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Wool Baseball Caps For Men

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Belfry Donegal Wool Tweed Baseball Cap

FILSON Seattle 100% Wool Baseball Cap

With all due respect to other manufacturers youll find on this list, Belfry is almost impossible to match in this particular category at the end of the day, they craft absolutely nothing aside from classy hats suitable for Savile Row. Incredibly stylish, this Italian-made cap is equipped with a pair of earflaps but looks warm enough to the point where they may not even be necessary. Crafted from nothing but the finest Donegal wool tweed, this hat is about as classy as a baseball cap can get.

Baseball Caps For Grown Men

The baseball cap is experiencing a bit of a revival as of late. But that doesnt mean you should run out and buy a pre-frayed Cocks cap like the ones worn by college students who may or may not attend the University of South Carolina. Its time for something a little more grown-up, a little more stylish. Here are some brands to get you started.

Ebbets Field Flannels

Ebbets Field Flannels may be known for their flannelsas their name would suggestbut their headgear is equally impressive. They research historic teamsboth stateside and internationallyand recreate their caps of old. All are crafted from genuine wool and visor length and logo material are dictated by history.

Goorin Bros.

Since theyve been around since 1895, you probably know Goorin Bros. for their dapper hats of old, the kind gentlemen used to wear. But if thats all you know them for, you should check out their more casual options. Their collection of baseball caps feature graphics inspired by vintage ballgames and players. All are adjustable fit and crafted with a bit more care than your standard ball cap.


Many of the caps from Only come slapped with a logo of the brand, which is fine if youre a big fan. For us, its some of the other hats in their collection that we really dig, like the American Wool Snapback which features an embroidered American flag on the side, or the Woolrich Polo hat which is crafted with Woolrich wool and a chino twill brim. All made in the USA.


Knottery New York


Patagonia Recycled Wool Ear Flap Cap

Patagonia is as vital a staple brand that this country has to offer, finding itself in the pantheon of Levis, The North Face, and just about anything else you connote with Americana. While their knit sweaters and sturdy rain jackets make up a large sum of their inventory, theyre adept at crafting anything of great quality, and the same goes for this cozy baseball cap. Crafted from entirely recycled materials and equipped with a pair of fleece earflaps, this water-repellent hat keeps you warm while keeping things green.

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Wool Hats To Wear This Fall

Most baseball caps are best saved for summer, but woolen ones can be worn well into the next season.

I won’t even try to convince you baseball caps work in winter. It’s far too cold out for them by then. Beanies are your best bet. But, in spring, summer, and even fall, baseball caps are perfect, ideal, and acceptable, in that order. You can get away with normal cotton or nylon ones the kind’s bikers and baseball players wear in the warmer months, but woolen ones are a necessary upgrade in autumn.

But don’t cling too hard to them, even if you’re someone who claims to be immune to the cold. Take advantage of the window we’re entering: when it’s warm enough that your ears won’t freeze but cold enough to warrant some kind of hat. These fit the bill , and most make a colorful statement to boot.

Why Purchase Vintage Men’s Baseball Hats

A.P.C. Herringbone Wool Baseball Cap in Gray for Men

Baseball hats are a classic casual wardrobe staple. Whether you’re looking for an easy way to keep cool outdoors or a simple accessory to switch up your street style, you can find unique, versatile options at Hats Unlimited. Moreover, they are incredibly low-maintenance and easy to store and transport not to mention an affordable, popular style hat.

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Loro Piana Cashmere Storm System Baseball Cap

Loro Piana is known for making garments from the finest textiles imaginable, making this hat a seamless addition to their catalog. While this much money for a hat may seem a bit extreme, it is crafted from the luxury brands patented Storm System-tech cashmere, allowing you to wear this enviously luxurious cap no matter what the weather forecast calls for. With a robust assortment of high-end pieces, the Italian brand often leaves no room for error, and this is just another example of Loro Pianas commitment to excellence.

Baseball & Watch Caps

Summer and winter baseball and watch caps for off-duty dressing.

Our collection of mens baseball caps was designed with a classic “British” aesthetic in mind and incorporates both modern technical fabrics like UPF40 and heritage fabrics. Our best-selling watch caps, which got their name from sailors who wore them to keep warm whilst keeping watch overnight, and it has over time made its way into popular culture. We offer watch caps in cool denim cotton or soft suede.

