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Youth Size 5 Baseball Cleats

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Baseball Cleats And Gear For Boys And Girls

Under armour youth baseball softball cleats size 3Y

Nights spent watching your kids run around the baseball and softball diamond are almost perfect – they’re only made better by the perfect pair of cleats, comfy gear and apparel your kids love to wear. That’s where New Balance comes in.

New Balance is proud to offer a uniquely and carefully curated selection of boys’ and girls’ baseball and softballs shoes, clothing and accessories that don’t just provide the functionality they need to perform well , but also offer your children the comfort, security and durability they need to last them through the entire season and beyond.

When it comes to baseball and softball cleats and shoes, New Balances has your kids covered. With a variety of styles, fits and colors, our baseball and softball cleats merge comfort with performance, offering technology that helps your kids go the extra distance – comfortably.

Our cleats include features like TPU film overlays and ultra-lightweight REVlite midsole cushioning to help keep feet feeling agile, fast and ready to explode into action in a split second. We also include performance-enhancing, innovative technology like our innovative glass fiber-infused TPU tips that have the weight of plastic but perform like metal, not to mention durable rubber plates and durable outsoles that meet the demand all young ball players need.

Need the perfect addition to any baseball or softball uniform? Our piped pants with reinforced knees and modern cuffs bring the heat to any baseball diamond.

There Are Many Styles Of Youth Baseball Cleats: Make Sure To Pick The Right One

You can choose between the low top and mid baseball cleat style. The tradeoff between them is that low cut cleats are more lightweight and give you more agility, however they don’t offer as much stability. Mid or high top cleats will keep your foot secure the entire game of practice, avoiding potential ankle injuries while playing.

What Advantages Do Youth Baseball Cleats Give

For players, the game of baseball involves potentially acting with a lot of quick movements and redirections, all in a split second. Grip plays a huge part in these movements, and that is one of the primary reasons why your kids should use youth baseball cleats. Baseball cleats have spikes under their soles which allow them and their wearer to dig into the ground better and have explosive control on their movements and speed.

Combine this factor with the protection cleats can offer when faced with a ball impact or other contact, youth baseball cleats are a no-brainer. Youth baseball cleats might be what your kids need to develop their skills properly, stay comfortable and protected, and perform the way they want.

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Adidas Performance Kids Wheelhouse 4k Baseball Cleat

The kids performance wheelhouse 4k baseball cleats are produced by Adidas for pretty kids within the range of 4-8 years and big kids within the group of 8-12 years of age.

This item comes at a pretty affordable price tag, and when it is accessible in 2 different designs, you can have a stylish pair of sneakers without breaking the bank.

When a young player has to spend a significant amount of time inside their basketball shoes, both in training and accurate matches, this is a breathable pair of cleats, thanks to its mesh lining.

Race Around The Bases

Mizuno Youth Advanced Franchise 9 Mid Baseball Cleats Size 2.5 Black ...

A pair of kids’ Under Armour baseball shoes let you keep pushing yourself around the bases. An internal TPU lacing system locks the foot down for controlled movement during your hit. EVA foam creates a dual-threat structure and support at the heel and toes. The mesh upper allows the foot to breathe while also staying durable during slides or dives.

New Balance youth baseball cleats are made for young players. REVlite midsoles comfort the entire foot without weighing you down on your trip around the bases. The molded rubber cleat bottom creates traction on all kinds of playing surfaces. Show off your best the next time you’re up to bat with the speed and control of these cleats.

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Baseball Cleats Buying Guide

Baseball Express is your go-to shop for all of your baseball footwear needs. We carry the latest footwear from top brands like New Balance, Under Armour, Mizuno, and more as well as carry the latest pro-model cleats. Follow our buying guide below to pick out the cleats that best fit your style, size, and needs on the diamond.Already know what you need? Start checking out our footwear selection and get shopping right away

Nike Kids Huarache 2kfilth Keystone Cleat

Nike Kids Huarache 2KFilth Keystone combines synthetic upper with rubber cleats.

These cleats come with mesh construction, increasing their level of aeration. Six different designs with a stylish combination of gray, white, and red are available in these cleats. So, it is said that these cleats are not only durable but also stylish pairs.


  • Mesh construction provides superior comfort
  • Flex grooves for optimal traction
  • Stylish cleats with different color combinations


A little bit stiff for the children with wide feet

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Top 3 Best Extra Wide Youth Baseball Cleats To Buy In 2022

Only a few companies make baseball cleats wide-width, and the necessities remain high.

A baseball player with wide feet must wear a perfect pair of wide cleats to enhance performance because it feels comfortable and right on the feet.

