Mattingly leads the way with Darryl Strawberry not too far behind. Both cards rank among the decades most recognizable releases. Andy Van Slyke leads the second tier of RCs. Tony Phillips, Jeff Young, Tom Candiotti and Jose Oquendo are names that many will remember and even be fans of but never made a lasting impact in the collecting world from a value perspective.

In fact, once you get past Mattingly and Strawberry, the most valuable 1984 Topps Baseball cards belong to 80s legends like Nolan Ryan and Cal Ripken Jr.

Outside of basic player cards, there is a handful of subsets. The top of the checklist has a half-dozen Highlights, covering notable moments and achievements from the 1983 season.

All-Stars reside in the middle of the checklist.

Each franchise has a Team Leaders card that has their top hitter and pitcher on the front and a team checklist on the back.

The multi-player theme continues with League Leaders. Topps also has a group of All-Time Active Leaders cards that take a look at numbers from a larger perspective.

Backs use a mix of dark blue and a couple shades of red. Theyre not particularly fancy but by dividing things up into boxes, backs are clear.

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What Is A Reserve Price Auction

In a Reserve Price Auction, the seller has set a Reserve Price, which is a price below which the listing will not sell. The Reserve Price is higher than the Opening Value. A reserve price allows the seller to start the auction with an opening value below the reserve price to initiate bidder interest and determine the fair market value of an item. If the seller as set a Reserve Price you will see either a “Reserve Price NOT Met” or “Reserve Price Met” message on the listing page depending on whether the current bid is below, or at or above, the reserve.

Reserve Price NOT Met- The current amount of the highest bid is below the reserve price and the item will not sell at auction close.

Reserve Price Met – The current amount of the highest bid is equal to, or greater than, the reserve price and the item will be sold.

If the highest bid at the auction close does not meet the seller’s Reserve Price, the seller is not required to sell the item unless the seller chooses to do so. In this case, the seller will have a period of 48 hours after the auction close in which to contact the highest bidder whose offer was below the reserve price. Bidders who are contacted under these circumstances, however, are under no obligation to purchase the item.

What Is Auto Bid Extend

The Auto Bid Extend feature ensures that bidders will always have a chance to challenge bids placed in the final seconds of an auction. When indicated on a listing page, if a bid is placed during the last 5 minutes of an auction, the auction will automatically extend for an additional 5 minutes from the time of the latest bid. The auction will close once all bidding activity has stopped for a period of 5 minutes.

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Mickey Mantle Changes Everything

There is no player more adored by postwar collectors than Mickey Mantle.

“Mickey Mantle was kind of one of the first to make good money as a secondary career in the memorabilia world,” Jamieson said. “He was known to sign a lot of autographs, really crank them out.”

There are more than 30 different types of Mantle cards to collect. Long before the current card boom, during the Great Recession in 2008, a 1951 Bowman Mantle rookie card sold for $600,000, at the time the second-highest sum ever paid for a sports card. That card was graded a “10” by Professional Sports Authenticator .

When cards go up for auction, most have been graded by at least one of three companies: PSA, Beckett Grading Services or Sportscard Guaranty Corporation . All three rely on a 1-10 grading system, with 10 most often representing gem mint condition. Some companies offer grades for autographs added to the card, as well as “subgrading,” which gives additional numerical grades for edges, corners, centering and surface.

But when it comes to Mantle, the Mick’s rookie card isn’t the most coveted card.

Instead, postwar collectors yearn for the 1952 Topps, with its turquoise background and comic-book-yellow bat resting gently on Mantle’s shoulder as he looks off into the distance.

At the NSCC in July, there were two 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle cards sitting next to each other in a case. At first glance, they seem identical.

Temporarily, of course.

What Is An Open Auction

The 20 Most Valuable Baseball Cards from 1970-1974

In an Open Auction, buyers bid until the auction ends. The item is then sold to the highest bidder at the end of the auction period. There is no reserve price in an Open auction. The seller must sell the item to the highest bidder. Bidding can start as low as the Opening Value of the auction.

Once the auction closes, email notification providing contact information is sent to the buyer and seller automatically so that arrangements for payment and shipment of the item can be determined.

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The T206 Strikes Back

When Fred McKie was 9 years old, baseball cards weren’t just cardboard and ink. They were social currency.

“I moved into a new neighborhood and all the kids were doing it,” said McKie, now retired in New Jersey. “I’d ride my bike to the movie theater, ‘Zorro,’ and trade cards in the back with other kids from the neighborhood.”

When he was in college, he and a young man a few years younger bonded over collecting. “I wasn’t really a big collector of prewar cards, but he was into the older stuff, and it became a competition,” McKie said.

In 1972, his buddy bought a T206 Wagner for $1,500. “So if he had one, I had to have one,” McKie said.

That friend? Bill Mastro.

McKie doesn’t want to talk about Mastro and his conviction, but he will tell you all about the Wagner he bought for $1,100 at auction in 1973 to compete with his friend: “It was just part of my collection, in my apartment in an album.”

