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Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove 12.5

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Wilson A2000 Fastpitch Glove Series

Review: Wilson A2000 12.5″ Baseball Glove (WTA20RB19KP92)

Wilson A2000 is a glove series that Wilson makes for baseball, slowpitch, and fastpitch softball. They have a very long and interesting history.

The A2000 catchers mitt is made of high-quality Pro Stock leather and SuperSkin that are very durable and super light. The feel that the Pro Stock leather provides is unmatched on the market. The A2000 also features a comfortable Velcro wrist closure for getting a great, tight fit.

Another big feature that the A2000 catcher mitt has is the Flat Finger Binding, a feature that grants players who choose to play more with the finger outside of the glove more comfort.

The mitt needs some time to break in but after that, it performs amazingly. The A2000 is in our opinion the second-best catchers mitt on the market, falling only to the Rawlings Liberty Advanced. If the break-in time was better, maybe the ranking would be different.

If you are interested in the Wilson A2000 fastpitch glove series check out our in-depth review.


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Best Brands For Fastpitch Catchers Mitt

Rawlings is a brand that has been around for over 130 years. They have been making quality baseball and softball equipment ever since and are a highly respectable brand.

Wilson has been making equipment for all kinds of sport including fastpitch softball. They are a fantastic sports equipment brand and make some of the most high-quality gloves for baseball and softball.

Mizuno is a very old sports brand, founded in 1906 in Japan. They produce equipment for various sports including softball and have an exclusive collaboration with an Olympic gold medalist and one of the best softball players of all time Jennie Finch. Their softball cleats and bats have fantastic quality.

Louisville Slugger is a very popular softball and baseball brand. They produce one of the most popular fastpitch bats on the market, the Louisville Slugger LXT. Since 2015, Louisville Slugger is a part of the Wilson brand.


After many hours of testing, our opinion is that the Rawlings Liberty Advanced is the best fastpitch softball catchers mitt. It is durable, quality made and requires little break-in time.

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Best A2000 Infield Model: Wilson A2000 1786

The Wilson A2000 1786, just like the Wilson A2K 1786, is an 11.5 glove with an I-web and shallow pocket.

Why Its the Best A2000 Model

There are a plethora of other A2000 infield gloves, like the Wilson A2000 PP05, Wilson A2000 DP15, and Wilson A2000 G4 Super Skin, but the 1786 is more perfect for the infield than the other models. Features like an H-web , Tighter Hand Stalls , and Single post webs are nice, but the I-web and adult fit of the 1786 make it the best option for an A2000 infield glove.

Learn More About Wilson Baseball & Softball Gloves

Top Picks

Top Wilson® Gloves for 2021

Get in the game with top-selling and new Wilson gloves that are designed to deliver superior performance, rugged durability and an unmatched feel.

Check out the latest 2021 Wilson gloves for baseball and softball:

If you find a lower price on Wilson gloves somewhere else, we’ll match it with our Best Price Guarantee.


Make the Catch with Wilson Baseball & Softball Gloves

Browse this incredible assortment of Wilson baseball gloves from DICK’S Sporting Goods for a high-quality mitt that will help you snag that grounder, chase down that long pop fly or save a teammate’s errant throw from sailing out of play.

A trusted manufacturer for decades, Wilson puts generations of know-how into every product they make. Wilson softball gloves are perfect for both fastpitch and slowpitch leagues. Choose from a variety of sizes and styles for various positions, including signature designs from some of today’s top players.

Shop these popular Wilson glove collections:

From the first T-ball practice to a professional career, Wilson baseball gloves are engineered to feel comfortable and responsive. They are easy to break in and provide a wide pocket for snaring a speeding line drive. Get your glove into game-day condition with Glove Services at a DICK’S Sporting Goods near you.

Expert Advice

Pick the Right Wilson Mitt for Your Position

Here are the basic types of Wilson gloves:

Featured Categories

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Best A2k Of Model: Wilson A2k 1799

The Wilson A2K 1799 is a 12.75 model with an H-web. With its deep pocket and thumb-to-pinky close, the 1799 pattern is generally considered one of the best for the outgrass.