So, lets now explore further the best wide-width baseball cleats for your kid

Learn More About Youth Baseball Cleats

adidas Icon 7 Baseball Cleats SKU: 9510488


Learn More About Boys’ & Youth Baseball Cleats

Help your budding baseball star take the diamond by storm with performance youth baseball cleats from DICK’S Sporting Goods.

Baseball cleats for kids provide protection, traction and support for players of all ages and skill levels. And comfortable youth cleats are particularly important for youngsters just learning the game.

You can shop boys’ and girls’ baseball cleats in a variety of styles and colors sure to suit their unique personality. Best of all, many kids’ baseball cleats are outfitted with the same technology and features as their adult counterparts.

Shop trusted brands for youth baseball cleats like Under Armour®, Nike®, Mizuno®, adidas® and more.

When it comes to youth baseball cleats, fit is the single most important factor. Do not purchase large youth baseball cleats for your child to grow into, as this poses an injury risk to players.

Looking for more? Browse all baseball cleats from DICK’S Sporting Goods. Find the perfect pair using our Baseball Cleat Buying Guide.

Expert Advice

To find the right sized kids’ baseball cleats, keep these factors in mind when making your selection:

You should view product information for specifics on new youth baseball cleats. There you will find details on special technologies used in your cleats:

For more, shop the entire collection of youth baseball equipment at DICK’S Sporting Goods.

Featured Categories

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Boys’ Youth Baseball Cleats Bring Durable Speed

When it’s your chance at the plate, make sure you’re wearing the best boys’ baseball cleats. Get options from Nike, adidas, New Balance, and more, and never stay flat-footed after the hit. Molded rubber cleats dig into gravel and grass to give you quick acceleration at any position.

Kids’ baseball shoes give young hitters the options they need to astound on the diamond.

Pick The Right Materials

The majority of baseball cleats are crafted from non-porous polymers, mesh, and/or synthetic leather. These materials help to improve breathability, while increasing durability in inclement weather. Many cleats also provide comfort when worn, and are designed to match the wearers footbed. Cushioning is also an important part, especially for younger baseball players. You will be playing long games, and you can perform at your best if your feet are hurting!

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What To Look For When Buying Youth Baseball Cleats

There isnt one perfect option for everyone when buying baseball youth cleats. Instead, youll need to grasp several vital factors to make a responsible choice. This section will discuss each consideration to ensure a smooth, effortless buying experience

  • Construction Material

Each pair of cleats will be made from certain construction materials. Buyers will need to check out and research the quality of these materials. Otherwise, they could buy cleats that wont hold up with regular usage.

Id recommend looking for cleats made from durable, flexible materials. In most cases, this search will be between two fabrics, synthetic leather or genuine leather. Both offer specific benefits and disadvantages thatll help determine their fit.

Synthetic models will offer a bit more support than genuine leather cleats. It comes from more focus on supporting a players ankle and front of the foot. Plus, parents can count on these models to be less expensive.

Meanwhile, genuine leather cleats offer better performance quality. Theyll last longer and provide more comfort when used during games. Sadly, the price is rather significant.

But Id still suggest trying synthetic and genuine leather cleats before choosing youth baseball cleats. Your kid might feel more comfortable using one type over the other. After all, their comfort is the essential component of this entire search.

These cleats will often last a year, much longer than plastic cleats.

  • Turf Baseball Shoes

Kids’ Baseball & Softball Cleats

New Balance 4040v5 Pedroia Youth Rubber Cleat

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Under Armour Leadoff Rm Jr Baseball Shoe

Our next option, the Under Armour Leadoff Rm Jr Baseball Shoe, is one of the most comfortable baseball cleats available. It earns this distinction through features such as its padded tongue, padded heel, and toe-box perforations.

As a result, it helps cultivate a comfy environment to help soothe any discomfort or cleat pressure. This ability has made it a favorite cleat for heel pain and dealing with other similar issues. Multiple customers even alluded to its overall comfort as a positive in their reviews.

Comfort isnt the only area where this baseball cleat excels, though. I was also delighted with the overall craftsmanship of the products construction. Under Armour used a high-quality synthetic material to create a reliable, stable product that could last years.

The cleats even equipped with a durable overlay on its toe cap. Its a vital component because this overlay will help protect the cap from any damage or minor durability concerns. Its often a problem area for other synthetic leather cleats like Adidas Boys Icon V Mid Leather Baseball Cleats.

Parents should also value this products impressive versatility. The molded rubber cleats can work on any field surface, regardless of conditions. Plus, buyers will have a choice of multiple size options and five colors to ensure they find a perfect fit.