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Benefits Of Choosing Men’s Wool Hats

The style of choosing a wool hat also comes with the perks of buying a wool hat. You can choose to go with any color neutrals, pastels, or the standard dark-colored ones. The colors give you a way to further explore the compatibility of your hat with your clothing preferences.

Always remember that on a formal occasion, choosing the dark-hued ones is the best option to go for. The lighter the color of the hat gets, the more it needs to be paired with casual styles.

Not only are these hats stylish, but they also help the environment. Sure enough, the wool is extracted from animals skins, like sheep, cashmere, and goats’ mohair. The material is produced from a natural source and it doesnt result in easy breaking. Instead, the wool texture lasts longer than other textiles like cotton or synthetic fibers.

Additionally, the comfort found in choosing a wool hat is heavenly. When you touch the crown of the hat, you can feel the soft texture that is intricately woven and polished to give each user the most comfortable experience while sporting one.

If youre concerned about the sweat forming on your head and wondering if it can cause an odor, its not. Do note that taking care of your hat also has a role here, so if you choose not to occasionally clean your wool hat, it could be one of the contributing reasons why it exists in the first place.

So, if you are looking for a winter hat that goes with your jacket or coat, wool hats are there to accentuate your ensemble.

Missoni Jacquard Baseball Cap

Wool vs Polyester Baseball Caps – a Classic Matchup

With a wide color palette and impeccable composition, the storied Italian fashion house has long known how to deliver garments boasting an array of hues in an honorable manner, and their hat composed of a sliver over 50% wool doesnt fall short of their bright standard. Plus, thanks to its wide array of shades playing in the foreground of a garment-friendly nude color, it might just be one of the easiest caps to throw on with any outfit you find yourself wearing, especially if its a nice pair of classic blue jeans. Simply put, this is an awesome hat that is colorful enough to look good during next years holiday seasons and subtle enough to still be worn throughout 2022.

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About Men’s Baseball Hats

Perhaps the most popular casual hat style to this day, it’s hard to go wrong with an all-American baseball cap. From men’s retro snapback baseball hat styles to trucker hat styles, baseball hats now encompass a wide range of styles built for both utility and fashion.

Baseball and trucker hats protect the eyes from direct sunlight and offer a comfortable, cooling crown construction with strategically placed air holes. Most men’s vintage baseball caps feature an adjustable back strap and stay in place even during strenuous activity hence their origin on the baseball field.

At Hats Unlimited, we believe there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. From an array of styles to customizable colors and logos, there are many ways you can make your hat your own. Browse our selection of men’s baseball and trucker hats above to get inspired.

When Can We Wear A Wool Baseball Hat

Even though wool is mostly meant for winter, it can also be worn in summer too. Wool can absorb moisture and release it as water vapor. This tendency helps you to keep yourself dry and sweat-free throughout the summer. Wool baseball hats will keep you comfortable according to the regulation of your body temperature.

Additionally, they have antibacterial properties that prevent bacteria growth and prevent your hats from developing odor on summer days. They also prevent sun exposure and reduce the risk of developing wrinkles and sunburns.

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Carhartt Wip Highland Checked Baseball Cap

Carhartts streetwear sanction in Carhartt WIP is often held in high regard for the quality of their versatile, far more stylish garments when compared to their blue-collar progenitor. And items like this fashion-forward checked cap show why, while also managing to display just how much of a fallacy the brands title work in progress is, considering this black-and-white piece of headwear crosses the finish line in flying colors metaphorically, we mean.

How To Wash Wool Baseball Caps


As you might already know, wool needs special care to retain its look for a long time. The best method to wash a wool baseball cap is handwashing it with non-chlorine bleach and non-enzyme-based detergents. Read the care label before you start washing your hat. If your wool baseball hat allows a machine wash, heres the ultimate guide on how to wash your wool baseball cap through machine wash and also handwash.

What Are Men’s Wool Hats

Men’s wool hats are any kind of hat that is primarily made out of wool. Originally, this kind of felt was chosen as a cheaper alternative to much more expensive materials involved in the hat-making process. However, the versatility of wool in recent years has shown that it is the best material for a good winter hat.

The weather and season surely have a say in the type of hat that one should go for. Unlike the hats that are made out of straw and are only suitable for the dry season, men’s wool hats can withstand both heat and cold temperatures. Moreover, straw hats get damaged when they are faced with water. Thats why many hat makers prefer to make a hat out of wool because of its ability to manage the water particles absorbed by your hat and dry off naturally in the air without much upkeep and worry that it will be ruined in time.

