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Tom Glavine Baseball Card Value

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Tom Glavine Rookie Cards

1988 Topps Tom Glavine Rookie Card Quick Price Guide

Glavine had dozens of cool collectible baseball cards over the years. But, of course, his rookie cards are most desirable for collectors.

Even though it took him a few years to find his footing in the big leagues when he joined in the late 1980s, his first cards from his rookie year make great additions to any card collection.

Tom Glavine Rookie Cards Cast Their Uneasy Smiles On The Hobby

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Tom Glavine rookie cards have never been major hobby drivers, but they managed a slow-burn climb to must-have status.

Sort of like the man himself, who won a couple of Cy Young awards and racked up five 20-win seasons on his way to 305 victories in a 22-year career.


Glavine never really awed us with best-in-the-game status like rotation mate Greg Maddux or teammate Chipper Jones did for such a long time.

And he never blew the cover off the ball the way John Smoltz did.

But Glavine was the most consistent face of the Braves Hall of Fame rotation trio from the late 1980s until he departed for the Mets before the 2003 season.

All of that success with the Braves, and that plaque in Cooperstown, will keep Glavines spot in the hobby warm for a good long time, even if it never scorches.

Here is a rundown of the complete complement of Tom Glavine rookie cards.

Topps #250 Nolan Ryan

Estimated PSA 10 Value: $75

Check prices on:

Like Ripken, Nolan Ryan was one of the game’s biggest stars during his era and his cards will always be among those in the highest demand in any set.

1988 would be Ryan’s last year with the Astros so this was one of the last time’s we’d see him in that awesome uniform on a baseball card.

The legendary fireballer is pictured ready to mow down yet another batter with his blazing speed.

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Bowman Tom Glavine Rc #267

You may have noticed that this Bowman card for Tom Glavine doesnt come from 1988, but rather from 1989.

This means that some people dont consider this card to be a true Tom Glavine rookie card, although technically, it is one since its the first card released for this player by a card company, in this case, Bowman.

And as you might know, Bowman cards are some of the most popular card brands for baseball cards, so this one is a good card to own even though it comes from a year later.

Now, the image on this card is very similar to some other images weve just seen, with the frontal shot of Glavine and the stands in the background.

But considering that this is a Bowman card and its so popular, many people will buy this card regardless of that.

Tom Glavine Atlanta Braves 1988 Topps # 779 Rookie Card

Tom Glavine autographed baseball card (New York Mets) 2005 Topps Bowman #12

The Rookie Card – a classic baseball collectible! Add the authentic, orginal rookie card of Tom Glavine to your collection including the deluxe one-touch magnetic Rookie Card acrylic holder by Ultra Pro This holder is ultra clear, has frosted edges, diamond corner spaces, UV protected and protects your card with a magnetic closure. Card pictured is an example of the card you will recieve. All rookie cards are in near mint to mint condition.

  • Card in near mint to mint condition
  • Ultra Pro magnetic seal holder is UV protected

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Topps Baseball Cards In Review

So there you have it, the ten most valuable 1988 Topps cards.

As you can see, it will take them being professionally graded in gem mint condition in their Tiffany form to be worth much.

It’s a great set overall and features rookie cards of a couple of great Hall of Famers and many other base cards of stars of the day.

Within the set were also several different subsets, including:

Upper Deck Steve Avery Tom Glavine Greg Maddux And John Smoltz #472

Tom Glavine played with John Smoltz and Greg Maddux for more than a decade, yet there were not a lot of cards with the three Hall of Fame pitchers shown altogether. While there have been a handful over the years, this Upper Deck team card from the 1993 set is one of the more popular options with collectors. True to Upper Deck’s style, this card features a great picture of the three 1990s Atlanta Braves Hall of Fame pitchers, along with Steve Avery, and a full-bleed design. This card is inexpensive and plentiful, but still a great addition to any collection.

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Tcma International League All

Although many of Glavine’s earliest cards were typical of the junk wax era, overproduced and low in value, there are some options available to collectors outside of major card manufacturers. One such card is the 1987 TCMA International League All-Star card, which shows Glavine as a member of the Braves Triple-A club in Richmond. This card is not too difficult to find and is still relatively easy on the wallet. In many cases, the card can be found as part of the complete set which includes several future Major Leaguers like Jay Buhner, Todd Stottlemyre, and Al Leiter. There is also a base version for Glavine.

Tom Glavine Braves Hof Signed 1988 Fleer Rookie Card #539

1988 Fleer Baseball Box Break! Tom Glavine Rookie Card Chase!
  • Approximate PSA 10 Value $125.00
  • Approximate PSA 9 Value $40.00

Similar to the Donruss and Topps. Back in the 80s these cards were printed in such huge numbers that it eventually oversaturated the market. Which, in turn, diluted their overall rarity and value.