Why Its the Best A2K Model

There is only one other A2K outfield option: the Wilson A2K KP92, a 12.5 glove with a modified trapeze web. While some may find the smaller size and firmer pocket appealing, we feel like the 1799s extra length and deeper pocket make it easier to snag fly balls in the outfield.

For one of the nicest-looking and high quality gloves with one of the best patterns for the outfield, check out the Wilson A2K 1799.

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Best A2k Pitchers Model: Wilson A2k B212

The Wilson A2K B212 is a 12 glove with a grip-concealing two-piece web. This pattern is perfect for the mound with its deep pocket and thumb-to-pinky close, but has one problem this B212 is almost impossible to flare. A lot of pitchers like to flare their glove because the wider pocket gives more room to change grips. Some just like the look of it.

Why Its the Best A2K Model

Compared to the only other A2K pitchers model, the Wilson A2K D33, the Wilson A2K B212 is a little bigger and features a pattern that is more natural and has been developed more over time.

Because of the Wilson A2K B212s wide pattern that is perfect for pitchers, gorgeous colorway, and the top quality materials, it is the ultimate Wilson A2K pitcher glove.

What Is The Best Batting Glove

Review: Wilson A2000 1786 11.5″ Baseball Glove (WBW100084115)

Although, choosing a good baseball batting glove is not that difficult as choosing a top notch glove for fielding.

But still, it is a good idea to have some expert advice and ask for reviews from people who have already used several of them.

Because some cheaper gloves may have loose stitching and are very less durable and even some expensive one’s might have some serious issues like durability, sweating and padding.

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Rawlings Shut Out Youth Catchers Mitt

Rawlings Shut Out Softball Cathers Mitt is a perfect choice for youth fastpitch players between the age of 8 and 14. It comes in a 32.5 size and has a fantastic level of durability and comfort. It is designed specifically for a females hand so you can expect a very good fit.

The design of the glove is very sleek full-grain black leather with stitches. The glove is 80% factory broken in and you just need very little time to break it in so the glove can perform perfectly. It is a great value for the money.


Baseball Gloves & Mitts

Wilson has been a leader in baseball since the early 20th century, when we unveiled our innovative line of baseball mitts. These baseball gloves quickly became the industry standard. When baseball legend Ted Williams joined Wilsons Advisory Staff after World War II, the companys reputation as a maker of high-quality sports equipment soared. When the groundbreaking Wilson A2000 was introduced in 1957, we created the benchmark for future baseball glove design.

Our comprehensive collection of baseball gloves and mitts include multiple options for every position ranging from our Pro Stock A2K and A2000 models to a full lineup of youth gloves. We also offer limited edition designs, including our Instagram exclusive collection, Asos Lab models and player-inspired looks from your favorite MLB® players. Find the right baseball glove for you:

The materials used in Wilson Pro Stock baseball gloves are unparalleled. Our Pro Stock and Pro Stock Select leather are beloved by the games best players. In response to player demand, Wilson Baseball Glove Master Craftsman Shigeaki Aso developed SuperSkin, a moisture-resistant material twice as strong as leather at just half the weight. Take a look behind the scenes and discover exactly how Wilson gloves are made.

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What Is The Best Infield Glove For Adults

Again for the best infield baseball glove we could not recommend only one of these top most gloves loved by many.

It would not be just if I prefer one over the other among these two top baseball gloves, it is a matter of preference. For me both are the best but my preference would be for Rawlings Pro Preferred.

The A2000 Ball Glove Collection

The iconic Wilson A2000 baseball glove changed the trajectory of the game forever. Since its introduction in 1957, the A2000 has been the industry standard. Using Pro Stock Leather, SuperSkin and a constantly improving design, these gloves are made to last. Players enjoy the unmatched durability and perfect break-in of A2000 gloves no matter where they play on the diamond.

Our A2000 lineup has something for every player including classic all-leather looks, new-age SnakeSkin and SuperSkin designs and everything in-between. Taking the field with a Wilson A2000 means the same thing today as it has for the last 70-plus years: you value quality above all else, the perfect combination of durability erformance. Our team never stops listening to the players which means the A2000 can continue to evolve with the game.