Three years later, a well-known collector named Barry Halper offered McKie $2,500 — a fortune to McKie, who wanted to open a shoe store. “It was really good money,” he said. “It allowed me to start a business, which warped into more businesses, which allowed me to retire at 55.”

McKie has watched his Wagner from afar each time it has been sold and resold. Unlike his buddy’s card, his T206 Wagner has never been accused of card cleaning. It was graded a PSA 3 and, in 2012, fetched $1.2 million. “Every time it goes for more and more,” McKie sighed.

Set Description From Beckett Database

This set consists of 792 standard-size cards. Cards were primarily issued in 15-card wax packs, 42-card rack packs and factory sets. Subsets in the set include Record Breakers , Turn Back the Clock , All-Star selections and First Draft Picks, Future Stars and Team Leaders . The manager cards contain a team checklist on back. The key Rookie Cards in this set are Jim Abbott, Sandy Alomar Jr., Brady Anderson, Steve Avery, Andy Benes, Dante Bichette, Craig Biggio, Randy Johnson, Ramon Martinez, Gary Sheffield, John Smoltz, and Robin Ventura.

This set consists of 792 standard-size cards. Cards were primarily issued in 15-card wax packs, 42-card rack packs and factory sets. Subsets in the set include Record Breakers , Turn Back the Clock , All-Star selections and First Draft Picks, Future Stars and Team Leaders ” rel=”nofollow”> Read More »

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    Sal Siinos List Of Top Ex Player/baseball Broadcasters Ranked By Card Value And Announcer Popularity

    Tom Candiotti autographed baseball card (Los Angeles Dodgers) 1992 ...

    26. 1977 Topps Buck Martinez Toronto Blue Jays

    27. 1981 Topps Joe Simpson Atlanta Braves

    28. 1976 Topps Duane Kuiper San Francisco Giants

    29. 1987 Fleer Paul ONeill New York Yankees

    30. 1991 Fleer Ultra Eric Karros Fox

    31. 1988 Fleer Al Leiter New York Yankees

    32. 1981 Topps Fernando Valenzuela Spanish TV Los Angeles Dodgers

    33. 1985 Topps Mark Gubicza Los Angeles Angels

    34. 1992 Topps Preston Wilson Fox

    35. 1989 Donruss Bob Walk Pittsburgh Pirates

    36. 1971 Topps All Star Game Highlight Ray Fosse Oakland Athletics

    37. 1996 Fleer Excel AJ Pierzynski Fox

    38. 1977 Hostess Roy Smalley Minnesota Twins

    39. 1965 Topps Steve Blass Pittsburgh Pirates

    40. 1965 Topps Tony Oliva Spanish Radio Minnesota Twins

    41. 1977 Topps Rick Manning Cleveland Indians

    42. 1987 Topps Jim Deshaies Record Breaker Chicago Cubs

    43. 1968 Topps Jim Price Detroit Tigers

    44. 1995 Topps Stadium Club Super Teams Rex Hudler Kansas City Royals

    45. 1989 Topps Jeff Brantley Cincinnati Reds

    46. 2010 Topps Dallas Braden Perfect Game Oakland Athletics

    47. 1981 Topps Al Hrabosky St. Louis Cardinals

    48. 1973 Topps Tom Grieve Texas Rangers

    49. 1985 Donruss Bob Brenly Arizona Diamondbacks

    50. 1984 Donruss Bill Schroeder Milwaukee Brewers

    51. 1972 Topps Dave Campbell

    52. 1987 Donruss Mark Grant San Diego Padres

    53. 1995 Topps Topps Todd Hollandsworth Miami Marlins

    54. 1963 Topps Manny Mota Spanish Los Angeles Dodgers

    58. 1994 Topps John Flaherty New York Yankees

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    How Are Winning Bids Determined In Multi

    In some auctions, a number of identical items are offered for sale at the same time. When the listing closes, the highest Bidders win the available inventory. Bids are sorted in order with priority given to price, the quantity bid for, and then finally to time a bid was placed. The time of a bid is determined by based on its records. If bids are tied for price, the Buyer who has bid in the greater quantity wins. If there are two bids at the same price for the same quantity, the early bid wins.

    First Solo Cards Of 20 Baseball Stars Who Never Made The All

    Posted by Adam Hughes | Baseball Cards, Players | 0 |

    Every season during the All-Star break, fans lament the players who they think are deserving of a roster spot for the Midsummer Classic but who were left off the snubs.

    While its bad enough to miss out on the All-Star Game during a solid season, coming up empty over an entire career especially a good career must be hard to swallow.

    With that in mind, here are the top 10 batters and top 10 pitchers, as determined by WAR, to never make an All-Star team.

    These guys are all Wax Pack Gods in their own rights, and were illustrating them below with their first solo baseball card.

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    What Is A Dutch Auction

    A Dutch Auction occurs automatically on Major League Baseball Auctions when a seller has multiple, identical items offered for sale. The seller specifies the minimum price and the number of items for sale. Bidders can then bid at or above the minimum price for the quantity of items they wish to purchase. At the close of the auction, all winning bidders purchase the items at the same price, which is the lowest successful Bid.

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