However over time, they have become somewhat more scarce since they have stopped being printed. Which is especially the case with these signed cards. Signatures help to up the value by a good amount and make them a must have for serious collectors.

It fetches quite a decent price nowadays when in mint condition, and with the Braves logo right in the top corner and the Fleer logo shining in the bottom right.

It has all the details needed to make it a vintage style card that will only rise in value the lower they become in stock.

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Topps Traded #42t Mark Grace Rookie Card

Estimated PSA 10 Value: $50

Check prices on:

Growing up in Indiana, I remember Mark Grace being one of the most popular players in the area since there were a lot of Cubs fans where I lived.

He wasn’t overpowering at the plate but it seemed like you could always depend on him for about 85 runs and 85 RBI every year.

His rookie cards were extremely popular back then and have still held up well over time.

Because he didn’t achieve Hall of Fame status like Glavine or Alomar, his 1988 Topps rookie card isn’t nearly as valuable but it still can go for around $75 in the Tiffany version.

Tom Glavine Rookie Cards: Buyers Guide & Investment Advice

Glavine was a hell of a player and helped the Braves to their first World Series win in almost 40 years.

Best Tom Glavine Rookie Cards:1988 Score Glossy Tom Glavine RC #638

Ownership Disclosure: None

It was a great era, but Glavine was the one who eventually signed with the Mets, ending the Big Threes time together in Atlanta. Hes still seen as a legend in the city, and the franchise retired their number 47 in his honor.

Of course, his RCs were all released during the height of the junk wax era, so each of the sets listed above was overproduced to a ridiculous extent. Thats the main reason why theyre still so cheap today, even when looking at gem mint versions of the very best cards.

Theres also a distinct lack of player patches or hard-signed editions, which is understandable, but still disappointing compared to what were used to today.

Special versions are a saving grace, although wed look to later cards if youre looking for more interesting options, or if youre purchasing a Glavine card solely as an investment piece for the future.

For example, his 2001 Topps Heritage autograph is rare, with just 200 copies of the base, along with a red version that is hand-numbered to just 52. There are lots of options out there, and many are likely to be a much better investment if youre planning to hold in the long term.

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Tom Glavine Baseball Cards

1986 Jennings Southern League All Stars 23
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Donruss Tom Glavine Rc #644

Glavine, Tom

Back in 1984, Tom Glavine was a second-round pick for the Braves but he only made his debut in 1987, which means his rookie cards come from the following season, 1988, when he started his first full season in baseball.

At the start, Glavine had a bit of a mixed patch as a pitcher. He wasnt seen as a first option for the Braves, but more of as an option for the future. But despite the rough start, he started to come more into the life of professional baseball in the early 1990s.

Among Fleer and Topps cards, the Donruss card is a great alternative. It presents a decent option if youre looking for something different, although it still has that frontal image that most cards back then seemed to have.

One thing that most of these 1988 rookie cards for Tom Glavine have in common is that the supply is higher than the demand .

This means that the cards will not be very expensive, even the most popular options like your Donruss cards or Topps cards.

The good thing about that is that some of these cards can be picked up for relatively cheap, although you might have to spend a bit more if you want the higher graded cards or limited versions like the Tiffany cards.

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Topps #600 Mike Schmidt

Estimated PSA 10 Value: $45

Check prices on:

This card may look a bit boring because of the image but Mike Schmidt was anything but that during his career.

The three-time MVP terrorized opposing pitchers with his ability to hit for power as he led the league in homers eight times over his career.

Schmidt is shown during warming up for batting practice wearing a jacket taking a big cut.

Because he’s an all-time great, his card can still go for decent money if its the Tiffany version and graded in PSA 10 condition.

Topps Tom Glavine #779

The 1988 Topps set included only one Hall of Fame rookie card, Tom Glavine. The set was completely over-produced, meaning the rookie can easily be found for very little, but this card is still worth owning. Many other card releases in 1988 also included Glavine rookie cards in their checklists, however, none of them offer as clean of design as his first Topps card. The white border and large portrait photograph of the Hall of Famer is still a very popular card with collectors.

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Topps Heritage Autograph Tom Glavine #tha

The Topps Heritage set is one of the great card products of the 2000s. Tom Glavine was one of the 26 current players included in the debut of the Heritage product. The blue or black autographs do not have serial numbers, but the cards have a total print run of 200 copies. There is also a red version of this card that is hand numbered to just 52 copies. While this is not Glavine’s first, nor his last autograph, it’s hard to find a nicer on-card autograph.