Difference Between Winter Baseball Hat And Beanie

A baseball hat and a winter beanie are completely different from each other.

A winter baseball hat is a type of hat that has a close-fitting crown designed with a stiff bill projecting in the front. Some winter baseball hats are also designed with ear flaps that are detachable and foldable. The ear flaps are made up of furry material and sometimes come with tie straps to tie them together under the chin. They can also be snapped securely using snap buttons on top of it.

A beanie is a knit hat with a cuff and without cuff that fits closely to the head. The cuffed beanies cover the ears and can be folded up or down according to your needs. They are made up of a variety of materials like cotton, knit, viscose and fleece.

Stag Provisions La Angels Wool Hat

If theres one thing that has become abundantly clear over the past few decades, it is that you dont need to know a single thing about baseball, or any other sport for that matter, to rock some team merch. Here, STAG Provisions is offering the opportunity to do so in a much more stylish manner with this wool cap that pays homage to the old Los Angeles Angels ball club that played in the Pacific Coast Minor League during the first half of the 20th century.

Ted Baker Raymend Puppytooth Baseball Cap

Crochet WINTER BASEBALL CAP VISOR HAT ~ for Men or Women!! #crochetbaseballcap

Ted Baker is no stranger to offering some stylish pieces across the board, and their headwear portfolio is just as versatile as the rest of their catalog. This puppytooth-patterned five-panel from the renowned British brand is built for the winter, crafted from a blend of polyester and wool with a touch of acrylic and polyamide, all the while serving as a surefire conversation starter that will bring out the professor in you. While houndstooth often garners all the attention, its younger sibling is very overlooked, and garments like these go to show why puppies are often preferable in every situation.

Why Are The Benefits Of A Wool Baseball Cap

  • First things first! Wool is the best insulating fabric ever found to keep ourselves snug as a bug in the winter, and these wool baseball hats are great to trap body heat and keep you cozy.
  • Wool baseball hats have air pockets that allow good breathability, absorb and release moisture, and avoid sticky moisture when you go indoors from cold outdoors!
  • Some baseball hats are designed with earflaps that can be foldable and detachable according to your needs.
  • Thanks to the antimicrobial properties of wool which makes these baseball hats to be odor resistant.
  • Naturally, wool fibers are more structured and are less likely to wrinkle. This makes the caps not develop creases or wrinkles and makes this an everyday wear without hesitation.
  • Lets not wait anymore and dive into the ultimate collection of wool baseball hats.

    Buy Men’s Wool Hats At Dapperfam

    DapperFam curates an extensive list of high-quality men’s wool hats. Our collection is dedicated to giving you access to quality hats from trusted brands like Dobbs, Bruno Capelo, and more. You can get a new wool hat in the unique style you want! Get your wool fedora, ivy cap, and even the new and trendy bucket hats that reflect your personal style this winter.

    Its never too late to add some winter-ready spice to your wardrobe. Why not start with a good men’s wool hat? Start browsing through the collections above, and make sure to check them out in your shopping cart today!

    Icebreaker X Goldwin Brushed Merino Wool Cap

    Icebreakers collection of sustainable clothing has oft delivered on their cognizant mindset with noteworthy garments, and that same mentality is carried on to their joint efforts. In collaboration with Goldwin, the Japanese outdoor clothiers that are known for adhering to anyone and everyones budget, Icebreaker has manufactured this 100% merino wool-crafted subtlety that is sure to keep you looking as stylish as whoever else you find yourself ski lodging with this winter. Plus, with an adjustable buckle fastening, it doesnt lose its alfresco flair.

    How Much Does A Mens Wool Baseball Caps Cost

    New Wigens Men

    Wool baseball caps cost between 10 USD to 40 USD. The prices of the baseball hats range from the brand, quality, size, grade of the material, construction, and additional features. The wide range of affordability helps you to find the right hat according to your budget. What makes the wool baseball hat worth investing in is the thermal insulating properties provided by wool when worn and the bill which protects your eyes from UV rays and other elements.

    Hats Scarves & Gloves For Men

    From a perfect array of baseball caps to mens scarves that complete any look, Ralph Laurens collection of mens hats, scarves, and gloves is full of timeless styles for any season. The right wool scarf acts as the perfect complement to a tailored coat for your office commute. Plus, you can complement our mens scarves with a pair of expertly made mens leather gloves for a look thats both stylish and ready for the cold weather.

    Wool Baseball Hat Men

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