  • Laces are shorter than expected

Bottom Line:

Adidas G27672 Cleats/ Baseball Shoe

These newest wide-width baseball cleats for kids by Adidas are great. While they look cute, they similarly fulfill the players requirements with wide feet. With this shoes solid exterior, first-class synthetic sole, mid-cut, thick platform, and overall breathability, these cleats firmly hold on to the players feet.

This cleats mid-cut part will help better your kids speed performance. Also, it will increase your kids flexibility by at least 30%. It doesnt matter whether youre purchasing wide or extra-wide cleats for your kid, simply because these shoes are adjusted through time.

There is 100% synthetic material from the outer side to the soles. Therefore, long-lasting use is perfect for active teens playing football, soccer, and baseball.


Good mobility and breathability for kids with wide feet

A high-quality synthetic sole and durable, compact exterior

6 to 12 shaft, appropriate platform as well as boot opening for numerous ages

Significant mid-cut part for a speed upgrading in baseball or soccer games

Comprises unique models and primary colors: collegiate royal and power red


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How To Size My Kid For Youth Baseball Cleats

When choosing your kids youth baseball cleats, make sure that their toes are no more than a quarter inch away from the end of their cleat. The rest of their feet should fit quite tightly in the baseball cleat. You dont want your kids feet too loose in the baseball cleats, as they will lose grip if their foot is moving too much inside the cleat. If you cant find the right fit for your future superstar, try coming down 1 size: they will break the baseball cleats in by wearing them and the constant use will eventually have the material in their cleats expand.

You want your kids youth baseball cleats to have the correct amount of padding and cushion for their feet, they may need more cushion and padding if they have narrow feet to supply them with a nice, tight fit. Being comfortable is also a huge and important factor when selecting youth baseball cleats, so please consider that when discussing or fitting youth baseball cleats.

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Knowing The Right Cleat For You

adidas Adizero Afterburner 8 Turf Baseball Shoes SKU: 9510495

Most parents are keen on buying baseball cleats for their young kids. It should be kept in your mind that childrens feet keep growing so fast. Here we are going to discuss the facts that need to consider before buying baseball cleats for young players-

Material and construction:

Flexibility and durability are the essential qualities of the best youth baseball cleats. Genuine and synthetic leather are the two most important choices with advantages and disadvantages.

The genuine leather cleats are more breathable and provide superior comfort. These cleats are more expensive than others.

On the other hand, baseball cleats of synthetic leather offer extra support around the foot and ankle area. These cleats come at a more reasonable price. But the durability is in question about these baseball cleats.

Ankle support:

There are three different alternatives of ankle support available for baseball cleats. Those are high tops, low tops, and mid tops.

The high tops provide maximum support. But there is some limitation in movement.

The low tops extended speed. Players can rush as fast as possible for its lightweight construction and minimalist design.

The mid-tops are the perfect option for players who want to balance mobility. It also provides adequate ankle support for fast movements.


We recommend trying out those cleats that give extra toe room if you have a tight budget. In this way, your kids can wear them at least for two seasons instead of just one.

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Are Mid Or Low Baseball Cleats Better

There isnt a single answer to whether mid or low baseball cleats are better. As I mentioned earlier, both styles have their pros and cons. Mid-top cleats are excellent at creating a balance between offering speed and stability.

Meanwhile, low-top cleats value speed more than stability by offering unrestricted movement. It makes them a favorite among lead-off hitters and known base stealers. So youll need to decide whether a speed/stability balance or free movement better suits your game.

Best Youth Baseball Cleats: Our Top Pick

  • New Balance Kids 4040 V5 Molded Baseball Cleat
  • What we like: One of the only youth baseball cleats on the market with a wide foot option.What we dont: New Balance did away with mesh design in 2021, resulting in a hot shoe.Items of note: Report of cleats spikes wearing faster than usual.

    The New Balance 4040 youth baseball cleats are extremely unique in the marketplace, as they are one of the few to actually provide a wide option.

    The cleats are 100% synthetic and include a rubber sole, which may be the only significant issue with these cleats. As you can imagine, the rubber sole as opposed to the composition of the soles in the other youth baseball cleats listed here is likely to wear down at a faster rate.

    But, as mentioned, the wear and tear of youth baseball cleats are not a huge deal since it is likely they are only going to fit your child for a year or two anyway.

    The upper portion of the shoe is perforated, to allow for increased breathability and a lightweight feel. However, it is important to note that New Balance stopped producing the 4040 youth baseball cleat with mesh in 2021. This model, new for 2022, is a hard-sided shoe. This switch is likely why New Balance started to offer wide-width options, but the hard-sided shoe despite the perforations does increase the amount of heat and sweat inside the cleat.

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