Bowman Tom Glavine Rookie #267

1988 Donruss Wax Box Break! Tom Glavine RC Hunt! #throwbackthursday

1989 Bowman Tom Glavine Rookie #267

This is contentious for some collectors who dont consider it a rookie card. Youll notice that its dated 1989, unlike the rest of the bunch, from 1988.

This is because its the first Tom Glavine Bowman card produced, and they were a year late in production.

Technically, 1989 is not Glavines rookie year, but since its the first Glavine card made by Bowman, well include it in the rookie card list.

The Bowman designs were a lot classier and understated, making them a popular choice.

The classic red and black pencil-thin border and white frame design is a timeless look that couldve come from any decade.

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Topps #650 Cal Ripken Jr

Estimated PSA 10 Value: $50

Check prices on:

Cal Ripken Jr. is one of those guys whose cards are among the keys to pretty much any set from the 1980’s.

His legendary career with the Baltimore Orioles propelled him to Hall of Fame status and he remains one of the most popular players of his era.

His 1988 Topps card shows a great image of him standing ready at the plate ready to do what made him standout so much: hit for power as a shortstop.

The Tiffany version of this card still holds up well in terms of value.

Topps #70 Roger Clemens

Estimated PSA 10 Value: $40

Check prices on:

Like Bonds, Roger Clemens’ career will forever carry with it a huge amount of controversy but his popularity among collectors is still there.

Clemens was one of the game’s most dominant power pitchers so it’s fitting that Topps displayed him in that form.

The seven-time Cy Young winner brought nothing but fear to opposing hitters as no one really wanted to face him.

I always thought it was interesting that he ranks third on the all-time strikeout list despite never having thrown over 300 strikeouts in a single season.

He did get close during the 1988 season, however, after he’d go on to strike out 291 batters that year.

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Tom Glavine Rookie Card Memories

The Topps Tom Glavine rookie card is not the most valuable card of all time. But for baseball fans, and Atlanta Braves fans especially, Tom Glavine will be remembered as one of the coolest, calmest, and craftiest pitchers in the game.

During his 21 years in the major leagues, he was a 10-time all-star and became etched in the hearts of Atlanta Braves fans when he won them their first World Series title in 1995.

The Hall-of-Famer also racked up 164 victories during the 1990s and earned the second-highest number of wins as a pitcher in the National League.

The Greatest Tom Glavine Rookie Cards

Lot Detail

But they have experienced a gradual and slow climb to where many editions have now reached must-have status with some collectors.

Tom Glavine will always be remembered by avid baseball fans as a phenomenal player in his hay-day. He was part of the Atlanta Braves Big 3 that dominated the National League East for almost an entire decade.

Glavine may not have had the intense striking of the ball like John Smoltz. Or the celebrated reputation of his rotation mate Greg Maddux.

But he was known for being the most consistent of the fierce trio he was a part of during his time with the Braves until his departure for the Mets in the 2003 season.

Glavine is definitely a player you wont want to miss. Especially with a legendary reputation which seems to only become more fondly remembered as time goes by.

Here are some of the hottest Tom Glavine rookie cards on the market right now that you will want to keep an eye out for.

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Topps Stickers Tom Glavine

Glavine slid in here to the 1988 Topps Stickers set on one of those split-screen deals that he shares with Dave Schmidt .

It has a bright yellow border, too, so you barely even notice the Braves youngster at all. Especially when you factor in the full-color card on the back.

Im not 100% certain if this was a mix-and-match affair, or if the same dude was behind-the-scenes support for Glavine and Schmidt every time, but Ive seen at least one example with Ron Guidry on the back.

Pretty cool that one great lefthander Lousiana Lightning himself could be the flipside of another Glavine.

There is also an O-Pee-Chee version of the Glavine/Schmidt combo, with a nod to being printed in Canada.

Topps #300 Don Mattingly

Estimated PSA 9 Value: $175

You won’t find this oddball card in the standard 1988 Topps or Topps Traded checklists, but it is indeed a Topps card.

Though its origin remains a bit of a mystery throughout the hobby, somehow this card made it into circulation, and today there are 62 PSA-graded examples in existence.

Given its mysterious nature, I thought there would be far fewer “World of Baseball” variations in PSA holders than the standard base card.

However, where the card does become extremely rare is when it comes to PSA 10 examples, as there is just one example of this card that PSA has graded as a Gem Mint 10.

You’ll notice the rest of the cards on this list reflect pricing in PSA 10 condition, while this Mattingly card outpaces them all even in PSA 9 grade, given how tough it is.

It’s anyone’s guess how high a price the PSA 10 example would fetch in today’s market.

The card’s design is bland as Mattingly has no Yankees logos on his hat or shirt.

And instead of the Yankees team name, “NEW YORK A.L.” is emblazoned across the front of his cap, while the regular cards in this set featured a player’s team name behind him.

It’s a strange card.

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