Wilson baseball gloves are hand-built by our expert craftsmen to unyielding quality standards. We deliver products that function as an extension of the athlete, helping them take their game to the next level. Browse our full baseball glove lineup or to design your own A2000 we offer free returns on all non-custom gloves.

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Best A2000 Of Model: Wilson A2000 1799

The Wilson A2000 1799 is another 12.75 model with an H-web, and, just like the A2K 1799, has a deep pocket and thumb-to-pinky close.

Why Its the Best A2000 Model

Unlike the A2K outfield sector, there are a good amount of A2000 outfield gloves. For example, you have options like the Wilson A2000 OT6, Wilson A2000 1799 Super Skin, and the Wilson A2000 KP92. However, we still find the Wilson A2000 1799 to be the best overall outfield model of the bunch.

The Outfield Glove Collection

Roam the outfield and take away base hits with Wilson outfield baseball gloves. Utilizing decades of feedback from big league players, we use high quality materials in the world in every outfield glove we make so you know youre getting nothing but the best.

Wilson baseball gloves are the most trusted on the field, including the coveted A2K line. The A2K outfield gloves are an innovative and premium line using revolutionary technology and the finest materials. Using Pro Stock Select leather is the first step in designing this high-end outfield gloves. To improve break-in time, Wilson uses Rolled Dual Welting to give these outfield baseball gloves a long-lasting shape. Our revolutionary Double Palm Construction allows for maximum pocket stability and every A2K is shaped three times more than other Pro Stock gloves.

The A2000 outfield glove line features several options for players ready to steal the show. From travel ball to pro players, the A2000 series is a perfect combination of durability and style. Players love Wilson outfield gloves because of the durable, consistent Pro Stock Leather and several models feature SuperSkin – giving you a lightweight, durable glove that will stand up over the grind of a long season.

Design your own eye-catching outfielder glove by visiting Wilson’s Custom Glove Shop.

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Review: Wilson A2000 JL34 12.5″ Baseball Glove (WBW100238125)
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Best A2000 Catchers Model: Wilson A2000 Pudge

The Wilson A2000 PUDGE takes its namesake from Ivan Rodriguez, one of the greatest defensive catchers of all time and recent Hall of Fame inductee. Just like his own game glove, the PUDGE is a 32.5 mitt. While this may seem like a very small glove, the size is popular and has the added benefit of a shallower pocket for quicker transfers.

Why Its the Best A2000 Model

Sure, there are other excellent options in the A2000 catchers segment, like the A2000 M1 Super Skin, A2000 CM33, and A2000 1790 Super Skin, but the PUDGEs pattern is more developed and is overall better for the position.

Overall, the Wilson A2000 PUDGEs features, a nice orange tan and black colorway, high quality materials, and well-developed pattern make it a top option for behind the dish, regardless of brand and/or price.

Nokona Alpha Select S

Nokona Alpha Select youth glove is very premium quality glove which is made in USA. If your kids make the all star league every year or has a passion to go make in it, then this one is the best youth baseball glove for your kids.

If you are looking for a T-ball glove or a glove for practicing at home then it’s not worth spending so much money on it. Just try some cheaper options.

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How To Choose A Right Catchers Mitt

There are many important factors to consider when choosing the best softball catchers mitt: quality of leather, webbing size, break-in time and durability. You should carefully look at all the details, pros and cons of a mitt before purchasing because you want a catchers mitt that will fit your hand comfortably, be durable to last you many years and also help you perform at the very highest level. As we said in the introduction, the position of a catcher is the most physically and mentally demanding in this sport so a good glove is vital for success. Keep in mind that the new mitt is a bit stiffer a will require a little bit more time to break in then fielding gloves.

Lets now see what are the most important factors when choosing a catchers mitt.


There are two main types of webbing used on fastpitch softball catchers mitt: closed and open webbing. Open webbing is used more because on the larger mitt it gives more visibility then the closed one and has better mobility but has less protection then the gloves with closed webbing. Closed webbing also gives the catcher more protection, increases chances to hide calls and have a deeper pocket.





  • Using oil or conditioner they help in softening the stiff leather
  • Play catch play as much as you can and the leather will soften over time and the glove will be a better fit to your hand
  • Loosen up the seams and build a pocket inside the catchers mitt
  • SIZE

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